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-> Tunisia - 15/04/2022
Tunisia bans exports of 4 fresh vegetables
In order to combat the shortage of products and soaring prices on the national market, the authorities have just decided to temporarily ban the export of 4 fresh vegetables to all foreign destinations.... >Read more

-> Algeria - 14/04/2022
Banana prices rise in Algeria
For Algerian professionals, this surge in prices is due to an imbalance between supply and demand. The quantities of bananas entering Algeria are well below market needs.... >Read more

-> Israel - 12/04/2022
Smooth transition to AI-powered quality control software: Elad Mardix and Eduardo Mazzini share experience on their collaboration
Fructidor communicated with Elad Mardix, CEO and Co-Founder at Clarifruit, and Eduardo Mazzini, Director of Marketing and Business Development for the Migiva Group, in order to obtain a first-hand impression on their collaboration... >Read more

-> Egypt - 31/03/2022
Egypt and Saudi Arabia strengthen cooperation
The 2 countries have agreed to strengthen cooperation in a large number of economic areas, including the increase in the volume of trade... >Read more

-> Tanzania - 23/03/2022
Tanzania expects growth exceeding 33% for its avocado exports
This projected growth will result from an increase in the volumes produced and from the increase in demand in the new markets that Tanzania has obtained.... >Read more

-> Israel - 18/03/2022
Abolition of customs duties for imported fruits and vegetables
As part of its vast agricultural reform, the Israeli government has just taken steps to immediately abolish customs duties for various imported fruits and vegetables.... >Read more

-> Morocco - 17/03/2022
Moroccan tomato exports reduced to control soaring prices
In Morocco, the price of tomatoes has risen due to various factors (energy prices, drought, domestic market imbalance) but also due to the volumes exported. To control this surge in prices, tomato exports are reduced.... >Read more

-> Algeria - 17/03/2022
Algeria plans to import 100,000 tonnes of potatoes
In an effort to bring down prices that have been rising for weeks on the domestic market, Algeria decides on a potato import program.... >Read more

-> Cameroon - 16/03/2022
Banana exports decline again
After a satisfactory fourth quarter of 2021 in terms of volume, Cameroon's banana exports have recorded a further decline... >Read more

-> Israel - 11/03/2022
How AI-powered quality control software benefits fresh produce business
QC software platform that enables stakeholders to take data-driven decisions and minimize waste... >Read more ad. ad. ad.

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