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-> USA - 06/12/2019
The trade war impacts the cranberry industry
In recent years cranberry harvests have increased in the United States, industry professionals have concentrated their marketing efforts on the Chinese market but the trade war has raised custom taxes which now impact the US exports.... >Read more

-> Brazil - 05/12/2019
Good performance for Brazilian mango exports
The season is not over yet in Brazil and exports of mangoes have just recorded an increase in volume for the 3rd consecutive month. ... >Read more

-> USA - 03/12/2019
TOMRA will introduce innovative sorting solution and reliable aflatoxin detection technology for the hulling and shelling sector
At the Almond Conference 2019 in Sacramento, California (December 10-12) TOMRA Food will demonstrate the TOMRA 3C, the new sensor-based optical sorter, which the company positions as a game changer for...... >Read more

-> USA - 03/12/2019
Launch of the 1st Washington State Apple Week
The state of Washington is the US No. 1 state in the production and export of apples. This year the Washington Apple Commission launches the 1st WASHINGTON APPLE WEEK, organized in 14 countries around the world.... >Read more

-> Chile - 22/11/2019
The impact of drought will affect about 35% of fruit production
The survey conducted by FEDEFRUTA, the Federation of Fruit Producers of Chile, among its members, measures for the first time the impact of drought on fruit production.... >Read more

-> Ecuador - 21/11/2019
A mango campaign in line with the previous one
Despite a delayed harvest, due to the rains that pushed back the bloom, the mango season in Ecuador promises to be about the same as last year.... >Read more

-> USA - 20/11/2019
New App by Limoneira teaches Using Food as Medicine
Limoneira Company, one of the leading producers of citrus and avocados, based in Santa Paula, California, created the free app as part...... >Read more

-> Peru - 19/11/2019
New record expected for mango exports
For this 2019-20 season, Peruvian exports of fresh mangoes are expected to record an increase in volume of around 27%, setting a new record.... >Read more

-> Uruguay - 19/11/2019
Blueberry exports to China have started but will be difficult to grow
The Chinese market has been open since last year to blueberries from Uruguay. But Uruguayan professionals believe that exports to China will remain symbolic because of the high cost of customs duties.... >Read more

-> Peru - 18/11/2019
$ 1 billion goal for Peruvian grapes
According to forecasts by Provid (Asociación de Productores y Exportadores de Uva de Mesa del Perú) for this 2019/20 campaign, Peruvian grape exports will increase by 15% compared to the previous season.... >Read more ad. ad. ad. ad.

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