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-> France - 18/10/2018
BLUE WHALE became the market leader thanks to focuse on innovations
"Focus on innovation is the heart of marketing strategy of the Company. Agricultural engineers concentrate their efforts on two areas of research..."... >Read more

-> Italy - 16/10/2018
Asparagus Days in Cesena Fiera, the fair for the entire Asparagus industry
New event dedicated to asparagus, International Asparagus Days will take place from 16 to 18 October 2018 in Cesena. "International Asparagus Days is a sector event that will deepen all phases of the productive and commercial cycle of asparagus, to the point of sale" - says Luciano Trentini, one of the promoters of the event.... >Read more

-> Spain - 15/10/2018
New traffic record for the Port of Barcelona that will showcase its attractiveness to Fruit Attraction 2018
Une nouvelle fois exposant au salon FRUIT ATTRACTION (Hall 8.8B01) le port de Barcelone pourra y démontrer son dynamisme et son attractivité. Entre janvier et août 2018, le port de Barcelone a enregistré un trafic total de 45,9 millions de tonnes, soit une augmentation de 14%... >Read more

-> Spain - 11/10/2018
GRAPE ATTRACTION, 5th edition of the International Congress of Seedless Table Grapes
La 10ème édition de FRUIT ATTRACTION qui se tiendra du mardi 23 au jeudi 25 octobre à Madrid, accueillera le 5ème Congrès international des raisins de table sans pépins, GRAPE ATTRACTION, où des professionnels du secteur en provenance d'Espagne, d'Europe, du Chili et d'Afrique du Sud,... >Read more

-> Greece - 11/10/2018
The Greek participation will be 3 times more important on FRUIT ATTRACTION 2018
Au salon FRUIT ATTRACTION qui se tiendra du 23 au 25 octobre à Madrid, la participation de la Grèce sera 3 fois plus importante que celle de l'année dernière. Avec un grand stand commun Hall 10 C03 & CO4A... >Read more

-> France - 10/10/2018
AGRICOLA PERUZZO and its grapes of excellence on Fruit Attraction 2018
The PERUZZO company was born in Marseille (France) more than 50 years ago. Beginning as a logistics activity then adding the activity of Import-Export in 1982. The partnerships signed with carefully selected producers led the company to turn to the distribution of products from Italy to the French market. ... >Read more

-> Italy - 09/10/2018
ASPARAGUS DAYS at Cesena Fiera, the event for a 360° vision of the asparagus world
Speakers from China, Peru, France, Germany, Mexico, Switzerland and Italy will participate in ASPARAGUS DAYS at Cesena Fiera on Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 October. Four major events are scheduled, hosted in the renovated conference rooms, to discover the world of asparagus: global production, novelty in culture, international trade strategies, organic, retail and general markets.... >Read more

-> Netherlands (the) - 09/10/2018
Chicory : the sector believes that the biggest threat is the decline in consumption
Chicory professionals gathered for the 'Witlof Biënnale' held this year in Etten-Leur (The Netherlands). The Biennial takes place every 2 years in one of the most important producing countries. Among the topics covered, the succession in production, the decline in consumption recorded in all markets except Italy, production by 2030... >Read more

-> Italy - 05/10/2018
The Piemonte region and sub-Saharan Africa will be partners of MACFRUT 2019 which will propose new products
For the next edition of MACFRUT, the Partner Region will be the Piemonte Region and the International Partner will be Sub-Saharan Africa. This 36th edition of MACFRUT will be held in Rimini from 8 to 10 May 2019. ... >Read more

-> Germany - 04/10/2018
Successful in-house exhibition and anniversary gala for the Fresh-cut sector at KRONEN
Since 2008 the KRONEN Customer Day has been taken place every two years. This year’s event has a special occasion: KRONEN celebrated its 40th company anniversary and thus, organized a special professional and accompanying program. At the in-house exhibition KRONEN presented numerous news on 3200 sqm at its own venue in Kehl at the Rhine, Germany,... >Read more ad.

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