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-> Peru - 18/05/2023
Peruvian fresh ginger exports exceed 58 thousand tons until April
The primary markets remain the United States and the Netherlands... >Read more

-> Ecuador - 18/05/2023
Ecuadorian banana exports exceed 99 million boxes until March
The European Union received 32% of the total export volume... >Read more

-> Canada - 17/05/2023
Potatoes: Growth in production and average yield in Canada
Despite difficult weather conditions (cold and wet spring, hurricane) and considerable increases in production costs during the year 2022, total potato production in Canada has increased as well as the average yield.... >Read more

-> Peru - 17/05/2023
Peruvian onion exports increase 23% year-over-year
Peru's fresh onion exports primarily were destined to the United States, Spain, and Colombia... >Read more

-> Chile - 16/05/2023
Chilean Kiwi Committee anticipates low export volumes
The kiwi harvest season in Chile is nearing completion, and the final volume data is expected within a few days... >Read more

-> Peru - 15/05/2023
Surge in Peruvian avocado exports until April
The primary destinations for Peruvian avocados during the first four months of 2023 were the Netherlands, Spain, and China... >Read more

-> Peru - 15/05/2023
Peruvian grape exports on the rise
The main destination until April 2023 was the United States... >Read more

-> Chile - 15/05/2023
Novelty X-Ray sorter for improved control in frozen cherry industry
TOMRA, a provider of state-of-the-art technology, has launched the TOMRA 5X, an X-ray sorter that inspects and classifies the flow of products based on their internal structure to ensure a quality product... >Read more

-> Chile - 11/05/2023
Great improvement expected in Chilean citrus exports
The ASOEX projection shows a significant increase from the previous season, which experienced low export rates due to climate issues, rising shipping costs, and logistics problems. ... >Read more

-> Peru - 11/05/2023
Peru to open up 5 new international markets for table grapes
In 2022, grape exports from Peru increased by 8.9%, making it the second most exported agricultural product in the country, thus solidifying it as a leading global exporter of said fruit... >Read more ad.

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