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-> Luxemburg - 19/06/2019
Luxembourg based distributor Grosbusch SARL changes plastics to recyclable packaging and invites others to join
A family company, Grosbusch SARL, specialises in importing and distributing fruit and vegetables in Luxembourg and the Greater Region, announced...... >Read more

-> England - 19/06/2019
Melon overtakes pineapple as the fastest-growing fruit
In Britain, melon is becoming increasingly popular, with a 13% increase in demand, according to officials from the supermarket chain Tesco. The melon dethrones the pineapple as the fastest growing fruits in terms of sales.... >Read more

-> Spain - 17/06/2019
Prospects are positive for the campaign
With a quality considered very good, the ANPC (Asociación Nacional de Productores y Comercializadores de Ajo) believes that the prospects are positive for the garlic campaign.... >Read more

-> France - 14/06/2019
Preserve your perishable goods with Newsteo temperature recorders
In order to protect thermosensitive products such as fruits & vegetables, Newsteo, precursor in the Internet of Things, has developed a wide range of temperature recorders and traceability solutions. ... >Read more

-> England - 11/06/2019
A robot to harvest raspberries
Researchers at the University of Plymouth (U.K.) completed the first field trials of a new robotic raspberry harvesting system. Other tests will take place later in the year and manufacturing for commercialization could begin in 2020.... >Read more

-> Belgium - 11/06/2019
The strawberry has taken the No.1 position
The strawberry dethroned the tomato and was the most important product in terms of turnover for VBT (Verbond van Belgische Tuinbouwcoöperaties) the Association of Belgian Horticultural Cooperatives.... >Read more

-> Italy - 07/06/2019
The Compagnie Fruitière Italy network is growing
Compagnie Fruitière is continuing its development in Italy. Following the acquisition of the Stradella site near Milan in May 2017, the Group is expanding with 2 new sites on the C.A.R. of Rome (Centro Agroalimentare Roma) and Interporto de Padua doubling its total banana ripening capacity to 80,000 tonnes per year.... >Read more

-> Italy - 06/06/2019
CAR (Centro Agroalimentare Roma) announces a growing balance sheet for the seventh consecutive year
CAR (Centro Agroalimentare Roma) announces a growing balance sheet for the seventh consecutive year and strategies to counter stagnant consumption and ensure future growth.... >Read more

-> Belgium - 05/06/2019
BelOrta launches new sustainable packaging for berries
This new cardboard tray with topseal answers the trend for more durable packaging and features an attractive "Happy snacking" design. At first, this innovative packaging will be for red fruits and berries, then it will be extended to a wider range of fruits and vegetables. ... >Read more

-> England - 31/05/2019
Positive start for the 2019 season of onions
The new growing season has started well and the planting conditions are much better than last year, according to the British Onion Producers Association.... >Read more ad. ad.

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