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-> Italy - 10/05/2022
Growers from Sardinia offer premium seedless melons and watermelons
OP Agricola Campidanese is a growers organization based in Sardinia in Italy, formed by around 30 growers, whose average annual production volume reaches 20.000 tons... >Read more

-> Spain - 10/05/2022
A life dedicated to perfection to satisfy the consumer
In January 2022, we said goodbye to one of the most creative people in the global fruit and vegetable sector, Arsène Maillard, whose work as a breeder and editor of plant varieties remains with us as a valuable legacy.... >Read more

-> France - 09/05/2022
A very successful 2022 edition for the medFEL show
The results are very satisfactory for this 2022 edition of the medFEL show: a large number of visitors and 200 exhibitors present. This edition was the occasion for numerous business meetings and made it possible to highlight innovative products/services and to present the sectors of the future, but also to discuss the new challenges to which the sector must respond.... >Read more

-> Italy - 06/05/2022
UNITEC celebrates the installation of its 1000th sorting machine in Italy
Since its beginnings in 1924, the company has installed 6,500 sorting lines, dedicated to more than 45 types of fruit and 100% made in UNITEC - at the headquarters in Lugo, Emilia-Romagna - at customers located in more than 65 countries on 5 continents. UNITEC celebrates the installation in Italy of its 1000th quality sorting and selection machine.... >Read more

-> Italy - 06/05/2022
Italian producer offers organic fertilizers and biostimulants
Fertenia is a producer of fertilizers and biostimulants with operations in Italy, Middle East, Central America and South America... >Read more

-> Belgium - 06/05/2022
Bel’export to diversify its varietal offer of pears and focus on European market
Bel’export is a family entity based in Borgloon (Belgium) which focuses on cultivating, harvesting, sorting, storing, packaging and transporting fruits and vegetables... >Read more

-> Belgium - 05/05/2022
Apples and pears: stocks in Europe and the United States
WAPA (World Apple and Pear Association) has unveiled the figures for apple and pear stocks as of April 1, 2022. According to these data, in Europe apple stocks varied compared to 2021 by +13.1% for apples and -24% for pears. In the United States compared to 2021, apple stocks varied by +4% and pear stocks by +45.6%.... >Read more

-> Italy - 04/05/2022
Live from Macfrut: Agriculture of the future with Smart Agriculture, Biosolutions and Acqua Campus events
Macfrut is a vertical exhibition that represents the entire fruit and vegetable sector with 8 sectors: production and trade, machinery and plants, materials and packaging, cultivation machinery, greenhouses and irrigation, nurseries and seeds, biosolutions, logistics and services.... >Read more

-> France - 04/05/2022
Prospects look good this year
The recent edition of the medFEL show allowed the organization 'AOP Pêches et Abricots de France', which brings together 600 producers, to take stock on the eve of the start of the summer fruit season.... >Read more

-> England - 03/05/2022
UK scraps July 1 controls on imports
Inspections, on all food products entering the UK from the EU, were due to come into force from July 1. These checks are being scrapped and the UK government is now planning a complete overhaul of its border control plans for 2023.... >Read more ad. ad.

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