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-> Egypt - 25/09/2023
Egypt decides on temporary ban on onion exports
In order to combat soaring prices on the domestic market, the Egyptian government has decided to temporarily ban onion exports. ... >Read more

-> Morocco - 21/09/2023
A new export record for Moroccan tomatoes
In Morocco, tomatoes play a predominant role in the country's foreign trade results, accounting for almost a third of total fruit and vegetable exports.... >Read more

-> Egypt - 19/09/2023
Egypt is the world's largest exporter of citrus fruit'.
According to the Egyptian Minister of Agriculture, Al-Sayed el-Quseir, who made this statement at the Sahara Exhibition event (10-12 September).... >Read more

-> South Africa - 14/09/2023
Closure of 2023 citrus exports to the EU
South African citrus fruit is generally available on European markets until 15 October. After this date, European production, particularly in Spain, meets the demand for citrus fruit.... >Read more

-> Tunisia - 14/09/2023
Tunisian fruit exports down in volume (-44.7%) and value (-15%)
Over the period from 1 January to 4 September 2023, Tunisian fruit exports recorded disappointing results, in terms of both volume and value, compared with the same period in 2022.... >Read more

-> Morocco - 12/09/2023
Cumulative rainfall is down but remains higher than in the previous season
In Morocco, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, the 2022-2023 agricultural season recorded a national cumulative rainfall of 247 mm on 20 July 2023, which is -32% compared with a normal season (362 mm) and +22% compared with the previous season (202 mm) on the same date.... >Read more

-> Cameroon - 12/09/2023
New decline in Cameroonian banana exports
After a rather promising 1st quarter in 2023, Cameroon's banana exports have just recorded a further fall in volume. ... >Read more

-> Morocco - 20/07/2023
Negative outlook for Moroccan citrus production
Morocco has been suffering from a severe drought for the past 3 years, which is having a major impact on agricultural production. Moroccan professionals are expecting a sharp drop in the citrus harvest this season.... >Read more

-> Egypt - 13/07/2023
Egyptian dates of exceptional quality available for worldwide shipping
The Egyptian holding company, established in 2013, is dedicated to the production of premium Medjool dates with a focus on maintaining high quality and ensuring food safety in accordance with international standards... >Read more

-> Kenya - 10/07/2023
Everything you need to know about modern avocado growing
The advancement of technology in agriculture has brought significant changes to farming practices... >Read more ad.

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