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-> England - 11/11/2022
Heating or eating? British berry supplier comments on the UK market reality
Rodanto is a berry and citrus grower, packer, importer, and exporter hailing from the United Kingdom. This week, at the Morocco Berry Conference, Fructidor chatted with Mr. Edward Velasco, Rodanto Import Manager, and learned the latest retail and consumption of the UK market... >Read more

-> Spain - 10/11/2022
A promising month for Spanish fruit and vegetable exports
Analyzing Spanish fruit and vegetable exports in the month of November in the last 5 years, a generalized growth is noted, according to data from the Department of Customs and Special Taxes... >Read more

-> Belgium - 09/11/2022
The new head of TOMRA Fresh Food business area has been announced
TOMRA Fresh Food is one of the global leaders in integrated packhouse solutions for fruit and veg, including analytical, packing, sorting, grading, and peeling technologies... >Read more

-> Netherlands (the) - 08/11/2022
Jan Oskam carries out the first shipments of the new pear Alessia
Dutch fruit supplier reports on the good season for apples and pears... >Read more

-> Spain - 02/11/2022
Green light for Spanish grapes and pears in Thailand
The Asian market will be open for Spanish shipments in the next season, according to MAPA... >Read more

-> Italy - 02/11/2022
Save up to 35% on energy costs with RESS ripening energy saving system
Expert in industrial refrigeration, Cold Energy, will supply international markets with a revolutionary application for ripening rooms... >Read more

-> Italy - 31/10/2022
Italy's kiwifruit harvest is up sharply but energy costs are a threat
For this 2022 kiwi harvest, the expected volumes are very satisfactory with an estimated production of around 365,000 tonnes, i.e. +20% compared to 2021.... >Read more

-> Switzerland - 31/10/2022
Good harvests of apples and pears this year in Switzerland
According to FUS (Fruit-Union Suisse), the pome fruit season is shaping up to be satisfactory, with good harvests of around 114,500 tonnes of apples and 18,500 tonnes of pears.... >Read more

-> Spain - 31/10/2022
Most expensive tomato on the market is grown in Malaga
The Spanish city of Malaga is known for its exquisite tomatoes such as the Tomate Huevo de Toro... >Read more

-> Italy - 31/10/2022
UNITEC innovation at the service of packing houses worldwide
Fructidor chats with Mr. Nour Abdrabbo, Global Sales Director for UNITEC, about the ongoing processes within the company and the industry in general... >Read more ad. ad.

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