14/01/2019 | Peru

New record of mango exports for the 2018/19 season

In Peru, the 2018/19 season promises to be very satisfactory with a new volume record for fresh mango exports. According to APEM, exports increased by 2.5% from the end of October 2018 to the beginning of January 2019 compared to the same period from the previous season.
APEM (Asociación Peruana de Productores y Exportadores de Mango) has just announced that Peru has exported 54 079 tonnes of fresh mangoes from the beginning of week 44 (end of October 2018) to the end of week 01 (beginning of January 2019). This is an increase of 2.5% from the 52,759 tonnes shipped during the same period of the previous season.
In this period (week 44 to sem.01) the main destination market was Europe with 32 912 tonnes of fresh mango shipped. Then the United States with 16,029 tons, Canada with 2,316 tons and other countries with 2,822 tons.


source : agraria.pe, gestion pe, promango.org




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