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-> Mexico - 17/04/2024
Mexican mango seeks expansion in the Middle East and Oceania
According to José Ángel Crespo, president of the Mexican Mango Exporters Association (EMEX), it is important to expand the reach beyond the U.S. market to Europe, Asia and the Middle East. ... >Read more

-> Chile - 16/04/2024
Urgent measures to face the drought in Coquimbo
The Coquimbo region of Chile is facing a serious agricultural crisis due to a severe drought that is severely affecting rural communities.... >Read more

-> Peru - 15/04/2024
Peruvian whole paprika export value exceeds $38 million through March
From January to March of 2024, Peruvian whole paprika exports increased in volume and value compared to the same months of 2023... >Read more

-> Peru - 15/04/2024
Peruvian organic banana exports value decreases -6% in 2023
Although the average price of bananas on the international market increased, the pressure of low prices in previous years affected the profitability of Peruvian banana producers, especially in Piura.... >Read more

-> Paraguay - 15/04/2024
First shipment of Paraguayan bananas to Chile is made
With 12,000 hectares dedicated to banana cultivation, Paraguay shows its agricultural potential and its capacity to compete in the international market.... >Read more

-> Peru - 15/04/2024
Peruvian cherimoya shipments grow 7% year on year
Chile continues to be the main market for the Peruvian cherimoya... >Read more

-> Peru - 11/04/2024
Peruvian pomegranate exports value exceeds $39 million up to week 13
Ica continues to be the main exporting region of this fruit... >Read more

-> USA - 10/04/2024
Apeel's plant-based technology spearheads food waste reduction
As Earth Month is celebrated, Apeel Sciences, one of the pioneering companies in fresh produce supply chain innovation, takes pride in unveiling its environmental accomplishments for the year 2023... >Read more

-> USA - 09/04/2024
New General Manager of DeltaTrak South Pacific
DeltaTrak® Inc., a leading innovator of cold chain management and temperature monitoring solutions, announces the appointment of... >Read more

-> Argentina - 08/04/2024
Argentine shipments of pears to Europe grow 32% through March
Despite a slightly smaller harvest in the Rio Negro Valley compared to the previous season, the superior quality of the Argentine pear has facilitated its acceptance in northern markets.... >Read more ad.

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