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-> USA - 23/03/2023
California strawberry production severely impacted by flooding
In California, the drought had affected the agricultural sector but the heavy rains since January have saturated the soil, impacted the dikes and caused the overflow of the rivers.... >Read more

-> USA - 23/03/2023
Dr. Ioannis Minas explains why NIRS solutions are crucial for fruit businesses
Many of those who use NIRS in agriculture are not aware of the full range of capabilities and applications of this technology... >Read more

-> Peru - 23/03/2023
Peruvian mango exports surpass $146 million the first bimester of 2023
The United States remains the major recipient of the fruit to date... >Read more

-> Chile - 22/03/2023
Chilean fresh fruit exports exceed $2 million in the first two months of 2023
Cherry leads the ranking with a total of 300,230 tons shipped... >Read more

-> Ecuador - 20/03/2023
Ecuadorian pitahaya enters the Chinese market
Approximately 400 hectares will enter the first list for export to the new destination... >Read more

-> Peru - 20/03/2023
Over 1 million hectares of bananas and plantains are lost in the Tumbes region due to flooding
Although the intensity of rainfall has decreased, the damage is extensive and the farmers ask for support of the Government... >Read more

-> Peru - 20/03/2023
Sharp drop in banana and plantain exports from Peru
The Netherlands, Belgium and the U.S. remain the major destinations... >Read more

-> USA - 16/03/2023
No exceptional harvest this year predict almond producers
In California, the colder and wetter than usual winter has been beneficial in combating the drought, but the prolonged wet and windy conditions are far from beneficial for almond production.... >Read more

-> Peru - 16/03/2023
Grape exports from Peru on the rise this season
Peruvian grape exports in January and February 2023 showed an increase both in volume and value comparing to the same months of 2022... >Read more

-> Paraguay - 15/03/2023
Paraguayan persimmon leaves for Europe
This week, the first persimmon truck, produced in the town of Santa María de Fe, department of Misiones, will leave for Spain and later for other countries of the European Union.... >Read more ad.

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