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-> Guatemala - 08/02/2018
Live from Berlin: Europe is a market of great importance for Guatemala
On a large stand located in Hall 25, Guatemala presents its export offer. European markets have become of major importance for Guatemalan professionals who estimate that the volume of sales in the EU reaches $ 99.9 million.... >Read more

-> USA - 07/02/2018
Live from Berlin: DELTATRAK recorder provides a wide range of transport data
DELTATRAK presents in Hall 23 Stand A-10 with its innovative 'FlashLink Real-Time In-Transit' recorder which provides a very wide range of transport data, essential for all delivery or import / export operations. ... >Read more

-> USA - 07/02/2018
Live from Berlin: EMERSON, with Oversight Mobile, allows users on the move to stay in complete control of their cargo
EMERSON, a leading American company in cargo monitoring solutions, introduces its new Oversight Mobile app that allows users on the go to track the status of cargo in real time. Emerson is in Hall 23 Stand F02.... >Read more

-> USA - 06/02/2018
Fruit Maps: The FREE interactive harvest map and F-750 Produce Quality Meter will be demonstraded by Felix Instruments at Fruit Logistica
Instruments from Felix Instruments- Applied Food Science will be available for demonstration by two Felix European Distributors, Step Systems and HLS at Fruit Logistica.... >Read more

-> Mexico - 04/02/2018
40,000 tonnes of Mexican avocados for the Super Bowl
PROMEXICO and HASS AVOCADO BOARD estimate that Mexican producers have sent 40,000 tons of avocados to the United States in the 15 days before the Super Bowl (final of the National Football League) which takes place on Sunday, February 4th.... >Read more

-> Argentina - 29/01/2018
Expected growth of 7 to 8% for the production of lemons
Argentina plans for the 2018 campaign an increase in its production of lemons.... >Read more

-> USA - 26/01/2018
Global fruit trader SALIX prepares to broaden its products and markets
Salix reported solid commercial growth in 2017, with an increase in sales, suppliers, clients and products against 2016, coupled with the addition of new fruit sources and end markets. Overall growth was in the region of 40%.... >Read more

-> Cuba - 25/01/2018
Pineapple plantations expand and production increases
In the aim to meet the needs of the food industry and the demands of the international market, Cuban producers are expanding their pineapple plantations and increasing harvested volumes.... >Read more

-> USA - 23/01/2018
Mission Produce develops Sales Planning by team newcomers
Oxnard-based Mission Produce today announced that the company has hired Hector Soltero as Director of Sales Planning.... >Read more

-> USA - 22/01/2018
Fruits & Vegetables imports continue to grow
During the 2007-2016 period, the United States increased its imports of Fruits & Vegetables, and for some products the weight of the volumes imported compared to the total supply shows a dependence. ... >Read more ad. ad.

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