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-> Philippines - 19/04/2018
Stability expected for this year but rebound next year
After a 3.6% decline in value recorded in the fourth quarter of 2017, Philippines' agriculture and agri-food exports should be stable this year and rebound from 2019.... >Read more

-> India - 18/04/2018
Aid to agriculture and new rail links between India and Nepal
La visite en Inde du Premier ministre du Népal a été fructueuse avec notamment des accords sur l'agriculture et les projets d'amélioration des liaisons ferroviaires pour faciliter le commerce entre les 2 pays. ... >Read more

-> Singapore - 13/04/2018
Major scientific progress with a biofuel that has a future
Singapore. Biofuel production is seen as a damaging activity, rivaling food crops, but the discovery of researchers at NUS (National University of Singapore) will change the game. A bacterium from mushroom crop residues could be the key to biofuel production. ... >Read more

-> Thailand - 12/04/2018
THAIFEX, a 15th edition that wants to facilitate business opportunities
Thailand. For its 15th edition, which will take place from May 29th to June 2nd, 2018, THAIFEX-World of Food Asia has set up new programs that will allow it to host the largest contingent in the region of global buyers at a Food & Beverage trade show. ... >Read more

-> Viet Nam - 12/04/2018
Vietnam sees Europe as a promising market
Vietnam. The European Union is one of the world's largest importers of Fruits & Vegetables and Vietnam's products represent only 0.9% of European purchases. Vietnam wants to boost its exports to the European market.... >Read more

-> China - 10/04/2018
QIFENG KIWI plan to offer organic kiwis to European countries.
Recently Qifeng Kiwi presented its product to European market and some companies from Germany, Spain and other countries from Western Europe already showed interest to sweet green and red kiwis of this brand…... >Read more

-> India - 09/04/2018
The volume of grape exports to Europe will be as good as the previous season
The country should maintain and perhaps exceed the volumes of grapes exported to Europe. According to AIGEA (All India Grape Exporters Association) this season, India has exported about 85,000 tons of grapes to Europe.... >Read more

-> Uzbekistan - 09/04/2018
Significant export potential in F&V production and processing of Uzbekistan.
In recent years, the world market for food products has witnessed steady growth in demand for many types of fruits and vegetables (F&V). The Government of Uzbekistan has adopted a number of reforms targeting increased development of the F&V sector through enhanced competitiveness. ... >Read more

-> Australia - 05/04/2018
The UNITEC Group opens a subsidiary ASIA PACIFIC
Following the results achieved by the UNITEC technologies in Australia and New Zealand, UNITEC opens a technical-commercial subsidiary to advise and offer its services to customers in this part of the world.... >Read more

-> Pakistan - 30/03/2018
Imports of agricultural products increased by 29% in value
Major player in the export of agricultural products, Pakistan also imports a lot. Its expenses reached $1.37 billion in the first half of the current fiscal year.... >Read more ad. ad.

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