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-> Peru - 18/04/2019
Growing demand from the European market reveals opportunities
The consumption of limes in European countries has increased by 33% in a few years and is expected to increase further in the future. While the main suppliers are Mexico and Brazil, other countries have entered this market.... >Read more

-> USA - 18/04/2019
Smoothies edible with a spoon
Dole Packaged Foods, LLC unveiled its latest product offering: Dole Spoonable Smoothies ™. Products designed to be eaten with a spoon, these smoothies are a practical answer for a quick breakfast or snack and contain less than 200 calories. ... >Read more

-> Peru - 16/04/2019
Peru made its first export of Satsuma mandarins to Japan
Already exported to 25 countries, the Satsuma mandarin has just been exported for the first time to Japan. These 600,000 kilos of Peruvian mandarins will be marketed in Japan from the second week of May. ... >Read more

-> USA - 12/04/2019
The areas of asparagus recede
In the United States the areas dedicated to asparagus have clearly decreased. This decline reached 61% over a period of 10 years also causing a drop in production.... >Read more

-> USA - 11/04/2019
California avocado season is in full swing: quality, prices and forecasts
The harvest for California avocado began in a light way earlier this year but has ramped up significantly in April. California Avocado Commission expects…... >Read more

-> Canada - 11/04/2019
Success for CPMA / ACDFL Expo 2019
The Canadian Produce Marketing Association's (CPMA / ACDFL) 2019 expo-congress was a resounding success, according to organizers who have surpassed figures from previous shows in Montreal. ... >Read more

-> Peru - 05/04/2019
Peru becomes the world's third largest grapes' exporter
Mincetur (Ministerio de Comercio Exterior y Turismo) announced that the significant growth of exports in 2018 has allowed Peru to become the world's third largest exporter of table grapes.... >Read more

-> USA - 04/04/2019
Avocados, cucumbers and tomatoes under threat of border closures
In the United States, President Trump has threatened to close the border or large parts of the border with Mexico. This closure of the border would have many other implications than immigration issues. With serious disturbances concerning imported fresh products including avocados, cucumbers and tomatoes.... >Read more

-> Guatemala - 04/04/2019
15% increase planned for mango exports
Guatemala is the 5th largest producer of mangoes in Latin America and production continues to increase, this year's exports will grow by 15% in volume.... >Read more

-> Chile - 02/04/2019
Chile is still China's No.1 supplier
For the second year in a row, Chile is the main supplier of fresh fruit in the Chinese market, in terms of value.... >Read more ad. ad.

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