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-> Peru - 25/11/2022
Unforeseen increase in volume of grape exports
The 2022/23 grape season in Peru recently started and shipments are well above forecast... >Read more

-> Peru - 25/11/2022
Avocado exports continue to rise
Between January and October 2022, Peru exported 605,395,269 kilos of avocado... >Read more

-> Peru - 24/11/2022
Strong year-on-year increase in blueberry exports
The main destination countries this season are the United States and the Netherlands... >Read more

-> Mexico - 23/11/2022
Mexico, the second largest raspberry producer in the world
The production of this berry in Mexico increased up to 128 times in the last 20 years ... >Read more

-> Canada - 23/11/2022
Lettuce is removed from menus due to a shortage
In Toronto (Canada) bakeries, fast food chains and some restaurants have removed lettuce from their menus or sandwiches due to a serious shortage.... >Read more

-> USA - 22/11/2022
Cosmic Crisp® and partners launch “Sweeter Together” promotion
Three winners of the Sweeter Together promotion will prize a pack with Werther’s Originals caramels, Nordic Ware bakeware, Cosmic Crisp® charcuterie paper, and a gift card to purchase Cosmic Crisp® apples... >Read more

-> Peru - 22/11/2022
Peruvian mango export season begins
After 2 years of pandemic, the certification processes of the Peruvian mango fields were renewed for the opening of markets in Japan, South Korea and the United States... >Read more

-> USA - 16/11/2022
U.S. sweet potato production and exports surged
According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the United States was the world's largest exporter of sweet potatoes by volume in 2020.... >Read more

-> Peru - 16/11/2022
Grape exports volume and value on the rise
Between January and October 2022, Peru exported 285,102,035 kilos of fresh grapes... >Read more

-> Chile - 15/11/2022
Grape production in Chile to fall -7.1% in 2022/23
The downward trend in production is due to drought and the emergence of more profitable crops... >Read more ad. ad.

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