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-> USA - 10/09/2019
Cut costs, reduce spoilage and increase harvest revenue? Felix Instruments’ easy-to-use measurement tool is the KEY!
Taking care of growers and distributors of fresh produce, Felix Instruments-Applied Food Science develops easy-to-use tools to cut costs, reduce spoilage and increase harvest revenue.... >Read more

-> France - 18/09/2019
Tech & Bio 2019, the key trade show for organic farming
Once again, more than 350 exhibitors and 19,000 visitors will gather to participate in the 7th edition of Tech & Bio, the international agricultural exhibition of organic and alternative techniques, on September 18 and 19 in Bourg-les-Valence (Drôme, France). ... >Read more

-> Italy - 17/09/2019
Balanced, non-excessive and good quality production for the kiwifruit of the northern hemisphere
The International Kiwi Organization (IKO) Convention held in Turin (Italy) gave an overview of the sector. Harvesting forecasts and favorable market, many elements raise optimism.... >Read more

-> Italy - 16/09/2019
Presentation of the 37th edition of MACFRUT
Many new features are planned for this MACFRUT 2020 show: the show will open from Tuesday (5 May) to Thursday (7 May), new conferences and events, focus on new markets and in particular on the road to Marco Polo. ... >Read more

-> France - 13/09/2019
France Allium: An ultra modern station in the Loiret inaugurated in June 2019 to register sustainably in the future.
After 12 months of work, 2 months of adjustment and an investment of 12.5 million euros, the B.C.O. / France On 5 June, Allium inaugurated the opening of its new high-tech packaging plant: 8500m2 of buildings dedicated to garlic / onion / shallot / echalion range.... >Read more

-> Netherlands (the) - 10/09/2019
Marco Beshay is searching for contacts with Egyptian Trade-companies in European F&V-sector
Started as a one-men company in the early fifties, nowadays...... >Read more

-> Italy - 10/09/2019
Italian cooperative Apofruit: how to make hard cherry season profitable
2019 cherry season got to a terrible start with heavy rains that compromised the quality of the crop...... >Read more

-> Finland - 10/09/2019
Climate change will favor new crops in Finland
The possibility of producing certain fruit and vegetables in Finland, previously considered "exotic" for the country, is taking shape with the effects of climate change.... >Read more

-> Germany - 09/09/2019
Use of glyphosate limited in Germany before a total ban at the end of 2023
European legislation allows the use of glyphosate until December 15, 2022. Germany has decided on certain restrictions as of next year and a total ban of the herbicide on December 31, 2023.... >Read more

-> England - 04/09/2019
First harvest of chickpeas in the United Kingdom
The demand for "healthy" products and the vogue of "vegan" allow legumes to experience a renaissance. Among these legumes, chickpeas that owe their popularity to hummus. The first harvest of chickpeas in the United Kingdom has just been made in Norfolk.... >Read more

-> Portugal - 03/09/2019
The Eurocastanea Meetings will celebrate their 10th anniversary in Portugal
Annual reference point for actors in the European chestnut sector (agents, processors, producers, resellers) and itinerant event, the European Meeting of the Chestnut will celebrate their 10 years in Portugal. ... >Read more ad. ad. ad. ad.

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