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Ripening tips for papaya to increase sales

Papaya is a ready-to-eat product that become a good addition to more well-known tropical fruits. This fruit's consumption is common in most tropical countries and increasing in Europe also.

Papaya imports are growing, which indicates that more and more consumers are being acquainted with this fruit. The United States, Asia and the Pacific are leading importers of fresh papayas.  Germany and the Netherlands show the highest import growth in Europe.

It is known that consumers want to buy ready-to-eat fruit versus unripe. Also known that papayas are delicate and are difficult to handle, due to their relatively short shelf life. Technical improvements, such as ethylene application, can lower risks after transportation.

Such technologies are Ethylene generators from US Catalytic Generators that helps to turn dark green papayas to a golden yellow color when ripened. Ideal ripen papaya via ethylene application will increase sales 25-30% more and improve overall taste.

In their Press-Release the company describes best practices for ripening papayas.  First step is to determine the fruit maturity when received. Then to place papayas strategically within ripening rooms. Throughout the entire ripening process, temperature and humidity should be managed. And the last protocol is to apply 100 ppm ethylene for 24-48 hours (actual time of exposure to ethylene is determined by the maturity of the fruit; a yellowing of fruit color indicates that the papayas are producing ethylene and the generator is no longer needed) to induce faster and more uniform ripening. and consistently to ensure carbon dioxide levels are kept below 1% by ventilating the rooms with outside air once per day.

Greg Akins, President & CEO of the company said: “Following these practices will result in better papaya color, texture, and overall quality. Papayas have been ripened successfully for some time by using Catalytic Generators and Ethy-Gen II Ripening Concentrate to produce ethylene in the ripening room.”

For more tips on ripening papaya check website.

Greg Akins, President & CEO
Catalytic Generators, LLC


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