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-> Serbia - 24/06/2022
Alternative routes for Serbian fruit exports
Serbia exports fruits, mainly apples as well as berries. The main destinations are the Balkan countries and Russia, but since the conflict in Ukraine, fruit exports to Russia are more complicated.... >Read more

-> Moldova - 16/06/2022
EU plans to improve market access for 7 Moldovan products
The European Commission has just proposed to double the quantity of 7 products that can be imported duty-free from Moldova to the EU.... >Read more

-> Poland - 09/06/2022
Innovative concept to address main fruit grading problems
The AirJet® Blueberry Grader created by Australian company, GP Graders, was designed to meet the increasing demands of clients in a developing industry. Milbor PMC is the exclusive distributor of the AirJet® blueberry grader in Europe... >Read more

-> Poland - 06/06/2022
One of the next year's largest blueberry events will be held in Poland
The event will feature trips to some of the world’s largest blueberry production sites, such as Ochoża blueberry farm, the Karczmiska Blueberry Factory test farm, Polskie Jagody Producer Organization, and Wilczewscy Blueberry Farm ... >Read more

-> Poland - 18/05/2022
In Poland, strawberry growers believe that this season will be more difficult
As in other countries, Polish professionals are faced with production costs (plants, fertilizers, energy, etc.) that are much higher than in previous years. Additionally, the conflict in Ukraine has halted the flow of seasonal harvest workers.... >Read more

-> Slovakia - 13/05/2022
CID Bio-Science to present new project in Slovakia
On June 12 – 16, 2022, CID BIO-Science will be presenting a new project in the 8th International Symposium of Root Structure and Function... >Read more

-> Belarus - 10/05/2022
Some European fruits and vegetables manage to arrive in Belarus
Despite the embargo since January 1, 2022 decreed by Belarus, European fruits and vegetables arrive in Belarus.... >Read more

-> Poland - 28/04/2022
Polish family business offers reliable transport services across Europe
Waldemar is a family business based in Poland, with operations all over Europe. “36 people from our family are involved in the business.", says Waldemar Rycerz, the General Director at Waldemar... >Read more

-> Ukraine - 20/04/2022
Potato seed deliveries have resumed
Résultats de traduction Interrupted with the start of the Russian military operation, deliveries of seed potatoes to Ukraine have resumed. A 1st batch of 22 tonnes of seed potatoes from Germany.... >Read more

-> Ukraine - 07/04/2022
LIVE from Fruit Logistica: UBA leads Ukrainian business delegation
Despite the war situation in their country, more than ten Ukrainian companies are present in Hall 8.2 StandB-07, led by UBA (Ukrainian Berries Association).... >Read more ad. ad. ad.

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