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-> Australia - 19/07/2017
Carrot vodka, the innovative idea to value non-compliant carrots
To reduce wasted volumes and thus valorize products "non-compliant" to marketing, a group of farmers wives had the idea to develop a vodka made from carrots.... >Read more

-> Australia - 18/07/2017
Quarantine measures to contain the epidemic
Panama disease, affecting banana plants, has just been detected in a plantation in the north of the state of Queensland whose authorities have triggered strict quarantine measures.... >Read more

-> India - 17/07/2017
Iran becomes a new market for Indian mangoes
After Australia and South Korea, Iran opens its market to mangoes from India... >Read more

-> Korea (South) - 04/07/2017
South Korea imports more and more fruits
Fruit imports in South Korea set new records in volume terms, reaching 863,660 tons in 2016, ie + 4% compared to 2015.... >Read more

-> New Zealand - 04/07/2017
Surprising anniversary (120 years!) Celebrated this year by T & G GLOBAL
T & G GLOBAL is the name adopted by Turners & Growers in 2014 to better reflect the global scale of the company founded in Auckland, New Zealand in 1897.... >Read more

-> Hong Kong - 03/07/2017
Expansion continues for ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA
With more than 2 months to its opening, ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA announces that sales of exhibition space have increased by 25% compared to last year's total. ... >Read more

-> New Zealand - 29/06/2017
Tauranga port treated volume record
The most active container harbor in New Zealand, the port of Tauranga has set a new record of more than one million TEUs (units equivalent to twenty feet) processed in one year.... >Read more

-> India - 27/06/2017
15% increase in exports over the last 2 weeks
The diplomatic crisis between Saudi Arabia and Qatar disrupts supply and causes opportunities that Indian exporters have seized. ... >Read more

-> Kazakhstan - 26/06/2017
Kazakhstan boosts nut production
The country has the potential to become one of the world leaders in the production and export of nuts and multiplies ambitious projects to expand crops.... >Read more

-> Philippines - 26/06/2017
Agricultural sector starts up again
After several quarters of contraction, the agricultural sector in the Philippines is rising again in the first quarter of 2017.... >Read more ad. ad.

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