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-> Turkiye - 18/04/2018
Turkey plans to boost cherry exports to China
Turkey was only able to supply the Chinese market with a very small amount of cherries last year, with exports starting in August 2017 at the end of the season. This year the volumes exported to China will be much larger.... >Read more

-> Ukraine - 13/04/2018
The 9th International Conference «Berries of Ukraine-2018:Frozen Produce & Fresh Market» will be held in Dnipro
Fruit-Inform announces the start of registration to the leading berry business event of Ukraine – the 9th International Conference “Berries of Ukraine-2018: Frozen Produce & Fresh Market”.... >Read more

-> Ukraine - 12/04/2018
Exports of red berries will total 57,000 tonnes by 2020
Ukraine. In just a few years the country has seen a sharp increase in its exports of berries. According to a report by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), total exports of red berries and wild berries could reach 57,000 tons by 2020. ... >Read more

-> Slovenia - 27/03/2018
Agroinspekt from Slovenia– expands inspection business and services.
Agroinspekt d.o.o., Ljubljana was founded in 1990, in time when efficient and flexible private inspection companies became a necessity. From the very first days of its existence the company has been constantly growing. And as Slovenia is a relatively small market, company expanded its territory paying attention on foreign clients…... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 19/03/2018
Increase of Turkish citrus exports by 44%
Citrus fruits account for more than half of total fruit and vegetable exports in February.... >Read more

-> Azerbaijan - 07/03/2018
Azerbaijan is the leading supplier of tomatoes in Russia
The growing areas of tomatoes have multiplied in a few years, reaching just over 25 000 hectares. Production has increased and exports have increased, tomato being now the main agricultural product for export.... >Read more

-> Poland - 27/02/2018
Poland continues to modernize farms in 2018: up to 500.000 zlotych subsidies for agricultural machinery
Till March 20, 2018 the Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture in Poland is accepting proposals under "Modernization of agricultural holdings" program. ... >Read more

-> Poland - 15/02/2018
GRZYBMAR celebrates its ninth year of participation in Berlin Fruit Logistica as exhibitor.
GRZYBMAR exports about 200 tons of mushrooms per week to European Union markets, mainly to France and Great Britain...... >Read more

-> Ukraine - 13/02/2018
MELITOPOL CHERRY – the first success for Ukrainian company at Berlin Fruit Logistica.
MELITOPOL CHERRY CORPORATE GROUP – is a group of dynamically developing agricultural enterprises, which are specialized in the cultivation of fruits, cereals, oilseeds and technical crops...... >Read more

-> Azerbaijan - 05/02/2018
D.Fruits LLC from Azerbaijan will starts cherry season in April
D.Fruits LLC company from Azerbaijan has been growing different fresh fruit & vegetables operating with the brand DAD . The main products of the company are apples and cherries, they also grow peaches, apricots, nectarines, peaches, plums, pears…... >Read more ad. ad.

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