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-> Turkiye - 28/05/2024
Discover new business opportunities at the Interfresh Eurasia
The 5th edition of the Interfresh Eurasia Fruit is set to take place from September 26 to 28, 2024, in Izmir, Turkey... >Read more

-> Russia - 06/06/2024
Lower volumes from Egypt cause potato prices to soar in Russia
In Russia, potato prices rose by 25.6% over the period from 1 to 27 May, according to Rosstat data. This surge in prices is attributed to the shortage caused by lower volumes received from Egypt.... >Read more

-> Poland - 06/06/2024
Polish carrot production down 29.8% due to drought
Poland is the 3rd largest carrot producer in the European Union, after Germany and France. But Polish carrot production has fallen by 29.8% in 6 years. ... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 04/06/2024
Turkish citrus fruit exports up 16% in value terms
This performance points to a new record for 2024. Turkish citrus exports in 2023 reached USD 1.1 billion, exceeding the billion-dollar mark for the 1st time.... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 27/05/2024
Building a successful fruit and vegetable trade show: BIG Interview with Murat Özer, Interfresh
Interfresh Eurasia is the event that annually gathers more than 12.000 professionals in fruit and vegetables businesses of Turkey, Europe, Middle East and even Far East ... >Read more

-> Belarus - 16/05/2024
Temporary restrictions on exports of carrots and beetroot
To ensure supplies for the domestic market, the Belarusian government has decided to temporarily restrict exports of carrots and beetroot.... >Read more

-> Poland - 01/05/2024
Frost causes major damage in Poland
Poland, like other countries in Europe, has just experienced heavy frosts that will jeopardize fruit and vegetable production.... >Read more

-> Georgia - 11/04/2024
Insights on blueberry industry in Georgia: BIG Interview with Shota Tsukoshvili
Recently, Fructidor chatted with Shota Tsukoshvili, CNFA Georgia Value Chain Manager, who delved into the landscape of Georgia's agricultural sector and its blueberry industry. Mr. Tsukoshvili provided insights into Georgia's strategic shifts, advancements, and investments in blueberry cultivation, the development of modern agricultural practices, and the forecasted growth of the blueberry market... >Read more

-> Poland - 09/04/2024
Premium citrus fruit supplier announces strategic shift
For over two decades, TraPolska has been one of the premier suppliers of fresh fruits from South America... >Read more

-> Georgia - 20/03/2024
Georgian nut exports fall again in terms of value
In Georgia, exports of nuts will once again underperform in 2023, with a negative variation in value compared with 2022.... >Read more ad.

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