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-> Peru - 31/07/2018
CAMPOSOL continues its international expansion
CAMPOSOL has purchased about 1,000 hectares for citrus fruit in the El Salto region (Uruguay), of which 500 are producing mandarins and another 500 hectares to develop. This operation completes the more than 500 hectares planted in Peru.... >Read more

-> Chile - 19/07/2018
Exports (apples, kiwis, avocados) to the Indian market are expanding
In India, a growing demand for high quality fruits combined with lower import duties for Chilean products is allowing Chilean exports to grow rapidly. ... >Read more

-> Jamaica - 19/07/2018
Jamaica wants to diversify and boost its agricultural production
To reduce the cost of imported products and enhance food security, the Government of Jamaica plans to continue the transformation of the agricultural sector towards greater product diversification and increased volumes. ... >Read more

-> Argentina - 11/07/2018
Argentinian citrus soon on the Mexican market
Importing since 2017 lemons from Argentina, Mexico is now interested in sweet citrus (orange, mandarin) from Argentina.... >Read more

-> Uruguay - 09/07/2018
Citrus: the United States is the main market
In Uruguay, the citrus export season has started well, with volumes of about 30,000 tonnes shipped between January and early June.... >Read more

-> USA - 05/07/2018
The long season of California grapes has begun
Thanks to its favorable climate and the many new varieties of grapes, California has started a new campaign that will continue until December. ... >Read more

-> Peru - 28/06/2018
Avocado, a sure bet of Peruvian production
With global demand on the rise, Peruvian professionals in the avocado sector have developed their production and record good export performance. ... >Read more

-> Argentina - 28/06/2018
Colombia and Argentina will trade bananas, citrus and garlic
SENASA (Servicio Nacional de Sanidad y Calidad Agroalimentaria) has authorized the entry of Colombian bananas into Argentina. Argentina will see the Colombian market opening for citrus fruits and garlic. ... >Read more

-> Brazil - 26/06/2018
Banana production in decrease
In Brazil, banana production is declining, which professionals explain by the climatic problems and the contraction of prices. For this year the decline in production could reach 2.7% compared to 2017.... >Read more

-> Chile - 21/06/2018
Chile exports many more apples to Europe
The shortage of apples in Europe, a consequence of a decline in production last season, led to an increase in imports, particularly from South America.... >Read more ad. ad.

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