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-> Turkiye - 16/07/2017
Producers of Turkish cherries are very satisfied with this season
As the season comes to an end, the first record is positive.... >Read more

-> Russia - 12/07/2017
Russian agriculture in full swing
Western sanctions and counter-sanctions against European products have not hampered Russian agriculture, which has grown its production and is even more important than it was 15 years ago in the country's economy.... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 11/07/2017
EU geographical appellation for Malatya apricot
The announcement was made in the official trade paper of the European Union on the 7th of July.... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 09/07/2017
Turkey will participate for the first time in ISRAFOOD.
This event will take place from the 28th to the 30th of November 2017 in Tel Aviv, Israel.... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 07/07/2017
Cherry is the most exported fresh product in July
This is revealed by the statistics of the Union of Exporters National Coordinator of Fruit and Vegetables.... >Read more

-> Poland - 05/07/2017
AGRO MERCHANTS GROUP, by acquiring the Polish PTSL, further expands its geographical scope
AGRO Merchants Group, a global operator of cold storage and logistics solutions, today announced the acquisition of PTSL... >Read more

-> Ukraine - 04/07/2017
Opening of registrations for FRESH BUSINESS EXPO 2017
The FRESH BUSINESS EXPO, which will take place from the 5th to the 7th of December 2017 in Kiev... >Read more

-> Russia - 04/07/2017
The embargo is extended by one year until the 31st of December 2018
The EU, on the 28th of June, extended the sanctions against Russia for six months until the 31st of January 2018, which has therefore extended the food embargo until 31st of December 2018.... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 01/07/2017
Excellent season for Turkish apricots
The record at the end of the season is extremely positive.... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 28/06/2017
Good harvest of red lentils in 2017
A 15% increase is planned for the coming season.... >Read more ad. ad.

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