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-> Egypt - 20/09/2017
Hot weather should bring great quality pomegranates from Egypt
“This season we are expecting a great quality because of hot weather which affecting relatively on harvesting “Wonderful” one week earlier comparing with last year (mid of September)”, explains Mr. Mohamed Gad, the Managing Director of AGROGAD company…... >Read more

-> Iran - 19/09/2017
Always more volumes in transit
A remarkable result of the volume of goods transported in Iran confirming the country's vast potential as a transit route between Asia and Europe.... >Read more

-> Egypt - 13/09/2017
Asia Fruit Logistica: “EL KEKHIA ACCESSORIES” specialist of Labels & Packaging expanding into new Asian markets.
“EL KEKHIA ACCESSORIES” is a Labels and Packaging producer who has experience of more than 15 years in the Egyptian market and label business by working under licensee for big nominated companies in the labels & packaging fields…... >Read more

-> Egypt - 08/09/2017
Asia Fruit Logistica : DAKAHLIA synonymous with fresh and healthy products
Using a unique combination of organic methods and scientific protocol, DAKAHLIA AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT CO. has managed to move from medium-sized agricultural enterprise to the stature of one of the largest producer and exporter of horticultural products in Egypt. (Hall 5c / P17) ... >Read more

-> Israel - 07/09/2017
Asia Fruit Logistica : The integrated structure of GALILEE EXPORT LTD. makes its strength
The concept summarized in its slogan "Direct from the field". GALILEE EXPORT is a farmer-owned cooperative that controls the entire process from production to packaging and final marketing. (Hall5d / U06) ... >Read more

-> Ivory Coast - 31/08/2017
Agriculture is the engine of growth and will highlight AGRF 2017
The 2017 edition of the African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF), Forum for the Green Revolution in Africa, the main continental meeting on agriculture, will be held in Abidjan from the 4th to the 8th of September 2017.... >Read more

-> Madagascar - 30/08/2017
The price of vanilla increase sharply
After the Enawo cyclone, which had damaged many crops, industry professionals had forecast a tension on prices (our info of 22.03.2017).... >Read more

-> Cameroon - 29/08/2017
AFRUIBANA, the new fruit sector association in Africa
Bringing together producers and exporters of fruit from the African continent, the association aims to weigh more during international trade and promote trade between Africa and Europe.... >Read more

-> Morocco - 24/08/2017
Renovation project for the Casablanca wholesale market
The Casablanca wholesale market, recently positioned at the 20th place worldwide (our info of 09.06.17) will undertake extensive renovation work.... >Read more

-> Egypt - 23/08/2017
Probable growth of 5% for Egyptian exports
The target of a 5% increase set at the beginning of the year by AEC (Agriculture Export Council) for Egyptian exports will probably be realized.... >Read more ad. ad. ad.

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