18/07/2019 | Chile

Chile plans to double kiwifruit exports to India

A new campaign to promote the Chilean kiwifruit has just been launched in India by the Chilean Embassy, ​​ProChile and the Chilean Kiwi sector. The sector plans to double the volumes of kiwifruit exported over the next 5 years.
A promotional campaign was launched for the first time in New Delhi last year. A joint initiative of the Embassy of Chile, ProChile and the Chilean Kiwi sector, the promotional campaign aims to raise awareness of kiwifruit consumption and its health benefits to the Indian public. This campaign is aimed primarily at consumers living in major urban centers.
In 2018 Chile exported 9,604 tons of kiwifruit to India. The sector plans to double this volume over the next 5 years. The Indian market is booming, with a substantial increase in total kiwifruit imports from 29,941 tonnes to 41,375 tonnes.
Chile exported 68,300 tons of fresh fruit to India. About 82% of this was apples, the rest was kiwis, table grapes, pears, plums, cherries and blueberries.


source : business-standard.com, newstodaynet.com



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