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-> USA - 29/03/2024
Felix Instruments launches app update and invites to join a webinar
Felix Instruments is thrilled to announce the release of its latest app update which represents a significant advancement for its Kiwi Quality Meter, introducing enhanced models for red, gold, and green kiwifruit.... >Read more

-> Ecuador - 28/03/2024
Exports of Ecuadorian pitahaya grow 72% year-on-year
Pitahaya cultivation in Ecuador began four decades ago in the canton of Palora, province of Morona Santiago.... >Read more

-> Argentina - 28/03/2024
Apple exports grow in Argentina
Argentine apple exports have shown significant growth in the first two months of 2024.... >Read more

-> Brazil - 28/03/2024
Promising start to the year for mangoes in Brazil
Mango exports from Brazil expected to generate revenues of close to $315 million in 2023... >Read more

-> Peru - 28/03/2024
How was the start of the year for mango and grapes in Peru?
Mango production decreases in Piura but grows in the Amazon... >Read more

-> Peru - 27/03/2024
Peruvian blueberry export value exceeds $282 million until February
During January and February of 2024, Peruvian blueberry exports increased in volume and value if compared to the same months of 2023, reports Agrodata Perú... >Read more

-> USA - 26/03/2024
Important potato chip brand meets quality standards with TOMRA sorters
The Sackett family has been growing potatoes in Michigan for six generations since first planting 20 acres of the crop in 1905. Today, Sackett Ranch covers more than 8,200 acres (3,320 hectares), with more than 3,800 acres (1,540 hectares) dedicated to growing potatoes for the potato chip industry. The farm also grows seed corn, field corn, soy beans, and wheat.... >Read more

-> Peru - 26/03/2024
Challenging season for Peruvian mangoes
In a brief summary of the mango season in Peru, Milton Calle, vice-president of the Peruvian Mango Growers Association (Promango), pointed out some key challenges faced by growers... >Read more

-> Peru - 25/03/2024
Decrease in Peruvian grape exports until February
The United States remains the primary recipient... >Read more

-> Peru - 25/03/2024
Value of Peruvian blueberry exports grows +16% year-on-year
From week 18 of 2023 to week 8 of 2024, exports of fresh blueberries from Peru grew 16% compared to the same period of the previous season.... >Read more ad.

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