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-> All countries - 22/03/2021
Dispute Resolution without front payment in cooperation with lawyers in 145 different countries proposes an additional service to Fresh produce Importers, Exporters worldwide. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is the procedure for settling disputes without going to court. In last years, it has been more and more used to solve trade disput... >Read more

-> Chile - 15/04/2021
Get acquainted with the Chilean manufacturer of flexible packaging for fresh produce
PacLife focuses on technological development of active and intelligent modified atmosphere packaging to extend the shelf life of food in a safe and harmless way.... >Read more

-> USA - 14/04/2021
Global Women Fresh announces two new awards aiming to highlight the impact of women in the international fruit and vegetable sector
“Diversity, equality, and inclusion are in our DNA. At Global Women Fresh we support our global female community so we can play a strategic role within an organization and have a voice when decisions are made”, said Natalia Gamarra, member of the board at Global Women Fresh, and Director International Member Relations at United Fresh Produce Association. ... >Read more

-> Peru - 13/04/2021
Peru announced first suspicious case of Foc R4T
The phytosanitary surveillance system of the National Agrarian Health Service (Senasa) sent the field samples to the laboratory for the specified analyzes and tests, whose results will be ready in the coming days. ... >Read more

-> Peru - 13/04/2021
Peruvian pomegranate exports increased by 10% in the first trimester of 2021
The main destination markets were Europe, with a volume of 9.588.634 kilos (85.4 % of the total), North America with 1.129.803 kilos, Asia with 302.765 kilos, Africa with 166.786 kilos and Latin America with 35.533 kilos.... >Read more

-> USA - 12/04/2021
American citrus cooperative launches 'Family Segments' series
The at-home cooking tutorials are hosted by Canadian chef influencers, and give viewers perspective into how families connect with each other over conversations, culture and citrus.... >Read more

-> Peru - 12/04/2021
Peruvian aguaymanto exports reached $2,6 million in 2020
80% of exported fruit was organic. 60 % of the product's exports went to the United States, the Netherlands and Germany, being the Huánuco region the leader in production, according to the Aguaymanto Market Analysis carried out by Sierra y Selva Exportadora (SSE).... >Read more

-> Chile - 12/04/2021
New sanitary regulations of Japan will favor kiwifruit supplies from Chile
Last week the Chilean kiwi sector received good news that Japan has allowed a new tolerance of 15 ppm for Fenhexamid residues, which had been restricted before. The molecule is used in kiwifruit flowering, pre-harvest and / or post-harvest.... >Read more

-> Ecuador - 12/04/2021
Ecuador reinforces preventive measures due to the possible emergence of the fungus Foc R4T
The Ecuadorian banana sector is concerned by the emergence of the fungus Foc R4T, one of the most destructive pests for banana and plantain. At the moment, it is not present in the country, however, the main world exporter of the fruit is on alert.... >Read more

-> Peru - 08/04/2021
Peruvian banana exports totaled $ 25.6 million in the first two months of 2021
The main destinations of the supplies between January and February of this year was the Netherlands, United States, Panama, Belgium, South Korea and Germany.... >Read more

-> Mexico - 08/04/2021
Mexican researchers developed a new lime variety
The fruit has high yield and good adaptation to producing areas in Colima and Michoacán, according to the Mexico's Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development (SADER).... >Read more ad. ad.

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