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-> Italy - 07/11/2019
Increase awareness of Italian products to advance exports
For the 5th year CSO Italy will participate in WOP Dubai, the only event in the region reserved for fresh produce. Several events are also planned to make Italian products better known to consumers and food professionals.... >Read more

-> France - 06/11/2019
ZINGY - the "New Star" of INNATIS presented in Madrid during the Fruit Attraction show
Zingy, Innatis' new club variety, was born after 16 years of selection, testing and development by a team of passionate professionals.... >Read more

-> Belgium - 06/11/2019
Merger negotiations started between the ports of Antwerp and Zeebrugge
The port authorities of Antwerp and Zeebrugge - two of Flanders' four ports - have given the green light to start negotiations for a possible merger (in stages).... >Read more

-> France - 04/11/2019
Apple production is up
French apple production is forecast this year up by about 7% from last year. At the beginning of the marketing year, the market is very dynamic for export to less developed countries, especially to Asia.... >Read more

-> Italy - 31/10/2019
Lower yields for the 2019 tomato season
In Italy the 2019 tomato campaign for the industry has just been completed. A campaign that had never been so far back in time, beyond the third week of October. Total production is estimated at 4.8 million tonnes.... >Read more

-> Spain - 30/10/2019
F & V consumption starts to rise
Satisfaction for the fresh produce sector in Spain, consumption of Fruits & Vegetables is on the rise again. Reflecting the growing consumer awareness of healthy eating.... >Read more

-> France - 29/10/2019
Vitalfa sprouted seeds and micro sprouts make a healthy difference to modern diets
Vitalfa, the French family-owned company, has specialized in growing sprouted and micro-sprouted seeds since 1986. In order to meet the growing demand of its customers who want to find on their plates, a healthy, fresh, tasty, colorful and ready-to-eat diet.... >Read more

-> Spain - 25/10/2019
Quantity and quality planned for the walnut season
In Spain the forecast for the walnut campaign is positive in terms of quality and quantity.... >Read more

-> Spain - 24/10/2019
Live from Fruit Attraction, Madrid: Already 40 years for TROPS, continuing to innovate
TROPS was created in Velez-Malaga on October 8, 1979 by 5 farmers from the region of Axarquía. In order to offer their products directly, without going through any intermediary in the national and international market. ... >Read more

-> Spain - 24/10/2019
Live from Fruit Attraction, Madrid: 3rd edition of the World Fresh Forum
For the third year in a row, the World Fresh Forum has been organized to present the business opportunities in the countries invited to the show this year: China, Singapore and India.... >Read more ad. ad. ad. ad. ad.

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