25/10/2019 | Spain

Quantity and quality planned for the walnut season

In Spain the forecast for the walnut campaign is positive in terms of quality and quantity.
According to the professionals of the sector, the campaign of nuts should be very satisfactory in quantity and quality. Nut farming has grown by 11% over the last 5 years to 15,700 tonnes.
Currently, Spain has more than 13,000 hectares, of which only 8,000 are in production. Which augurs for an expansion of volumes.
Data from the Ministry of Agriculture indicate that for 2017 the areas reached 13,565 hectares. Some regions have concentrated the largest areas: Castilla-La Mancha with 3,611 hectares, Cataluña with 1,578 hectares in Catalonia, Andalucía 1,438 hectares, Castilla y León with 1,419 hectares, Comunidad Valenciana with 1,081 hectares and Extremadura, with 1 052 hectares.



source : financialfood.es

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