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-> Russia - 16/08/2018
Soon a register of producers and organic products
The Moscow office of the Agenzia ICE network (Italian Trade & Investment Agency) mentions that the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation intends to create a single register of producers and organic products.... >Read more

-> Armenia - 20/07/2018
Good Fruits & Vegetables export performance
According to statements by the Ministry of Agriculture, the volume of Fruits & Vegetables exported by Armenia reached 101,492 tons including 44,131 tons of apricots as of 11 July. ... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 17/07/2018
Airplane exports increased 146% in volume and 131% in value
Aimed at ensuring rapid delivery of fresh produce to consumer markets, the agreement signed in May 2017 with Turkish Airlines subsidiary Turkish Cargo had positive effects on exports of the Turkish Fruits & Vegetables sector.... >Read more

-> Armenia - 26/06/2018
26% increase in volumes for apricot exports
According to the press office of the Armenian Ministry of Agriculture, the volume of apricot exports increased by 26% on June 15 compared to the volume exported last year at the same time.... >Read more

-> Ukraine - 26/06/2018
VITAGRO Group of Companies will welcome the delegates of the 8th International Conference “Apple Business of Ukraine-2018”.
VITAGRO Group of Companies, one of the leading apple growers in the western part of Ukraine, will welcome the delegates of the 8th International Conference “Apple Business of Ukraine-2018”.... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 20/06/2018
Exports to Russia lead to growth in total exports
Turkey recorded remarkable increases in its exports in terms of volume (+ 25%) and value (+ 17%). These good results come largely from the growth of its shipments to Russia.... >Read more

-> Poland - 18/06/2018
Poland experiences tensions in the agricultural labor market
This year the Polish production of summer fruits could decrease considerably. There may be 40% of volumes that will not be harvested due to lack of workers.... >Read more

-> Russia - 14/06/2018
Russian potatoes for McDonald's restaurant fries
Present in Russia since 1990 McDonald's brand uses local products in its restaurants for almost all the necessary ingredients but not for the fries that came from imports... >Read more

-> Ukraine - 13/06/2018
The commission of China will check conditions for growing cherries In Ukraine
On June 11, inspectors of the General Customs Administration of the People’s Republic of China who should find out about production capacities of Ukrainian sweet cherries in order to coordinate its export to China, began their work in Ukraine.... >Read more

-> Ukraine - 06/06/2018
Collapse of strawberry imports and increase in exports
In the last 6 years Ukrainian imports of fresh strawberries have decreased by 88% according to UAC (Ukrainian Agribusiness Club). ... >Read more ad. ad.

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