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-> Spain - 14/08/2018
Spain is the world's No. 1 exporter of watermelons
According to data from COMTRADE, United Nations Statistics Division, Spain in 2017 for the first time surpassed Mexico, becoming the world's No. 1 exporter of watermelons.... >Read more

-> France - 09/08/2018
2018 edition of the Cévennes sweet onion harvest festival
After the first successful event of last year, the producers of sweet onions from the Cevennes make an appointment for the festival on Sunday, August 19, with the Cooperative ORIGIN CEVENNES of Saint André de Majencoules (30).... >Read more

-> Belgium - 03/08/2018
Large variation in per capita consumption in the EU Member States
Actual individual consumption (CIE) is an indicator of the level of well-being households materials. Based on estimates for 2017, the CIE per capita expressed in Purchasing Power Standards (PPS) has ranged from 55% to 130% of the EU average for the Member States ( EU).... >Read more

-> England - 24/07/2018
Automated checkouts lead to an increase in theft
Installed to reduce cost and queues, the automatic boxes actually cause an increase of theft.... >Read more

-> Spain - 19/07/2018
Doubling of sales for ORRI mandarin in 2018
The mandarin from Israel originallty, ORRI registered a double of its sales in 2018. The marketing totaled 52 000 tons of which a large part is cultivated in the province of Valencia. ... >Read more

-> Spain - 17/07/2018
Almond crop forecasts are revised upwards
After a first estimate in May, the Spanish dry fruit sector has revised upward its forecasts, which now show an increase of + 15.14% compared to the 2017 production and + 35.08% compared to the previous year. to the average of the last 5 years.... >Read more

-> Spain - 13/07/2018
Heart shaped watermelons BOUQUET for the UK market
ANECOOP, the leading Spanish watermelon operator, has started shipping about 2,000 kg of heart-shaped mini-watermelons to the UK market.... >Read more

-> Italy - 13/07/2018
New investor at CARTON PACK
The group 21 Investimenti, founded and managed by Alessandro Benetton, has acquired the majority of CARTON PACK, one of the main Italian operators in the design, production and marketing of packaging for the food sector and particularly for the Fruit & Vegetables.... >Read more

-> Spain - 12/07/2018
FEPEX with GLOBALG.A.P. to counter false information on the Spanish exporting sector
FEPEX met GLOBALG.A.P in order to give a common and effective answer to the negative and false information on the Spanish sector, production and export of Fruits & Vegetables, which cause serious damage to its reputation.... >Read more

-> England - 12/07/2018
For you, what is the perfect banana?
A photo of bananas, all at different levels of maturity, has been seen thousands of times on Instagram where consumers are invited to designate the "perfect" banana.... >Read more ad. ad.

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