17/07/2019 | Kenya

The technical situation will delay the promises of the Chinese market

With the recent Kenya / China agreement that made Kenya the only African country able to export avocados to the Chinese market, analysts were predicting a boom in Kenyan exports. But the lack of sites in Kenya for freezing avocados may cause some delay for the promises of the Chinese market to come true.
The Kenya / China Agreement for Avocado Exports only targets frozen avocados. Kenyan producers or exporters are required to freeze avocados at -30 ° C to get rid of pests and at -18 ° C for transit.
The government, through the Ministry of Trade and Industrialization, has announced various aids. Producer groups will be encouraged, warehouse upgrades and investments in cold storage are already planned.
Kenya is the largest exporter of avocados in Africa and ranks 8th in the world. In 2017 its avocado exports were valued at $78 million and accounted for 38.9% of African exports and 1.3% of world exports.

source : voanews.com, kbc.co.ke





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