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-> South Africa - 16/10/2019
Expected progress for stone fruit production
According to HORTGRO's forecasts for the stone fruit season in South Africa, volumes will be up by 17% for nectarines, 6% for peaches and 15% for plums.... >Read more

-> Cameroon - 16/10/2019
The trend is picking up again for banana exports
In Cameroon banana exports have just recorded their best performance for months with a considerable increase in the volume shipped.... >Read more

-> Iran - 10/10/2019
Potato production continues to progress
Potatoes are poised to overtake rice as the main staple food in Iran. Economic turmoil and falling imports on the one hand, and water shortages on the other, boosted potato production.... >Read more

-> Egypt - 09/10/2019
Egypt and Brazil strengthen trade
A Brazilian delegation visited Egypt to discuss the strengthening of trade between the two countries.... >Read more

-> Egypt - 30/09/2019
Important Egyptian representation at Anuga
At the next Anuga show, the number of Egyptian companies present will total 96, including 84 food manufacturing companies and 12 agricultural enterprises.... >Read more

-> South Africa - 25/09/2019
One, two three: how much nitrates do you see? All-In-One Food Nitrate Tester now updated with Radiation Detector & Water TDS Meter
All-In-One Food portable nitrate tester developed by GreenTest enables to quickly measure nitrates in your fruit, vegetable or even other products. Implemented radiation detector and water TDS meter makes comprehensive testing for fruits and vegetables ensuring good quality food for safe consumption... >Read more

-> Egypt - 24/09/2019
A new potato factory
The Egyptian company Farm Frites, a subsidiary of Farm Frites Netherlands, specializes in frozen potato products, has opened a processing plant that has requested an investment of 40 million USD and will export to 22 countries. ... >Read more

-> Morocco - 23/09/2019
Severe drop in citrus production is expected
In Morocco, the citrus sector is forecasting a difficult season, with a probable drop in production of 40 to 50%.... >Read more

-> Kenya - 23/09/2019
Export of avocados to China has begun
The agreement signed last April between Kenya and China, concerning the export of Kenyan avocados to the Chinese market, has just materialized with the first cargo.... >Read more

-> Cameroon - 20/09/2019
New slowdown in banana exports
According to the statistics of Assobacam (Banana Association of Cameroon) the volume of bananas exported during the month of August this year is 2,221 tons less than that recorded for the month of August last year. ... >Read more ad. ad. ad. ad. ad.

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