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-> Viet Nam - 26/09/2023
Another strong performance (+57.5%) for Vietnamese exports
Vietnamese fruit and vegetable exports set a new record in the first 8 months of 2023 ... >Read more

-> New Zealand - 26/09/2023
End of kiwi shipments to New Zealand
Some of the last volumes of the 2023 kiwifruit season have left the port of Tauranga, bound for Tokyo and Kobe in Japan and then South Korea.... >Read more

-> Bangladesh - 21/09/2023
Harvest is more plentiful but prices are soaring
In Bangladesh, according to government data, the potato harvest has reached a record volume, but retail prices have risen.... >Read more

-> New Zealand - 19/09/2023
Another complicated year for kiwifruit production in New Zealand
In New Zealand, kiwifruit growers are facing a difficult year which has seen a number of unfavourable factors ... >Read more

-> Tajikistan - 19/09/2023
Shortage of grapes and soaring prices in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan
Last January, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan suffered a severe cold snap (down to -22°C) which caused considerable damage to table grape production.... >Read more

-> Philippines - 14/09/2023
Planned expansion of 15,000 hectares to boost exports
In the Philippines, the Davao region is the country's main durian-growing area. To take advantage of export opportunities, an expansion of 15,000 hectares is planned.... >Read more

-> Hong Kong - 12/09/2023
Asia Fruit Logistica 2023: a shortened show but satisfactory results
Asia Fruit Logistica was scheduled from September 6 to 8, but "extreme weather conditions" with heavy rain and widespread flooding forced organizers to suspend the 3rd and final day of the show... >Read more

-> New Zealand - 03/08/2023
Warm winter poses challenges for New Zealand kiwifruit producers
New Zealand is experiencing higher than usual temperatures, marking another warm winter... >Read more

-> Australia - 28/07/2023
AUSVEG strengthens with Onions Australia
A strategic merger in Australia, where the onion sector represented by Onions Australia has joined AUSVEG, the national body representing the interests of Australian vegetable and potato producers. ... >Read more

-> Australia - 27/07/2023
Australian horticulture forecast to grow by 22.5% between now and 2030
In Australia, the horticultural sector is on a growth trajectory that has just been confirmed by a report estimating that growth in value terms could reach +22.5% by 2030.... >Read more ad.

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