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-> Kenya - 22/09/2021
Pakistan, new destination for Kenyan mangoes
Kenya and Pakistan are finalizing an agreement to ship Kenyan mangoes to Pakistan. Pakistan produces mangoes for only 3 months while Kenya can produce all year round.... >Read more

-> Iran - 22/09/2021
Good start to the year for Iranian exports
According to IRICA, the Iranian Customs Administration, the country exported around 2.5 million tons of agri-food products in the first 4 months (March 21 to July 22) of the year 2021-22.... >Read more

-> Kenya - 14/09/2021
Excellent performance of Kenyan agriculture
Despite the health crisis and all its negative effects, agriculture in Kenya is doing well and has just recorded a growth of +4.8% while the country's economic growth has varied by -0.3%... >Read more

-> Tunisia - 14/09/2021
In Tunisia, fruit exports to Libya have doubled
Despite the difficulties linked to the pandemic, Tunisian fruit exports show satisfactory results with a volume multiplied by 2 for shipments to Libya.... >Read more

-> Egypt - 13/09/2021
Egypt is now the main supplier of oranges to the EU
The EU now imports more oranges from Egypt than from South Africa. For the EU, Egypt has become the No. 1 supplier of oranges and remains the No. 2 supplier of other citrus fruits ... >Read more

-> Morocco - 09/09/2021
MAVA, the new association that brings together Moroccan avocado exporters
Recently entering the avocado market, Morocco has experienced a rapid expansion of its production and exports. The country is now positioned as the 10th largest exporter in the world and the sector is getting organized... >Read more

-> Zimbabwe - 09/09/2021
Direct Macfrut (Italy): Zimbabwe participates in the show for the first time
Zimbawe intends to revive its agricultural sector by developing its production and exports. This 1st participation in the Macfrut fair is an opportunity to discover innovations and to increase its exports to European markets.... >Read more

-> South Africa - 07/09/2021
The kiwi has significant potential for expansion in South Africa
Agriculture in South Africa has a vital role to play in the national economy. The government, together with the private sector, will develop a plan to allow the growth of agriculture. Among the products with significant growth potential: the kiwi... >Read more

-> Egypt - 07/09/2021
Climate change causes around 80% decline in mango production
In Egypt, the region of Ismailia is the most important zone for the cultivation of mangoes, but this year the volume of production will be minimal. The losses are estimated at 80% of the usual volume. Main reason: climate change.... >Read more

-> Kenya - 26/08/2021
South Korea, a new destination for Kenyan avocados
As part of its strategy to expand and diversify markets, Kenya will export avocados to South Korea.... >Read more


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