17/07/2019 | All countries

Tricks from un-recommanded importers

We have been informed about tricks used by some importer in Poland/ Lublin area in order to push for price rebate.


When grapes has arrived from Italy, then buyer complained about poor quality and did not hesitate to put some bad-looking grape in the pallets.


Hopefully, the exporter rejects the proposition of rebate and found a local buyer for its grapes, which has been confirmed as good quality.


Exporters, when you are trapped in such way, stop bargaining & use the new service proposed by Fructidor.com SALES OFFER. In 2 minutes, you can inform all professionals that you are ready to sell a product for a good price !


Other option is to find your next customer thanks to Fructidor.com BUYERS ALERTS where buyers are verified.




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Christophe Durrieu

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