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-> Saudi Arabia - 11/01/2021
An online event to offer the world the remarkable Madinah dates
In a few days will take place for Madinah Dates Virtual Exhibit, the virtual event which will allow importers and buyers from all over the world to access Saudi Arabia's flagship product: the date from Medina. Exceptional and unique, because considered by all Muslims as endowed with additional spiritual virtues.... >Read more

-> Cameroon - 20/01/2021
Despite a jump at the end of the year, banana exports decline
The year 2020 was less good than expected for the banana sector in Cameroon. The total volume exported is lower than in the previous year. ... >Read more

-> Iran - 20/01/2021
Growth of + 34% in volume and + 60% in value for apple exports
Remarkable increases recorded over 9 months for Iranian apple exports. Iran is expected to reach a total volume of 1.3 million tonnes of expoerted apples this year. ... >Read more

-> Saudi Arabia - 19/01/2021
The Madinah Dates Virtual Exhibit have started their series of B2B meetings.
Buyers from all over the world can ask for online meetings with a selection of 16 growers and exporters from Saudia Arabia.... >Read more

-> Israel - 15/01/2021
The re-registration for the fungal biocontrol product 'Noli' in Israel
Noli has been reactivated in Israel due to the joint efforts of Koppert Biological Systems and Lidorr Elements. ... >Read more

-> Saudi Arabia - 13/01/2021
A strong potential for the date of Medina - Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia produces around 12% of the world's date production and through various initiatives to support and develop palm trees, dates and agricultural innovation, the country is pursuing the goal of increasing its production volume and volume export. ... >Read more

-> Senegal - 06/01/2021
Decline in Senegalese mango exports
In Senegal, the mango sector has just recorded one of its worst results for exports. The volume exported has fallen sharply and is 4,000 tonnes lower than the average recorded in recent years.... >Read more

-> South Africa - 06/01/2021
Asian markets could compensate for expected difficulties in the European market
According to South African professionals, the decline in tourism and demand in Europe will impact table grape exports. Asian markets offer new opportunities for the sector. ... >Read more

-> South Africa - 03/12/2020
The United States facilitates a two-way trade for South Africa by opening new ports for citrus exports.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture‚Äôs Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service approved the use of several extra ports for South African citrus producers. ... >Read more

-> Madagascar - 24/11/2020
Uncertainties over demand in Europe for the new lychee season
Selon les professionnels du secteur litchi à Madagascar, l'année sera particulière. La crise du Covid-19 en Europe, principal marché d'exportation pour les litchis de Madagascar, risque de provoquer quelques changements quant à la demande de ces fruits... >Read more ad. ad. ad. ad. ad.

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