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-> Germany - 20/07/2017
GLOBALG.A.P. extends its expertise and opens its portal to new sectors
To meet the growing consumer demand for sustainable products, GLOBALG.A.P. has expanded its online portal to floral and ornamental plants. ... >Read more

-> France - 19/07/2017
Apple production is slightly down
Estimates at the beginning of July show that domestic apple production is down by 8% over 1 year and 10% below the 2012-16 average.... >Read more

-> Belgium - 18/07/2017
DEWULF machines harvest near the Arctic Circle
For many years Dewulf proposes potato-harvesting solutions on all continents, and now they are used 70 km south of the Arctic Circle. This 22-year-old 2-row self-propelled potato harvester R3000S, working in the Finnish part of Lapland ...... >Read more

-> Belgium - 18/07/2017
The irresistible rise of the cucumber
Whereas the area dedicated to cucumbers in 2000 was 55 hectares, in 2015 it reached 197 hectares and 220 hectares in 2016. For this year BELORTA announces that the areas dedicated to cucumbers remain stable. ... >Read more

-> Scotland - 17/07/2017
The first vertical farm in Scotland will be operational by this fall
Initiated by the James Hutton Institute and IGS (Intelligent Growth Solutions), Scotland's first "indoor" vertical farm will start production in a few months.... >Read more

-> Netherlands (the) - 12/07/2017
Tradin Organic founding member of the Organic Processing and Trade Association
Tradin Organic is proud to be one of the founding members of the Organic Processing and Trade Association (OPTA) - platform for processors and traders in the European organic sector... >Read more

-> France - 12/07/2017
A new page opens for the relaunch of container activity from the Port of Sète
The P & O PORTS group has been chosen to manage and develop the container terminal at the Port of Sète.... >Read more

-> Netherlands (the) - 12/07/2017
Proven technique with a new twist in Sormac smaller-segment vegetable processing machines
SORMAC B.V., the Dutch developer and manufacturer of machinery and processing lines for the fresh-cut industry, has improved its smaller-segment vegetable processing machines. ... >Read more

-> Netherlands (the) - 12/07/2017
The Netherlands ranks 5th in the European asparagus producers ranking
After Germany, Spain, Italy and France, the Netherlands obtained the 5th place in the production of asparagus in Europe.... >Read more

-> Italy - 11/07/2017
Table Grapes: Volumes Increase
The PUGLIA region, thanks to favorable climatic conditions, registered crop dates ahead of the usual schedule.... >Read more ad. ad.

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