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-> Switzerland - 20/11/2017
A quarter of Swiss agricultural companies must switch to organic agriculture by 2025
Ambitious objective decided at the BIO SUISSE general assembly where the delegates adopted the AVANTI 2025 strategy which will accelerate the development of organic farming.... >Read more

-> Belgium - 17/11/2017
NEPG upgrades its production estimates
Le NEPG (Groupe des Producteurs de Pommes de terre du Nord-ouest européen / North-Western European Potato Growers) revoit ses estimations initiales et bien que toute la récolte ne soit pas encore finalisée, estime que la production totale ... >Read more

-> Germany - 16/11/2017
Asparagus Day / Berry Symposium, highlights of expoSE
From the 22nd to 23rd November in Messe Karlsruhe will be held the 22nd edition of the leading European exhibition of asparagus and red fruit producers, expoSE... >Read more

-> Spain - 09/11/2017
In Andalusia mango production reaches 22,000 tons
The producers of mangoes in Andalusia can be satisfied, they reached the goal set last year to exceed the threshold of 20,000 tons of production in this region.... >Read more

-> Spain - 08/11/2017
FRUIT ATTRACTION 2017 exceeded expectations
New success for FRUIT ATTRACTION whose 2017 edition far exceeded expectations in terms of both number of visitors and number of exhibitors, thus establishing itself as one of the main international events in the Fruits & Vegetables sector.... >Read more

-> Spain - 08/11/2017
A gastronomic contest with a trip to Costa Rica to win
ISLA BONITA, the Spanish brand of production, import and marketing of tropical and exotic fruits, invites consumers to test their culinary skills as part of its IV Gastronomic Competition. ... >Read more

-> Spain - 03/11/2017
Collaboration agreement between FRESHUELVA and ASOEX
Signed during the recent FRUIT ATTRACTION in Madrid, the agreement between FRESHUELVA, the association of the red fruit producers of the province of Huelva, and ASOEX, the association of the fruit exporters of Chile, aims at a solid and close collaboration for stimulate consumption.... >Read more

-> France - 03/11/2017
The BAYARD DISTRIBUTION packaging center meets the "Certified Center" standard
With the aim of further improving the transparency of the potato market, BAYARD DISTRIBUTION has initiated the "Good packaging practices for potatoes for the fresh market" standard, commonly known as "Approved Center". Its packaging center meets the requirements of the Afnor NF-V-25-112 standard and the "Authorized Center" standard.... >Read more

-> Switzerland - 01/11/2017
Delivery of Fruits & Vegetables, the new mission of Swiss factors
New logistics service developed for farms by La Poste, which distributes products (fruits and vegetables) directly to local customers.... >Read more

-> Germany - 31/10/2017
A unique double event (expoSE, expoDirekt)
The 22nd edition of expoSE, the leading European trade fair for asparagus and red fruit production, is taking place in conjunction with the 7th expoDirekt, the largest German exhibition of agricultural direct marketing, from the 22nd to the 23rd of November in Messe Karlsruhe... >Read more ad. ad.

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