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-> Poland - 22/03/2023
A promising new market for Polish apples
Poland is Europe's leading apple producer with an annual production of around 4.2 million tonnes. The volume exported is around 1 million tonnes and Poland wanted to diversify its export markets.... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 10/03/2023
Turkey lifts tomato export ban
The ban, recently passed, had caused concern among Turkish producers and exporters but also among all importers of Turkish tomatoes... >Read more

-> Russia - 07/03/2023
Temporarily limit imports to reduce potato stocks
In Russia, at this time of year, potato stocks are still at high levels after a record harvest.... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 03/02/2023
Satisfactory performance for Turkish citrus exports in 2022
The total value of Turkish citrus exports in 2022 did not reach 1 billion USD, mainly due to difficulties related to the international context, but remains in line with previous years.... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 25/01/2023
Growth of +3.97% in value for tomato exports in 2022
In 2022, Turkey exported tomatoes to 54 countries and its destination markets have evolved. Increased exports to Balkan countries offset contraction in another market.... >Read more

-> Azerbaijan - 23/01/2023
New markets for Azerbaijani persimmon
Azerbaijan is considered the world's second largest persimmon exporter, behind Spain. Its kaki production recorded a remarkable growth rate of +38.5%.... >Read more

-> Moldova - 23/01/2023
Green light for Moldovan apples in India
The first shipment of Moldovan apples arrived in India in early January.... >Read more

-> Albania - 18/01/2023
Excellent performance of Albania's agricultural exports
Increases in volume (+15.6%) and in value (+18.1%) for Albanian exports which are driven by the increase in the production of green vegetables.... >Read more

-> Russia - 18/01/2023
Russia receives South African fruit directly by sea
In the previous 30 years, for South African fruits destined for Russia, transshipment was carried out in Rotterdam (the Netherlands). Since the conflict in Ukraine, supply chains have changed and South Africa has just resumed its direct winter deliveries of fruit to Russia by sea.... >Read more

-> Ukraine - 17/01/2023
Ukrainian apple exporter invites meeting in person at Fruit Logistica and Gulfood Dubai
USPA FRUIT supplies over 40 countries, including the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and other countries from Southeast Asia, Africa, and the European Union... >Read more ad.

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