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-> USA - 30/08/2019
New president and new logo for USApple
USApple, the non-profit association of US apple professionals, has appointed a new president to head its board and has a new logo.... >Read more

-> USA - 26/08/2019
An even tastier tomato promised by scientists
Scientists at the UF (University of Florida) have made further progress in improving a tomato variety with even better taste and aroma.... >Read more

-> Costa Rica - 22/08/2019
A Manual of Good Agricultural Practices for Pineapple Cultivation
In Costa Rica various government institutions with the support of IICA (Instituto Interamericano de Cooperación para la Agricultura) have developed the Manual of Good Agricultural Practices for the Sustainable Production of Pineapple Crops to contribute to food security, environment protection, health, safety and the well-being of workers.... >Read more

-> Chile - 22/08/2019
China receives 87% of Chilean cherry exports
China is by far the largest market for Chilean cherries with 87% of total exports. Exports of Chilean cherries are expected to increase further next season. ... >Read more

-> Mexico - 20/08/2019
Compac expands in Mexico with Rochin
Last week Industrias Rochin has opened new office in Uruapan…... >Read more

-> Honduras - 19/08/2019
Pineapple exports will grow by 8% in volume
Honduras is the second largest country in Central America, after Costa Rica, in terms of pineapple production and exports. The sector expects exports to increase by 8% in volume.... >Read more

-> Canada - 05/08/2019
A project to develop perfect strawberries and raspberries
In Canada, the third largest strawberry producer in North America, the Department of Agriculture has announced an investment of CAD 1.3 million (US $ 994,000) for a research project on strawberry and raspberry varieties.... >Read more

-> USA - 31/07/2019
Jet-Ready Precoolers now offer immediate shipping time
Jet-Ready Precoolers, invented and manufactured by...... >Read more

-> USA - 26/07/2019
Revolutionary Mango Quality Meter Released for growers and distributors
Innovative measurement tool that analyses both...... >Read more

-> Chile - 22/07/2019
Algae-based paper for better fruit preservation
In Chile a partnership between the University of Concepción and a paper manufacturer aims to develop a biodegradable material based on 100% natural ingredients with antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal properties that can prolong the life of food and especially fresh fruit.... >Read more ad. ad. ad. ad.

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