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-> Argentina - 17/10/2019
Celebrating Blueberry Week
Consistent with the highest production periods in the country, 'Blueberry Week' is once again celebrated by members of ABC (Argentinean Blueberry Committee).... >Read more

-> Brazil - 17/10/2019
Expected 20% growth for Brazilian melon exports
In the state of Ceara in Brazil, professionals in the melon sector estimate that exports could increase by 20% to Europe.... >Read more

-> USA - 15/10/2019
Ripening is taken to the next level with new generation of TarpLessⓇ SX Ripening Room
As manufacturer states the TarpLess ripening room has become...... >Read more

-> Colombia - 10/10/2019
Inspectra2 system for in-line non-destructive measurement of avocado dry matter is introduced to the Latin American market
Compac, part of TOMRA Food, at World Avocado Congress 2019 in Medellin, Colombia has introduced to the Latin American market the new generation Inspectra2 NIR platform with dry matter detection technology as well as...... >Read more

-> USA - 10/10/2019
New customs duties of 25% on many EU agricultural products
WTO, the World Trade Organization, has authorized the United States to impose tariffs on European imports worth $7.5 billion. These new customs duties will come into effect on October 18. ... >Read more

-> USA - 09/10/2019
Florida Tomato Man of the Year goes to Gene Akins
At the annual Florida Tomato Committee Conference beginning of October, Gene Akins of...... >Read more

-> USA - 09/10/2019
North America will be able to minimize impact on the planet with Compostable EcoLabel to be introduced at PMA
EcoLabel now provides a global green labeling alternative to consumers and complies with the European EN13432:2000 compostable and biodegradable packaging standard...... >Read more

-> Guatemala - 09/10/2019
The value of banana exports fell by 6%
Banana exports from Central America registered a 6% decline in value this year compared to last year. ... >Read more

-> Chile - 08/10/2019
Decline of 12% of Chilean kiwifruit exports
In Chile, kiwifruit exports, from the beginning of the season to mid-September 2019, are down by 12% compared to the same period of the previous season.... >Read more

-> Argentina - 08/10/2019
Target set at 5,000 tonnes of exported cherries
In Argentina the new cherry season is approaching. Argentinian professionals plan to further increase the volume exported and reach 5,000 tons.... >Read more ad. ad. ad. ad. ad.

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