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-> England - 04/03/2024
1st Potato Days UK in September
Organiser of trade fairs for the agricultural and food industry worldwide (Anuga, Agritechnica, PotatoEurope), DLG is organising the 1st 'Potato Days UK' for the potato value chain.... >Read more

-> Spain - 01/03/2024
Oranges from Egypt threaten Cordoba citrus growers' profitability
Palmanaranja points out that it is impossible to compete with lower cost products from outside Europe.... >Read more

-> Spain - 29/02/2024
Arrival of Egyptian oranges sparks call for more rigorous controls in Spain
The Department of Agriculture announced an inspection plan to prevent the fraudulent sale of fruit... >Read more

-> Italy - 29/02/2024
All set for the 4th World Banana Forum Global Conference
This free event will bring together industry stakeholders to discuss and collaborate on issues of sustainability, value distribution in the supply chain, labour rights ... >Read more

-> Netherlands (the) - 29/02/2024
Dutch company offers advanced shelf-life prediction technology
Leveraging cutting-edge technology, OneThird offers a comprehensive cloud-based platform that instantly predicts the shelf-life of fresh produce, connecting businesses across the supply chain and revolutionizing the way produce is handled, transported, and delivered... >Read more

-> France - 26/02/2024
Philibon at SIA 2024
The SIA (Salon International de l'Agriculture) takes place from 24 February to 3 March 2024 at Paris Expo-Porte de Versailles. France's biggest agricultural show for the general public, the 60th SIA is expecting 600,000 visitors.... >Read more

-> Spain - 26/02/2024
Spanish fruit and vegetable export value rises 6% year-on-year
In Spain, exports of fresh fruit and vegetables in 2023 decreased in volume and increased in value.... >Read more

-> Spain - 26/02/2024
How is the development of greenhouse crops in Andalusia going in mid-February?
Some cucumber plots have already completed their cycle and are being replaced by new plantings of cucumber or other vegetables.... >Read more

-> Belgium - 20/02/2024
LUCAi™ technology for enhanced efficiency and quality control in cherry packing
The continued rise in global demand for cherries puts packhouses under pressure to process increasingly large volumes while maintaining the high quality of their product... >Read more

-> Spain - 20/02/2024
Strawberry producers in Huelva worried about climate and water scarcity
Cold days followed by rain, fog, sudden increases in temperature and persistent humidity make up a perfect environment for fungi to spread... >Read more ad.

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