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-> Australia - 15/02/2018
The horticultural sector unites
In Australia the horticultural sector (turnover estimated at 11 billion AUSD) is forming a new organization that wants to give producers the opportunity to share and develop strategies that will advance the entire sector. ... >Read more

-> China - 09/02/2018
Live from Berlin : Maf Roda, the strength of a leader with solutions adapted to all the requirements
Established 40 years ago, MAF RODA is a French family-business recognized as a grading & sorting machines specialist worldwide with 1 000 employees worldwide, including around 100 persons in China. ... >Read more

-> China - 06/02/2018
QIFENG KIWI - a magic fruit from the East
There are more than 30 countries planting kiwi in the world but the largest area of planting belong to China and exceeds 70% of the world's total...... >Read more

-> China - 01/02/2018
Tzone Digital Technology will showcase new type of single-use PDF temperature recorder in Berlin
Shenzhen Tzone Digital Technology Co. Ltd. supplies various monitoring solutions for cold chain monitoring. Known by its temperature monitoring device GPS tracker and iBeacon hardware, in February company will present one more innovation in Berlin… ... >Read more

-> China - 30/01/2018
Asian pears on European market
Jinzhou Great Wall Economy Trade Co.,being a pioneer in pears' exports from Hebei, was the first to export pears to the United States and Mexico. The company has recently started shipping to Chile and is paying close attention to the US and European markets.... >Read more

-> Uzbekistan - 29/01/2018
Export growth of 15% in 2017 and positive outlook for 2018
The 2017 balance sheet is very satisfactory for Uzbekistan, which recorded a 15% increase in value for its exports of Fruits & Vegetables and plans to further expand its shipments in 2018.... >Read more

-> Japan - 25/01/2018
Fruits & Vegetables are the most lucrative segment of the organic market
The organic food market in Japan, as indeed in many other countries, has a growth rate well above the rate observed in food consumption. ... >Read more

-> China - 22/01/2018
Demand for health products continues to grow
The development of the Chinese middle class, which is expected to reach 400 million people by 2020 (McKinsey forecast) has a significant effect on food trends. ... >Read more

-> Philippines - 18/01/2018
Negotiations to boost banana exports
The Philippines has just started discussions with 3 countries to reduce tariffs and increase the volume of banana exports. ... >Read more

-> Viet Nam - 17/01/2018
Record turnover for Vietnam's exports
The turnover of Vietnamese exports of Fruits and Vegetables will largely exceed the target of 3 billion USD for 2017. ... >Read more ad. ad.

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