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-> Spain - 25/11/2022
Spain allocates 80% of fruit and vegetable exports to the European Union until September
The other important destination for Spanish exports continues to be the United Kingdom... >Read more

-> France - 24/11/2022
The medFEL show announces its 2023 edition
In view of the geopolitical context and climate issues, all links in the sector must deal with economic and ecological issues: water, energy, food sovereignty will be at the heart of the topics discussed at medFEL 2023.... >Read more

-> Belgium - 23/11/2022
Decline in potato production in the NEPG zone
According to NEPG (North Western European Potato Growers) estimates, the potato harvest will be lower this year compared to 2021.... >Read more

-> Spain - 22/11/2022
Pip fruit contact group of Spain, France, Italy, and Portugal addresses challenges of the sector
The pear and apple contact group of Spain, France, Italy and Portugal met last week to analyze the current challenges in the sector, such as the proposal for a Regulation regarding the sustainable use of phytosanitary products or the rise in costs... >Read more

-> Italy - 18/11/2022
Italian carrot supplier reports on successful implementation of TOMRA sorters
PEF Srl is a carrot industry expert whose history dates back to 1980. The Italian company owned by the Peviani and the Pavan families today represents the entire supply chain, from sowing to retail sales... >Read more

-> Italy - 18/11/2022
UNITEC solutions also make it possible to classify apples according to consumer taste
UNITEC believes that the future of the apple business will be linked to a coherent response to consumer needs. With the Apples Sort 3 and UNIQ Apples solutions from UNITEC's Unisorting brand, it is possible to classify fruits according to consumer taste.... >Read more

-> Spain - 16/11/2022
Total losses in broccoli, cauliflower, onion, carrot, and artichoke production in Andalusia
The lack of rainfall and high temperatures affect the Andalusian fields... >Read more

-> England - 16/11/2022
Fruits and vegetables on prescription
UK media have announced the launch of the 'Fruit & Veg on Prescription' pilot project which aims to tackle long-term health issues and food insecurity.... >Read more

-> Spain - 16/11/2022
Household consumption of fruits and vegetables is below pre-pandemic levels in Spain
The decrease in the consumption of fruits and vegetables in Spanish households from January to August 2022 is observed in all categories: fruits, vegetables and potatoes... >Read more

-> Spain - 11/11/2022
Sustained progression in Spanish fruit and vegetable exports in 2022
The average price of imported production increased by 5%... >Read more ad. ad.

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