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-> Viet Nam - 15/10/2019
Vietnam looking for new opportunities in Romania and Bulgaria
Vietrade, the trade promotion agency, organized a study trip for more than twenty Vietnamese companies to look for new opportunities in Romania and Bulgaria.... >Read more

-> India - 14/10/2019
Mersel Foods has opened new factory for vacuum packaged ready-to-eat corn
Mersel Foods Private Limited is famous as grapes supplier from...... >Read more

-> Viet Nam - 11/10/2019
Japanese companies continue to invest in Vietnam's agricultural sector
The number of Japanese companies starting to invest in Vietnam has increased and the ones already in the country want to increase their investment.... >Read more

-> India - 11/10/2019
Massive import to control rising prices
While the new crop has not yet reached the market, the Indian government has decided to import onions to cope with the shortage and combat rising prices.... >Read more

-> Australia - 08/10/2019
A fully compostable film has been developed for cucumbers
An environmentally friendly alternative to traditional polyethylene plastic packaging, a fully compostable retractable film has been developed for cucumbers in Australia. ... >Read more

-> India - 03/10/2019
Onion exports are no longer possible
While crop forecasts were good, onion crops were hit by drought and then rains causing a shortage that has tripled the price in recent months.... >Read more

-> Pakistan - 03/10/2019
The Middle East is Pakistan's largest mango export market
In mid-September, Middle East countries imported more than 82,800 tonnes of mangoes from Pakistan, more than the total of Pakistan's exports last year.... >Read more

-> New Zealand - 02/10/2019
China, an export market growing for New Zealand apples and kiwifruit
NZ Stats, New Zealand's Statistics Department announced that several of the country's exports, including fruits, had risen in value in August 2019 pulled by the Chinese market.... >Read more

-> Philippines - 02/10/2019
Banana exports will largely exceed last year's volume
In the Philippines, banana exports are set to exceed the volume recorded last year. Over a period of 7 months the volume is already 50% higher than that recorded last year for the same period.... >Read more

-> Bangladesh - 25/09/2019
Fruit imports increased by 72%
Bangladesh's fruit production is insufficient to meet domestic demand, imports have increased considerably in recent years and continue to grow. ... >Read more ad. ad. ad. ad. ad.

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