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-> Japan - 26/07/2018
New product: a cabbage jelly
In Japan cabbage is one of the TOP 3 products of the most consumed vegetables. An agribusiness company is offering a brand new product: a cabbage flavored jelly.... >Read more

-> Philippines - 17/07/2018
Banana production has increased
The Philippines recorded a 3.1% increase in the volume of its banana production.... >Read more

-> India - 17/07/2018
Apples: forecast of a scarce harvest
In India in the state of Himachal Pradesh the volume of apple production will decline, according to official estimates.... >Read more

-> China - 03/07/2018
Qifeng Fruit: Exporting quantity of Chinese kiwi rose compared to last year
Sales season of Chinese kiwi ended at the end of June, and Qifeng Fruit - company from China that is very well known in domestic kiwi industry - achieved excellent results during campaign 2017/2018...... >Read more

-> Fiji - 02/07/2018
Fiji wants to achieve self-sufficiency in Fruits & Vegetables
Fiji plans to strengthen and expand its agricultural sector to increase exports and reduce food imports. These goals include a modernization of agriculture led by the Ministry and cooperation agreements to evaluate the best means. ... >Read more

-> Pakistan - 29/06/2018
Record volume of Kinnow exports for the 2017/18 season
In Pakistan, Kinnow exports started in December 2017 and continued until early May 2018. This season saw a record level of exports.... >Read more

-> China - 28/06/2018
China will tax US agricultural products
In China an additional customs tariff of 25% will come into force on July 6th on 500 US products including agricultural products.... >Read more

-> Thailand - 27/06/2018
Pineapples are also sold at petrol stations
In Thailand, because of excess supply of pineapples and to prevent prices from falling further, all opportunities to stimulate consumption are seized.... >Read more

-> Indonesia - 26/06/2018
Global demand for tropical fruits promises bright prospects
Indonesian professionals are optimistic about their fruit exports, which increased significantly in Q1 2018, confirming the strengthening of global demand for tropical fruits. ... >Read more

-> Australia - 19/06/2018
Australia joins forces in the Chinese market
Australian inter-professional partnership (fruits & vegetables, meats, wines, dairy products) which aims to further develop the trade of agricultural products with the main export client: China.... >Read more ad. ad.

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