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-> Morocco - 20/03/2023
Gradual return to normal for Moroccan tomato production
In Morocco, the cold had considerably reduced tomato production, leading to an unprecedented rise in prices on the domestic market and a shortage on export markets... >Read more

-> Kenya - 17/03/2023
9.7% decline in value for Kenya's 2022 exports
Kenya's horticultural exports include cut flowers, fruits and vegetables. For all of these exports, the value generated in 2022 varied by -9.7% compared to 2021, but for the fruit category the variation is +4.19%.... >Read more

-> United Arab Emirates - 16/03/2023
Vertical farming is gaining momentum in the Emirates
Producing more food per square meter and using less water than traditional farming methods, vertical farming seems well suited to the UAE's arid climate.... >Read more

-> South Africa - 15/03/2023
Citrus: Probable drop in exports for this 2023 season
In South Africa, after a year 2022 considered difficult, professionals in the citrus sector predict that a further decline in exports could occur during this 2023 export season which will begin in April.... >Read more

-> Kenya - 15/03/2023
New market for Kenyan products
Kenya has just signed a new agreement, for monthly exports exceeding 6 million USD.... >Read more

-> Qatar - 13/03/2023
Ecuadorian banana supplies to Qatar on the rise
In 2022, Qatar positioned itself as the 7th largest buyer of Ecuadorian bananas in the Middle East, according to OEB... >Read more

-> Tunisia - 08/03/2023
Turkey has restricted tomato exports until April 14
According to the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture, this measure is necessary to ensure food supply security and price stability in the country.... >Read more

-> Iran - 02/03/2023
Iranian apple enters a new market
Iran will export some 100,000 tons of apples to a new destination in Asia... >Read more

-> Jordan - 02/03/2023
Production increases but so does water consumption.
In Jordan, the approach of spring allows an increase in agricultural production but the increase in water consumption remains a concern.... >Read more

-> Morocco - 02/03/2023
Shortage of tomatoes results from unusual climatic conditions in Morocco.
APEFEL (Association of Producers and Producers Exporters of Fruits and Vegetables) and AMCOM (Moroccan Association of Market Gardeners), wanted to explain the shortage of tomatoes observed on the British market.... >Read more ad.

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