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-> China - 20/11/2017
50% increase in NANFENG mandarin harvest
In China NANFENG mandarin is one of the most famous mandarins of Jiangxi province, this year the total harvest is expected to reach a volume 50% higher than last year.... >Read more

-> China - 16/11/2017
Freshness of fruit from Shandong Aoweite Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Next year company plan to present its product on European market and already discuss possibility of cooperation with Ukrainian growers and exporters of apples...... >Read more

-> China - 14/11/2017
Chinese pear export volume has grown
According to China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce, customs data for the first half of 2017 shows that fresh pear import volume has decreased, pear export volume has grown...... >Read more

-> China - 09/11/2017
Peruvian green light for apples from Sanmenxia
Peru has officially opened its Chinese apple market in Sanmenxia (Henan Province), adding a new destination for their exports.... >Read more

-> China - 09/11/2017
Young fruit bagging machine – innovation from FRUITS DE BONHEUR China
This year on China FVF company FRUITS DE BONHEUR AGRICULTURE Co., Ltd from China presented it innovative machine – created for ecological fruit industry…... >Read more

-> China - 07/11/2017
The year 2017, a great vintage for JOY WING MAU
2017, a remarkable and memorable year for JOY WING MAU celebrating its 20th anniversary and concluding 2 international alliances that strengthen its status as a major company in the fruit industry in China as well as globally. ... >Read more

-> China - 07/11/2017
Hebei Jinzhou GREAT WALL Economy Trade Co., Ltd. presented premium quality pears on China FVF
Hebei Jinzhou Great Wall Economy Trade Co., Ltd. has always been the pioneer on pear export industry from Hebei and one of the main player on the market of hight quality products... ... >Read more

-> China - 07/11/2017
Fresh pears brand marketing company CHOICE FRUIT ALLIANCE was presented on China FVF for the first time.
Hebei Choice Fruit Alliance Business Management Co., Lts is fresh pears brand marketing company that joined nine industry leading companies from China was presented on China FVF 3-5 of November with its members… ... >Read more

-> China - 07/11/2017
CHEN'S SUN - strives to be a top fruit-based international trade enterprise in China
Chen's Sun - on of the leading distributor in China that is well known on domestic market - presented premium fruits on China FVF 2017... ... >Read more

-> Australia - 06/11/2017
New commercial step for TASTE AUSTRALIA
CHINA FVF represented a new stage for the commercial tour of the new showcase of Australian horticultural products, TASTE AUSTRALIA, which began at Asia Fruit Logistica and which will last 6 months with participations on the major events of the sector (Beijing, Dubai, .. .).... >Read more ad. ad.

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