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-> Turkiye - 29/02/2024
Turkish citrus fruit exports to exceed $1 billion by 2023
Excellent performance for citrus exports in 2023. The volume exported reaches 1.95 million tonnes of citrus fruit and the value USD 1.11 billion (TRY 34.5 billion).... >Read more

-> Poland - 29/02/2024
Polish blueberry production continues to expand
Poland is a major producer of berries (strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants, bilberries). While some berries are in decline, blueberry production continues to grow.... >Read more

-> Hungary - 29/02/2024
Ebonfare showcases innovative approach to dry fruits
At the core of Dr. Aliment Kft.'s ethos lies a dedication to scientific progress. Years of meticulous research and development have culminated in the creation of Ebonfare products, which introduce a new dimension to the realm of dry fruits... >Read more

-> Russia - 20/02/2024
Russia cancels its ban on Ecuadorian bananas
Diplomacy and negotiations between the 2 parties have resolved the dispute between Russia and Ecuador, the world's largest banana exporter and the main supplier to the Russian market.... >Read more

-> Russia - 15/02/2024
Russia to increase its banana imports from India
India has just made a 1st shipment of bananas to Russia in January, and another shipment is scheduled for the end of February.... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 24/01/2024
Turkey’s cherry fruit exporter shares experience after investing in sorting solutions by TOMRA
One of Turkey’s top five exporters of fresh fruit and vegetables made a rapid entry into cherry exports when it invested $10 million in new operations in Bursa, in the northwest of Türkiye... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 10/01/2024
Turkish tomato exports up 42.71%
Turkey achieved another excellent performance, with 2023 tomato exports up +42.71% in value compared to 2022.... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 04/01/2024
Fruit producer from Turkey anticipates meeting news clients at Fruit Logistica
Aksun is ready to ship to Canada, Asia, and Europe... >Read more

-> Hungary - 03/01/2024
Case Study: Air purifier reduces airborne fungi by 96.8% within 72 hours
Airocide’s technology is engineered to kill, remove, and eliminate airborne microorganisms, including bacteria, mold, fungi, viruses, dust mites, allergens, odors, and harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs)... >Read more

-> Ukraine - 13/11/2023
BIG Interview: USPA CEO Volodymyr Gurzhiy chats about apple business in Ukraine
USPA is a company with extensive experience in exporting Ukrainian apples to over 40 countries, including Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and European Union countries... >Read more ad.

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