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-> China - 09/05/2024
Asia Fruit Logistica partners gear up for September show
Business meet-ups have been organized across Asia to deepen its connections in key markets before the trade show’s return to Hong Kong on 4-6 September 2024.... >Read more

-> Thailand - 09/05/2024
Heatwave jeopardises Thai durian production
In Thailand, durians generate huge export revenues and are the 3rd most exported product, behind rice and rubber.... >Read more

-> India - 09/05/2024
Onions : India lifts export ban
In December 2023, the Indian central government decided to ban onion exports until 31 March 2024, and then extended the ban indefinitely.... >Read more

-> Pakistan - 07/05/2024
In Pakistan, the total area under fruit has fallen by 10.9%.
Pakistan enjoys conditions that are conducive to growing a wide variety of fruits, including citrus fruits, stone fruits, pome fruits, nuts and tropical fruits. ... >Read more

-> Taiwan R.O.C. - 07/05/2024
China should lift its ban on Taiwanese products
In August 2022, China decided to impose a ban on Taiwanese products, following a visit to Taiwan by Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives.... >Read more

-> China - 01/05/2024
China to quadruple production by 2024
In China, demand for durian continues to grow, and the main suppliers to the Chinese market (Thailand, Vietnam) continue to increase volumes shipped.... >Read more

-> Viet Nam - 25/04/2024
Vietnamese bananas are now China's No. 1 banana import
Over the January-February 2024 period, the volume of bananas exported by Vietnam to the Chinese market rose by 21% to 173,500 tonnes.... >Read more

-> New Zealand - 25/04/2024
New Zealand forecasts exceptional citrus season
The 2024 citrus season will be the complete opposite of the 2023 season, when cyclone Gabrielle severely damaged crops in the Gisborne region (north-east of the North Island), where 70% of citrus fruits are grown.... >Read more

-> Korea (South) - 17/04/2024
New record for frozen fruit imports into South Korea
For South Korean consumers, fruit produced in the country has risen considerably, due to low production and inflation.... >Read more

-> India - 17/04/2024
India continues its onion diplomacy
The Indian central government had taken the decision in December 2023 to ban onion exports until March 31, 2024, and then extended the ban indefinitely.... >Read more ad.

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