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-> Peru - 22/09/2021
Peruvian onion exports are on the upward trend
Between January and August 2021, Peruvian onion exports reached $46,860,354, according to Agrodata Peru... >Read more

-> Peru - 22/09/2021
Peruvian blueberries and citrus fruits are entering Indian market
To be exported to India, the products must come from certified fields and have been processed in packing houses authorized by Senasa... >Read more

-> Argentina - 21/09/2021
Argentinean blueberry campaign kicks off with the first supplies to Israel and Indonesia
In the 2021 season, the Argentinean Blueberry Committee projects same production levels as in the recent years, with some 17.5 million kilos per year... >Read more

-> USA - 20/09/2021
Predicted 14% drop in volume for oranges in California
Based on the results of a survey closed on September 1, the initial forecast for Navel orange production in California indicates a volume drop of 14% from the previous year... >Read more

-> USA - 18/09/2021
PMA Fresh Summmit 2021 is cancelled
Produce Marketing Association (PMA) has decided it will be unable to put on Fresh Summit 2021 scheduled for October 28-30 in New Orleans, Louisiana, due to the impacts of Hurricane Ida and Tropical Storm Nicholas... >Read more

-> Peru - 17/09/2021
Peruvian blueberries will enter the Malaysian market
According to the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation of Peru (Midagri), the Malaysian Department of Agriculture (DOA) confirmed the phytosanitary requirements for importation... >Read more

-> Chile - 17/09/2021
Chilean Fruit Exporters Association is working towards opening Japanese market
The president of the Chilean Fruit Exporters Association (ASOEX), Ronald Bown Fernández, together with the general manager, Miguel Canala-Echeverría Vergara, met with the Japanese Ambassador, Kazuhisa Shibuya, to analyze the situation of Chilean exports to this Asian country, and to start negotiations regarding the entry of Chilean apples to the Japanese market... >Read more

-> Peru - 15/09/2021
Producers from the Ica Valley export blueberries to Chile for the first time
The first container included 7.500 boxes, weighing 14.4 tons. The fruit will be commercialized in the province of San Antonio del Valparaíso... >Read more

-> Peru - 15/09/2021
Peruvian pineapple exports on the rise
The main destination for these supplies between January and August 2021 was the United States... >Read more

-> USA - 14/09/2021
Almond volume in California forecast to decline
Due to the drought in California, the industry expects yields to decline. This drop in the volume produced could lead to an increase in prices.... >Read more


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