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-> Switzerland - 16/02/2018
Green light for the import of 8000 tons of apples
En raison d'une faible récolte nationale, les stocks de pommes en Suisse sont peu élevés, aussi l'Office Fédéral de l'Agriculture a approuvé un quota d'importation de 8 000 tonnes jusqu'à la fin avril.... >Read more

-> Germany - 15/02/2018
Satisfactory balance sheet for the 2018 edition of FRUIT LOGISTICA
A true world capital of the Fresh Fruits & Vegetables sector, FRUIT LOGISTICA 2018 show has welcomed more than 77,000 professional visitors according to its organizers. ... >Read more

-> France - 15/02/2018
Develop and manage your business with the innovative solutions offered by INFORMIA
INFORMIA is an innovative company specializing in IT for the fruit and vegetable sector. With more than 10 years of experience, it is recognized by shippers, importers, exporters, producers, processors and logisticians.... >Read more

-> France - 14/02/2018
More products around the organic JULIET® apple
The only apple in the world produced exclusively in organic farming, the JULIET® apple and its numerous products are present at BIOFACH: Hall 1 / 1-137.... >Read more

-> Italy - 14/02/2018
LA COSTIERA demonstrates the richness of its organic lemon offer
After Fruit Logistica, the Italian company LA COSTIERA DI VINACCIA FERDINANDO, which specializes in the production and marketing of quality citrus fruit... >Read more

-> Italy - 13/02/2018
PERFRUTTO with its caliber forecasts optimizes production
PERFRUTTO is a high-tech service used to forecast production in apple orchards, pears and kiwis. It stems from a predictive algorithm developed in 30 years of university research. The PERFRUTTO application and the CALIBIT measurement tool make it possible to optimize production. In a few years of observations, it was noted that the turnover of producers increased by 25 to 40% per hectare. ... >Read more

-> Greece - 09/02/2018
Live from Berlin: The kiwi is the star product at PROTO
Major operator in the kiwifruit, PROTOFANOUSI treats about 15,000 tons of kiwifruit between October and May, and exports to many countries. The company exhibits Hall 2.1 Stand D-01.... >Read more

-> Germany - 09/02/2018
Live from Berlin: SCHEUFELEN offers the most ecological packaging materials, based on 50% of fresh grass fiber
Innovative and truly ecological, GREENLINER presented by SCHEUFELEN is composed of 50% fresh grass fiber, raw material that leads to a considerable reduction in water and energy consumption.... >Read more

-> France - 09/02/2018
Live from Berlin: ALTERBIO presents SWEETY BONITA its new sweet potato brand
Organic pioneer and European leader in sweet potato production, ALTERBIO (Hall 22 Stand C-10) offers its new sweet potato brand SWEETY BONITA. Grown in Spain these sweet potatoes represent the alternative to American sweet potatoes that cross the Atlantic to reach the plates of European consumers. ... >Read more

-> France - 08/02/2018
Live from Berlin: BAYARD introduces the diversity of potatoes and the width of its range
Forms, colors and textures varied, the potato is far from being a uniform product when BAYARD makes you discover the width of its range Hall 22 stand D-05.... >Read more ad. ad.

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