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-> Russia - 24/11/2022
Russia seeks to activate shipping route with Latin America for banana imports
In response to Russia’s actions in Ukraine, France’s CMA CGM, Denmark’s Maersk, and Swiss-based MSC, the world’s largest container shipping lines, have suspended routes to and from Russia,... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 16/11/2022
Huge investment in berries made in Turkey
Fructidor chats with Turgut Aysan, Chairman of Safir Berry, at the Morocco Berry Conference in Agadir... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 15/11/2022
Turkish exports remain on an upward trend
Despite a difficult international context, Turkish exports remain clearly on an upward trend... >Read more

-> Poland - 04/11/2022
The volume of fruit produced is higher than last year
In Poland, according to the latest estimates from the Central Statistical Office, this year the harvested volume of fruit (apples, pears, plums, peaches, apricots, etc.) is greater than the volume harvested last year.... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 03/11/2022
Turkish expert in dried tomatoes and semi-dried frozen tomatoes production relies on TOMRA's sorting technology
In order to maintain and strengthen its competitiveness, in November 2021, DFS Gida started utilizing TOMRA's Blizzard sorting machine... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 25/10/2022
Russia, Germany and Romania are the main destinations for Turkish exports
In the first 9 months of 2022, Turkey exported fruits and vegetables worth USD 1.94 billion.... >Read more

-> Ukraine - 19/10/2022
Ukraine: Agri business continues to operate in spite of complications
Almafruit is a Ukraine’s apple grower, trader, and exporter, with a farm located in Vinnytsia (central Ukraine). Met recently in Madrid at Fruit Attraction, Alexander Nosov, General Director, Almafruit, kindly shared with Fructidor his observations and experience regarding nowadays’ agri businesses operations considering a complicated political situation in the country... >Read more

-> Ukraine - 17/10/2022
Ukraine’s apple producers anticipate one of the best yields this year
Recently, the editorial team of Fructidor had a chance to learn more about today’s fruit business in Ukraine... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 15/09/2022
Planned increases for the production and export of Turkish cherries
Turkey is an important player in the cherry sector, both as a producing country and as an exporting country. For the 2022/23 season, total cherry production should increase by +12.1% and the volume of cherries exported should increase by +12.7%... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 12/09/2022
Turkey monitors exports of tomato products
The Turkish government has decided to monitor exports of canned tomatoes, tomato paste and paste, in order to avoid a rise in prices on the domestic market... >Read more ad. ad.

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