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-> Saudi Arabia - 11/01/2021
An online event to offer the world the remarkable Madinah dates
In a few days will take place for Madinah Dates Virtual Exhibit, the virtual event which will allow importers and buyers from all over the world to access Saudi Arabia's flagship product: the date from Medina. Exceptional and unique, because considered by all Muslims as endowed with additional spiritual virtues.... >Read more

-> Belgium - 27/01/2021
Additional costs due to Brexit amount to 55 million euros for the fresh produce sector
According to estimates by Fresfel Europe, the impact of Brexit on the fresh produce sector results in additional costs of around 55 million euros. The introduction of new procedures during the year will add an additional burden for EU operators. ... >Read more

-> Ireland (Rep.) - 27/01/2021
A new technology development centre in the logistics industry by C.H. Robinson
C.H. Robinson announced the establishing of a new technology centre in Cork, Ierland.... >Read more

-> Spain - 27/01/2021
Portugal becomes the second supplier of fruit and vegetables for Spain.
According to the latest data presented by the General Directorate of Customs, the importation of fruit and vegetables to Spain from Portugal totaled 262.228 tons…... >Read more

-> Netherlands (the) - 26/01/2021
Important Dutch supplier of exotic produce acquired a controlling interest in German entity.
This deal is key to access to an established and integrated supply chain with the possibility to widen. ... >Read more

-> Spain - 26/01/2021
Anecoop promotes the commercialization of green papaya.
Anecoop presents a new product on the market - the green papaya that is consumed as a vegetable... >Read more

-> Italy - 25/01/2021
Italian packaging company continues to lower its environmental impact.
CARTON PACK offers to the market its expertise in customized projects development, with innovative packaging solutions...... >Read more

-> Spain - 25/01/2021
The Huelvian blueberry is entering a new market.
Freshuelva is celebrating the opening of the new important destination...... >Read more

-> Spain - 22/01/2021
A good start of the campaign for strawberries and raspberries from Huelva.
According to official data, prices for strawberries and raspberries in the beginning of 2021 are higher than last season.... >Read more

-> France - 21/01/2021
SIIM launches IFCO box packaging for its Ecuadorian pineapples
Preservation of fruit quality as well as optimization of the logistics chain with reusable and recyclable IFCO crates. ... >Read more

-> Germany - 21/01/2021
Take part in a free informative webinar series by GLOBALG.A.P.
In January, GLOBALG.A.P. have launched their free webinars titled “All you need to know about…” ... >Read more ad. ad. ad. ad. ad.

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