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-> Honduras - 19/06/2019
Bananas and vegetables top exports
Honduras agricultural exports account for 18.6% of international sales according to Senasa (Servicio Nacional de Sanidad e Inocuidad Agroalimentaria). Bananas and vegetables dominate the country's export ranking. ... >Read more

-> USA - 18/06/2019
Cooling arrangement between two companies gains 2 seasons of what’s typically one season
Since 2014, Tony Serrano, president of JAS Family Farms Organics...... >Read more

-> Mexico - 17/06/2019
Diversify avocado exports
Mexico is studying the possibility of exporting Hass avocados to the Philippines, according to the Mexican ambassador to the country.... >Read more

-> USA - 17/06/2019
Pears: the first harvest estimate announces a decline in volume
At the annual PBNW (Pear Bureau Northwest) meeting, members established the 1st estimate of the 2019-20 fresh pear crop for the states of Washington and Oregon. The volume will be down by about 9% compared with the previous season. ... >Read more

-> Peru - 13/06/2019
Production of table grapes could exceed 700 000 tonnes
According to estimates by the Peruvian Ministry of Agriculture, the production of table grapes in the country could increase by 11.4% and exports total 384,000 tons.... >Read more

-> Dominican Rep. - 12/06/2019
Income from mango exports will double
The Dominican Republic' Minister of Agriculture has announced that income from mango exports will exceed this $40 million, doubling 2018 figures.... >Read more

-> USA - 10/06/2019
Healthy Avocado is prepared to offer conventional and organic avocado!
Healthy Avocado is entering the export business to accommodate the needs of the Mexican partners.After 17 years in the business, Healthy Avocado enjoys close relations with many growers/packers in Michoacan... >Read more

-> Costa Rica - 10/06/2019
Prohibition to enter the country for any product made from banana (leaves, stems ...)
SFE (Servicio Fitosanitario del Estado), the Phytosanitary Service of Costa Rica has announced the prohibition to enter the country for any product or object manufactured from raw materials extracted from the leaves, stems or fruits of the musaceae (family bananas and plantains). ... >Read more

-> USA - 10/06/2019
Increase in volume and value of US imports of canned F & V
The United States is importing more and more canned F & V, with data for 2018 showing a growth of 3% in volume and 3.4% in value compared with the previous year.... >Read more

-> USA - 08/06/2019
Customs duties are suspended on Mexican products
After several days of negotiations, Washington and Mexico have managed to reach an agreement and the customs duties' threats that were to come as early as Monday will not be implemented. The deal was announced by the US president on Twitter.... >Read more ad. ad.

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