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-> Moldova - 23/01/2023
Green light for Moldovan apples in India
The first shipment of Moldovan apples arrived in India in early January.... >Read more

-> Albania - 18/01/2023
Excellent performance of Albania's agricultural exports
Increases in volume (+15.6%) and in value (+18.1%) for Albanian exports which are driven by the increase in the production of green vegetables.... >Read more

-> Russia - 18/01/2023
Russia receives South African fruit directly by sea
In the previous 30 years, for South African fruits destined for Russia, transshipment was carried out in Rotterdam (the Netherlands). Since the conflict in Ukraine, supply chains have changed and South Africa has just resumed its direct winter deliveries of fruit to Russia by sea.... >Read more

-> Ukraine - 17/01/2023
Ukrainian apple exporter invites meeting in person at Fruit Logistica and Gulfood Dubai
USPA FRUIT supplies over 40 countries, including the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and other countries from Southeast Asia, Africa, and the European Union... >Read more

-> Poland - 09/01/2023
New boom in organic farming in Poland
After a seven-fold increase between 2004 and 2013, organic farming (number of farms, areas) in Poland stagnated and then declined. But the situation has improved and a new upsurge has occurred... >Read more

-> Ukraine - 05/01/2023
Ukrainian company ships apples, pears, and plums worldwide
Recently, Fructidor investigated how fruit businesses in Ukraine operate in winter, during wartime... >Read more

-> Georgia - 04/01/2023
Objective 100,000 tons of hazelnuts in 2025
In the ranking of hazelnut producing and exporting countries, Turkey, Italy and Azerbaijan are ahead of Georgia. But Georgia plans to reach 100,000 tonnes of harvested hazelnuts in 2025.... >Read more

-> Belarus - 21/12/2022
The embargo is extended for 6 months
The Belarusian government has announced the extension of the embargo on food products from Western countries.... >Read more

-> Poland - 08/12/2022
The next Europatat Congress will take place in Poland
The annual Europatat Congress has become a key platform to assess the state of play of the potato sector and to communicate the priorities and challenges facing the potato sector in Europe and beyond.... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 30/11/2022
Satisfactory results for Turkish hazelnut exports
In Turkey, according to the National Hazelnut Council, the export balance for the first 10 months of the year is satisfactory.... >Read more ad.

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