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-> All countries - 20/06/2018
Overview of Packhouse Hygiene and Food Safety Plans
When processing food and beverages, or anything related to food production, a company’s hygiene strategy directly affects production quality and profitability. Poorly cleaned equipment or unsafe conditions for food processing can lead to an inferior or potentially harmful product.... >Read more

-> Tunisia - 15/06/2018
World Bank Aid for Irrigated Agriculture in Tunisia
World Bank Announces $ 140 Million Project to Support Tunisia's Irrigated Agriculture Development Efforts to Improve Water Resource Management... >Read more

-> Cameroon - 11/06/2018
Decline in banana exports
According to statistics from ASSOBACAM, the banana association of Cameroon, banana exports in the first quarter of 2018 decreased compared to the same period of 2017.... >Read more

-> United Arab Emirates - 07/06/2018
WOP DUBAI 2018 will be the 10th edition of the show
Registration is open for the 2018 edition of WOP DUBAI International Perishables Expo Middle East. WOP Dubai is the only international trade show dedicated to the Middle East fruit & vegetable industry. ... >Read more

-> Rwanda - 05/06/2018
Rwanda has started producing apples
Stopping imports from South Africa has pushed up apple prices in Rwanda, where the Ministry of Agriculture is advising growers to get into apple farming.... >Read more

-> Qatar - 04/06/2018
Local products already meet almost 70% of Qatar's market needs
Numerous investments and the use of the latest technical innovations have made it possible to develop agricultural production in Qatar. Local products currently satisfy about 60-70% of requirements and could reach 100% within 2 years. ... >Read more

-> United Arab Emirates - 31/05/2018
Emirates has transported nearly half a million tons of perishable goods
Emirates SkyCargo has transported nearly half a million tonnes of perishable goods since the launch of its new FRESH service in May of last year. Nearly half of the volumes, from all over the world, were imported to the United Arab Emirates.... >Read more

-> Kenya - 28/05/2018
Kenya stays among Top Avocado exporters in the world.
Kenya produces 115,000 metric tons of avocado annually, 70% of which is grown by small-scale farmers. Kenyan avocado exports have recorded a 10 percent increase annually for the last few years. These exports to the European market have doubled from 2012 to 2016. ... >Read more

-> Mozambique - 18/05/2018
$6.2 million investment for grapefruit production
The province of Manica in Mozambique offers excellent conditions for cultivating citrus fruits, so a vast agricultural project will be put in place thanks to an investment estimated at 6.2 million USD from a Chinese consortium.... >Read more

-> Iran - 15/05/2018
An Iranian delegation visited MACFRUT
The MACFRUT fair received on Friday, 11th May the visit of an Iranian delegation led by the Minister of Agriculture ... >Read more

-> Uganda - 11/05/2018
Live from MACFRUT 2018 (Rimini): The number of companies from Uganda has doubled
At MACFRUT 2017 companies from Uganda were 7, this year they are 15. Presenting products such as pepper, pepper, ginger, green beans and sweet potatoes.... >Read more ad. ad.

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