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-> Taiwan R.O.C. - 29/09/2021
Record in volume and value for agricultural exports
Taiwan sets new records for its agricultural exports, which grew by + 5.5% in volume and + 17.6% in value.... >Read more

-> Australia - 27/09/2021
Fruit sorting passes to the next level with the innovative technology by GP Graders
With a mission to increase the competitiveness and profitability of its customers, GP Graders focuses on developing machinery that is fast, gentle, and accurate with the products. Its grading and sorting solutions are ideal for blueberries, cherries, small tomatoes and stone fruits ... >Read more

-> New Zealand - 24/09/2021
India has increased its demand for New Zealand apples
A minor market for New Zealand apples and pears, India has significantly increased its demand and this year accounts for 8.2% of New Zealand apple exports... >Read more

-> China - 16/09/2021
Overland imports will resume
China to resume imports of dragon fruit and bananas from Vietnam after Covid disruption... >Read more

-> Australia - 15/09/2021
Abundant production will saturate the national market
This year the avocado harvest in Australia is expected to reach a record volume of 120,000 tonnes. Prices are falling in the domestic market and producers are looking for opportunities to export.... >Read more

-> Australia - 07/09/2021
Record size lemons registered in Australia
Two giant lemons, each with an approximate weight of six pounds (2,7 kg), have been registered in West Australia. The record size fruit was grown in June by a couple in East Fremantle... >Read more

-> India - 01/09/2021
Significant increase in Peruvian avocado exports to India
According to Promperú’s Business Office in India, between January and June 2021, 8 Peruvian companies exported avocados to India for a total value of $507.286, indicating 162% growth over the same period in 2020... >Read more

-> China - 01/09/2021
End of health restrictions in one of the main Chinese ports
The Chinese authorities closed in early August the port of Ningbo-Zhoushan, located 200 km south of Shanghai, after the discovery of a Covid-19 case among employees. The restrictions are now lifted and the port of Ningbo-Zhoushan should be fully operational in the coming days. ... >Read more

-> New Zealand - 09/08/2021
Record exports for New Zealand, with kiwifruit in first position
According to the latest "Fresh Facts" which provides key statistics covering the entire New Zealand horticultural sector, exports of fresh produce have grown further, thanks in particular to the good performance of fresh fruit.... >Read more

-> Philippines - 04/08/2021
Global giant plans to expand business in the Philippines
With in particular the extension of cultivated areas, a new packaging site, new products and the production of biofuel from agricultural waste.... >Read more ad.

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