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-> USA - 21/11/2017
The World's first free Interactive Map “knows” when it’s time to harvest!
The World's first free Interactive Harvest Map was demonstrated by Felix Instrument at PMA Fresh Summit in October 2017... >Read more

-> USA - 17/11/2017
Nomination of Hass Avocado Board members
The U.S. Department of Agriculture has named five members and seven alternates to the Hass Avocado Board.... >Read more

-> Peru - 15/11/2017
Dehydrated fruits, the export product with high potential
Globally, the trend towards healthy and natural foods, due to increased health awareness and the fight against obesity, will lead to a boom in the demand for dehydrated fruits.... >Read more

-> Mexico - 15/11/2017
The citrus season looks promising
Prospects are good for citrus harvests in the Yucatán region that plans to supply local, national and international markets. ... >Read more

-> Mexico - 15/11/2017
2nd edition of Mexico Alimentaria Food Show: 7 to 9 December 2017
"Considering the Mexican economy, fruit & vegetables will represent the largest part of exhibition with 500 exhibitors" precises Mr Manuel Pozo Cabrera, Coordinador General de Promocion in SAGARPA...... >Read more

-> USA - 11/11/2017
Food Freshness Card doubles the shelf life of many fruits and vegetables and saves planet resources
Food Freshness Card, custom programmed to assist in keeping many vegetables and fruits fresher longer, was represented by its co-founders Rick and RJ Hassler at the PMA Fresh Summit expo in USA.... >Read more

-> Chile - 09/11/2017
50% increase in 20 years for fruit areas
In Chile, fruit exports continue to record a remarkable increase (+ 4.3% for the 2016-17 season), which can be explained by better yields but also by an increase in fruit plantations and a perfect match with the demand.... >Read more

-> USA - 08/11/2017
TOTAL PRODUCE strengthens its presence in the US with the acquisition of 50% of THE FRESH CONNECTION
TOTAL PRODUCE PLC announced the purchase of a 50% interest in California-based company THE FRESH CONNECTION and today one of North America's leading product export companies with sales of approximately 165 million USD.... >Read more

-> USA - 02/11/2017
New Emerson-branded solutions to monitor and protect perishable goods in the supply chain
Newly branded Cargo product line to monitor and protect perishable goods in the supply chain was recently presented by Emerson at the PMA Fresh Summit.... >Read more

-> USA - 01/11/2017
Spending records for Halloween 2017
The NRF (National Retail Federation) estimates that Americans spent $ 9.1 billion for Halloween this year. This is an increase of 8.3% compared to the last year 8.4 billion USD recorded.... >Read more ad. ad.

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