25/02/2019 | China

Fruit Market : What’s China Consumer Really Want?

With the improvement of people's living standards and the increase of fruit production, people are more emphasis on high quality (delicious and safe). Consumers judge the price based on the quality.


For example: This year's Apple price has put the Jingning Apple in the spotlight. This year, the price of Jingning's high-quality mountain red Fuji apple exceeded 3.5 yuan, the highest price sold for 4 yuan/kg; the late mature red Fuji 70 starting price is already at 2.5 yuan. At the same time, the price of apples in some general producing areas has entered a downturn. The yield of apples is small and the price is high. Fruit farmers have switched to growing greenhouse vegetables or other cash crops. The apple industry is no longer just chasing higher production levels same as "Golden Pineapple" and the seedless litchi in Hainan which even in short supply.


Higher brand awareness indicates higher quality. Guangzhou International Fruit Expo 2019 is a platform to improve the brand awareness, which will be held at Guangzhou China during June 27-29,2019. Concurrent World Fruit Expo Forum 2019 to exchange idea with fruit insider worldwide and World Fruit Matchmaking Meeting 2019 to connect with right suppliers/purchasers.


For more detail about Guangzhou International Fruit Expo 2019, please contact :

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