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-> All countries - 20/06/2018
Overview of Packhouse Hygiene and Food Safety Plans
When processing food and beverages, or anything related to food production, a company’s hygiene strategy directly affects production quality and profitability. Poorly cleaned equipment or unsafe conditions for food processing can lead to an inferior or potentially harmful product.... >Read more

-> Australia - 19/06/2018
Australia joins forces in the Chinese market
Australian inter-professional partnership (fruits & vegetables, meats, wines, dairy products) which aims to further develop the trade of agricultural products with the main export client: China.... >Read more

-> Hong Kong - 12/06/2018
Hong Kong plans to relax import ban from Japan
Since the disaster in Fukushima in 2011, Hong Kong has banned imports of fresh produce and milk from several Japanese prefectures and tested for radiation from fresh produce from the rest of the country. Read the to know how the Hong Kong government is considering revising these bans.... >Read more

-> India - 07/06/2018
Delivery of organic mangoes to train passengers
New offer for rail passengers in India: get fresh organic mangoes delivered directly to their seats.... >Read more

-> Pakistan - 06/06/2018
Pakistan could double its exports to the Middle East
The expression "the misfortune of some makes the happiness of others" can also adapt to the global trade of Fruits & Vegetables. The ban in some Middle Eastern countries on imports from India is expected to benefit Pakistan's exports.... >Read more

-> Australia - 06/06/2018
New market for Australian avocados
Since the end of May the Australian Hass avocado can be exported to Japan, though the fruit comes from specific producing regions in Australia.... >Read more

-> Thailand - 31/05/2018
The 15th edition of THAIFEX-World of Food Asia opens its doors
The THAIFEX-World of Food Asia trade show runs until Saturday, June 2, 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand. This event offers different segments: Coffee-Tea, Beverages, Fruits & Vegetables ...... >Read more

-> Cambodia - 29/05/2018
A national law to develop the organic sector
In Cambodia, the enactment of the organic food law, currently under development, is being urged by the private sector. A national law on organic products is the key factor in building consumer confidence and thus ensuring the development of the sector.... >Read more

-> Taiwan R.O.C. - 23/05/2018
Stop imports of pineapple, an unfounded rumor
In Taiwan, as in China, the companies marketing the fruits refute the rumors that China has suddenly stopped importing pineapples from Taiwan.... >Read more

-> New Zealand - 22/05/2018
Shortage of cucumbers
The princely wedding in Windsor (England) had unintended consequences in Auckland, New Zealand, where several supermarkets ran out of cucumbers following massive purchases of this vegetable. ... >Read more

-> Uzbekistan - 22/05/2018
Fruit and vegetables producers from Uzbekistan got golden medal on Macfrut 2018
This year Uzbekistan was presented by several companies on Macfrut 2018. The wide range of product – fresh and dried were presented by main players from Uzbekistan – Red pack LLC and Garden cells. ... >Read more ad. ad.

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