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-> Hong Kong - 27/08/2019
New affordable ethylene generator for Asian market will be unveiled at Asia Fruit Logistica
The new Eco-Ripe will allow ripeners to see the advantages of using ethylene generators rather than dangerous methods like compressed gas cylinders or calcium carbide…... >Read more

-> China - 27/08/2019
Exports / imports are picking up
After a few disappointing months, China's trade results seem to be returning to growth for the month of July.... >Read more

-> China - 26/08/2019
Greenhouses stretch in the desert
The city of Jiuquan (northwestern Gansu Province), which is located on the edge of the Badain Jaran Desert, has for some years been launching a program to build greenhouses in the desert. Already more than 1,666 hectares of greenhouses have been installed. ... >Read more

-> Bangladesh - 26/08/2019
Exports rise again
After 4 years of slowing down and thanks to efforts to improve agricultural practices and packaging methods, exports of fresh produce from Bangladesh have increased by 31%. ... >Read more

-> Australia - 23/08/2019
European demand is an opportunity for Tasmanian onion producers
Low onion harvests in Europe led to a significant increase in imports, particularly from Australia and, in particular, Tasmania.... >Read more

-> India - 23/08/2019
New banana varieties, one more resistant to cyclones
NRCB (National Research Center for Banana) has announced 3 new banana varieties that will soon be available to Indian farmers. One of these varieties would withstand the cyclonic winds. ... >Read more

-> India - 19/08/2019
A grape federation to better organise the marketing
Maharashtra, a state in west-central India, is known for its capital Mumbai and for its fruit production. In particular table grapes of which Nashik District is a major exporter.... >Read more

-> China - 19/08/2019
Chinese cherries imports will increase further
According to estimates, in China, despite the 23% increase in domestic cherry production, the volume of imports will increase further. ... >Read more

-> Pakistan - 14/08/2019
The UAE has increased its demand for mangoes
Emirate-based importers and exporters in Pakistan find that demand for mangoes is growing.... >Read more

-> Nepal - 12/08/2019
Deliveries of imported products delayed due to lack of equipment
The Government of Nepal has decreed that all imported fruits must undergo chemical testing before customs clearance. But the lack of adequate equipment leads to additional costs for traders and a lot of delay in deliveries.... >Read more ad. ad. ad. ad.

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