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-> France - 19/02/2019
Europeans favor local products
The Cetelem Observatory / BNP-Paribas Group, which has been analyzing household consumption patterns in Europe for more than 30 years, has just published its latest study of 13,800 consumers in 17 European countries.... >Read more

-> France - 15/02/2019
Saint-Charles Export to Fruit Logistica with a diverse range of products and services
The Berlin show is an opportunity to meet buyers from around the world in a very short time and a great opportunity for all those who work the products called "off-season". About fifteen companies were present on the large space of the group (144m2) in Hall France.... >Read more

-> Germany - 15/02/2019
A tradeshow at its peak
The 2019 edition of Fruit Logistica is considered as good quality by many participants. But the event that celebrated its 25th birthday last year, is now in its adulthood and its size and attractiveness can hardly go up a notch.... >Read more

-> Netherlands (the) - 13/02/2019
Dutch eco-friendly bio-films that bring financial attractiveness
Van der Windt, Dutch certificated supplier of high-quality flexible packaging materials for the food processing industry, recently presented 4 new types of bio-film at Fruit Logistica 2019 in Berlin. ... >Read more

-> Luxemburg - 13/02/2019
Mixed truck delivery concept makes possible to supply Eastern European market with high-quality fresh fruits and veg directly from Luxembourg
Grosbusch Sarl, exporting company from Luxembourg, with support of Arthur Welter transport facilities has launched service of mixed trucks delivery. This project is focused mainly on Eastern European market to supply importers with high-quality fresh fruits and veg directly from Luxembourg... >Read more

-> Netherlands (the) - 12/02/2019
BG DOOR presented its innovations for better control of the maturation process
The Dutch company BG DOOR INTERNATIONAL B.V., the world-leading supplier of gastight doors presented its latest innovations at Fruit Logistica. A new gastight door and adjustable side curtains for ripening room interiors. These two innovations ensure better control of the ripening process.... >Read more

-> England - 12/02/2019
Love Fresh, the new fresh and healthy snack
The British company G'S FRESH GROUP has presented Fruit Logistica with a new range of healthy snack foods that it will launch on the European market. Under the LOVE FRESH brand, this range includes ready-to-eat vegetables and a portion of Philadelphia fresh cheese.... >Read more

-> Germany - 11/02/2019
Fruit Logistica Innovation Awards 2019
Result of visitors votes, the FLIA (Fruit Logistica Innovation Awards) was announced on the last day of the show:... >Read more

-> Italy - 08/02/2019
Live from Fruit Logistica: Announcement of FuturPera 3rd edition
Since Berlin, the 3rd edition of FuturPera has just been announced. The only European trade show dedicated to the entire "Pear" sector.... >Read more

-> France - 08/02/2019
Live from Fruit Logistica: A birthday and a new apple at BLUE WHALE
Faithful participant since nearly 20 years at the Fruit Logistica show, this 2019 edition is however special for BLUE WHALE. The brand is celebrating 50 years this year. Stand F13 Hall 22. ... >Read more ad. ad.

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