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-> Israel - 20/02/2019
How advanced cold chain monitoring solution can improve ROI?
"Improper temperature control is the key reason why food or other perishable cargo are spoiled or wasted in the supply chain. Smart companies understand the value of intelligent and reliable cold chain monitoring of the global fresh produce supply..."... >Read more

-> South Africa - 06/02/2019
Live from Fruit Logistica: Launch of South African Fruit
At the South African Pavilion, Hall 26 Stand D-14, where the DTI leads a delegation of 25 national companies, ARC (Agricultural Research Council) presents its new fruit and citrus range.... >Read more

-> Israel - 31/01/2019
Seed innovation with TOP SEEDS INTERNATIONAL at Berlin Fruit Logistica 2019
"The company will organize two meetings to present two new brands professionals of the fresh produce industry at Berlin Fruit Logistica..."... >Read more

-> South Africa - 29/01/2019
Westfalia Fruit inaugurates a modern avocado plant in Colombia
New avocados plant opened by Westfalia Fruit in Colombia can process more than 20 tons per hour and should reach a capacity of 3 to 4 million kilos in 2019...... >Read more

-> Kenya - 28/01/2019
A New Year with New expansion plans for KEITT EXPORTERS
"Company already has 3 avocados farms with established nurseries and top quality grafted seedlings, but this year the board has decided to add 2 new farms in the basket..."... >Read more

-> Egypt - 15/01/2019
How packaging solutions can increase your product’s success?
Customers usually only take about seven seconds on average to develop a first impression about a particular product or brand...... >Read more

-> Senegal - 14/01/2019
Irrigation is a key factor and a priority for transforming agriculture in Africa
Currently, only 6% of arable land in Africa is irrigated, compared to 14% in Latin America and 37% in Asia. In its latest study, the expert group MALABO MONTPELLIER identifies irrigation as a key factor in agriculture and recommends making it a priority for realizing the agricultural potential of the African continent.... >Read more

-> Israel - 10/01/2019
Good growth prospects in the North American market
From the perspective of Israeli professionals, exports of mandarins to the US market could increase by about 70%.... >Read more

-> Iran - 04/01/2019
Agricultural exports increase in volume and value
In Iran exports of agricultural products and processed products increased by 17% in volume and by 18% in value. In 8 months the country has exported 2.3 million tons of Fruits & Vegetables.... >Read more

-> Angola - 29/12/2018
Angola bets on agriculture to revive its economy
Angola, which currently imports 80% of its food products, wants to reverse the trend and regain its agricultural potential. The years of civil war then an economy based solely on the oil sector have wiped out national agricultural production.... >Read more ad. ad.

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