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-> Egypt - 24/03/2020
Franco-Egyptian cooperation for the development of wholesale markets
In Egypt, the first phase of technical support for improving the efficiency of the wholesale market system was carried out in collaboration with Rungis, the wholesale market in Paris (France).... >Read more

-> Kenya - 23/03/2020
Exports to the EU dropped 46%
Kenya is experiencing a severe drop in exports of fresh fruit and vegetables to the EU. ... >Read more

-> Rwanda - 10/03/2020
A packaging station to improve the quality and safety of exported products
In Rwanda, NAEB (National Agricultural Export Development Board) has just launched a new site to sort, classify and package products before they are exported to international markets.... >Read more

-> Egypt - 09/03/2020
Egypt plans to open 6 additional markets
After opening 15 new markets for 28 Egyptian agricultural products over the past 2 seasons, AEC (Agriculture Export Council) plans to open 6 new markets this year.... >Read more

-> Tunisia - 21/02/2020
12.6% increase for Tunisian citrus exports
The export season has started well, according to data from GIFruit (Groupement Interprofessionnel des Fruits) Tunisian citrus exports increased by 12.6% compared to the previous year.... >Read more

-> South Africa - 21/02/2020
Update on the South African Avocado Season
As the South African avocado season is set to get underway, industry predictions are that the export volume will be at 18.5million 4kg cartons. This season’s fruit is expected to be smaller than usual and, in some areas, early season harvests are expected.... >Read more

-> Kenya - 21/02/2020
Direne Packaging from Kenya announces opening of Phase 1 of new packing house
Direne Packaging works with Fresh Fruits and Vegetables farmers in Kenya to supply to the World market mangoes, avocados and several other varieties. Investment has been done in ultra-modern packing house...... >Read more

-> Kenya - 19/02/2020
One month ahead to resume avocado exports to Kenya
In Kenya the decision to ban avocado exports was made last November. The embargo was to be lifted on March 15 for the Fuerte variety and on April 15 for the Hass variety. ... >Read more

-> Namibia - 30/01/2020
The value of grape exports has doubled
After significant increases in 2017 and 2018, grape exports from Namibia increased further in 2019 reaching a value of NAD 839 million ($57 million), double the income generated by fresh grapes exported in 2015.... >Read more

-> Syria - 23/01/2020
Target 200,000 tonnes of citrus fruit exported
Selon des données publiées par le ministre de l'Agriculture, la production d'agrumes de la Syrie pourrait totaliser 1 million de tonnes cette saison et les exportations atteindre 200 000 tonnes... >Read more ad. ad. ad. ad.

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