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-> Morocco - 22/06/2022
Tomato exports increased by +17% in volume
Good performances accumulate for Moroccan exports of fruits and vegetables. After the record volume recorded for citrus fruits, exports of market garden products and especially tomatoes also recorded good performances.... >Read more

-> Benin - 21/06/2022
Benin bets on mango
Compared to neighboring countries, the volume of mangoes produced in Benin is low. But the authorities plan to increase national production to 22,000 tons per year and to increase exports.... >Read more

-> Tunisia - 20/06/2022
Excellent semester for Tunisian fruit exports
Tunisian fruit exports recorded an increase of +12% in volume and an increase of +25% in value compared to the same period of 2021.... >Read more

-> Morocco - 17/06/2022
Volumen récord de las exportaciones de cítricos marroquíes
Buenos resultados para las exportaciones de cítricos marroquíes, que registraron un volumen récord a pesar del contexto internacional y de las condiciones meteorológicas desfavorables. ... >Read more

-> Saudi Arabia - 15/06/2022
Saudi Arabia is the world No. 1 for date exports
According to SPA (Saudi Press Agency), Saudi Arabia was ranked 1st in the world for date exports in 2021, with a value up by +31% compared to 2020.... >Read more

-> Morocco - 09/06/2022
DRAGON SUPERFOODS superfruits enter Africa, via Morocco
Smart Organic, European leader in the production and marketing of organic superfruits, announces its entry into Africa, Morocco with its flagship brand DRAGON SUPERFOODS. The products are now distributed in Morocco by the partner company MAROC ORGANIC.... >Read more

-> Kenya - 09/06/2022
Chinese and Indian markets are about to open up to Kenyan avocado
The Kenyan government has conducted negotiations with China and India which are about to be concluded according to professionals in the sector. The opening of these 2 gigantic markets would bring new opportunities to the sector. ... >Read more

-> Cameroon - 08/06/2022
Jump of +38.61% in volume for banana exports from Cameroon
Good performance for banana exports from Cameroon which have just recorded an increase of +38.61% in volume compared to the same period last year.... >Read more

-> Nigeria - 03/06/2022
Nigeria wants to exploit the export potential of mangoes
Nigeria is the world's 10th largest producer of mangoes, with an annual production of around 800,000 tons. The volumes exported are low, but the country wishes to increase and improve its production in order to develop and diversify its export markets.... >Read more

-> Jordan - 25/05/2022
Jordan, especially for its dates, seeks to penetrate the Brazilian market
Jordan is a producer and exporter of dates, and is seeking to enter the Brazilian market. A delegation from Jordan was in São Paulo (Brazil) to participate in the APAS food and beverage fair and presented Jordanian dates during the seminar 'Jordan & Brazil – Challenges and opportunities'.... >Read more ad. ad. ad.

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