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-> Poland - 15/02/2018
GRZYBMAR celebrates its ninth year of participation in Berlin Fruit Logistica as exhibitor.
GRZYBMAR exports about 200 tons of mushrooms per week to European Union markets, mainly to France and Great Britain...... >Read more

-> Ukraine - 13/02/2018
MELITOPOL CHERRY – the first success for Ukrainian company at Berlin Fruit Logistica.
MELITOPOL CHERRY CORPORATE GROUP – is a group of dynamically developing agricultural enterprises, which are specialized in the cultivation of fruits, cereals, oilseeds and technical crops...... >Read more

-> Azerbaijan - 05/02/2018
D.Fruits LLC from Azerbaijan will starts cherry season in April
D.Fruits LLC company from Azerbaijan has been growing different fresh fruit & vegetables operating with the brand DAD . The main products of the company are apples and cherries, they also grow peaches, apricots, nectarines, peaches, plums, pears…... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 23/01/2018
Exports of fresh fruits and vegetables increased by 13% in 2017.
According to the Union of Mediterranean Exporters statistics, published for 2017, Turkish exports of fruits and vegetables reached a value of 2.23 billion dollars.... >Read more

-> Ukraine - 15/01/2018
Ukrainian apple supplier - USPA FRUIT – conquer European market
After successful presentation on Asia Fruit Logistica last year in Hong Kong, Ukrainian association of suppliers of apples will present its brand to European market… ... >Read more

-> Russia - 05/01/2018
13.67% expansion for greenhouse vegetable production
The final balance sheet for 2017 is not yet known, but the figures as of November 28th demonstrate the vitality of greenhouse vegetable production. ... >Read more

-> Poland - 05/01/2018
New solutions for sowing and harvesting in 2018 season
New solutions for sowing and harvesting in 2018 season will be introduced by WEREMCZUK FMR during The Fruit and Vegetable Industry Fair TSW 2018, which will take part in Warsaw, Poland on 10-11 January.... >Read more

-> Azerbaijan - 02/01/2018
DAD fruit grower has selected 3 regions to get the best fruits from Azerbaijan
Since 2005, the D.Fruits LLC company from Azerbaijan has been growing different fresh fruit & vegetables. In 2017, the company which operates with the DAD brand, has grown 5/6.000 tons of apples, and more than 14.000 tons are forecasted for 2018...... >Read more

-> Ukraine - 21/12/2017
Will the tax in gardening be canceled in Ukraine?
In Ukraine, agriculture has been one of the main budget industries for the last several years. However, because of the state's actions in the area of fiscal policy, agricultural producers may find themselves in extremely unfavorable conditions for further activity, starting from January 1, 2018.... >Read more

-> Poland - 20/12/2017
Poland Plants seeks to develop its external markets
High quality varieties of Poland Plants strawberry frigo seedlings and in container formats, raspberry seedlings and asparagus plants are already popular in Europe. Poland Plants representative Wojciech Wozniak explains how company plans to increase their representation on other markets during Fresh Business Expo in Kiev, Ukraine.... >Read more ad. ad.

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