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-> Saudi Arabia - 11/01/2021
An online event to offer the world the remarkable Madinah dates
In a few days will take place for Madinah Dates Virtual Exhibit, the virtual event which will allow importers and buyers from all over the world to access Saudi Arabia's flagship product: the date from Medina. Exceptional and unique, because considered by all Muslims as endowed with additional spiritual virtues.... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 27/01/2021
Russia increases quota of tomatoes imported from Turkey by 50,000 tonnes
Turkish professionals were awaiting this decision as the limits of the previous quota had been reached even before the end of last year. ... >Read more

-> Georgia - 15/01/2021
Georgia has shown an increase in export volumes of fruits in 2020.
Thousands of tons of mandarins, apples, persimmons, peaches and nectarines were shipped to more than 12 countries...... >Read more

-> Russia - 11/11/2020
Imports of potatoes still exceed exports, which have nevertheless increased by more than 30%
In Russia potato exports increased by 36% in volume and 38.7% in value. But imports always exceed exports.... >Read more

-> Serbia - 05/11/2020
Reliable protection to guarantee the origin of Serbian raspberries
Counterfeit cases of the origin of raspberries sold in North American markets have shaken consumer confidence. Serbia, a major producer and exporter, has decided to protect itself against possible counterfeiting of its raspberries by using hologram stickers.... >Read more

-> Russia - 23/10/2020
Watermelon and melon can be grown in arctic regions
In Russia the polar station of Apatity (Murmansk Oblast) has succeeded in cultivating watermelons and melons. In greenhouses without additional heating, lighting or fertilizer. ... >Read more

-> Georgia - 29/09/2020
Peaches, hazelnuts and apples, the winning trio of Georgia's exports
Georgia, a country located on the east coast of the Black Sea in the Caucasus, has published some results of its agricultural exports.... >Read more

-> Russia - 17/09/2020
With volumes increasing by 36.4%, Morocco is Russia's No.1 supplier for blueberries
Between January and June 2020 and despite the health crisis, Russia increased its imports of blueberries by 61% in value. Morocco is at the top of the ranking of supplier countries.... >Read more

-> Croatia - 10/09/2020
Mandarin production estimated to drop by 15%
In Croatia, the harvest of mandarins is estimated to be 15% less than the volume harvested last year. Industry professionals believe, however, that exports will grow... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 04/09/2020
Remarkable performance for Turkish exports which grew by 41.36% in July
Growth in value of + 24.43% over the period January-July and + 41.36% for the month of July, according to data compiled by the Assembly of Turkish Exporters and the Union of Uludag Exporters.... >Read more

-> Russia - 31/08/2020
Berry production increased by 35%
According to data collected from regional ministries of agriculture, in Russia berry production reached a volume 35% higher than last year on the same date. ... >Read more ad. ad. ad. ad. ad.

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