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-> Israel - 16/01/2020
Citrus production estimated to return to normal levels for this 2019/20 campaign
After a 2018/19 campaign which had recorded low production volumes due to unfavorable weather conditions, the 2019/20 campaign should experience a return to normal production levels.... >Read more

-> Cameroon - 14/01/2020
Rebound in banana exports
L'année 2019 s'est terminée de façon satisfaisante pour les exportations camerounaises de bananes qui ont enregistré une augmentation ... >Read more

-> Egypt - 08/01/2020
12 new markets opened for Egyptian fruit and vegetables
Egyptian exports have developed their destinations by opening 12 new markets for the past year.... >Read more

-> Tunisia - 07/01/2020
Volume and value increase for Tunisian fruit exports
Excellent results for Tunisian fruit exports, which recorded increases in volume and value for 2019.... >Read more

-> South Africa - 02/01/2020
Falling crop and export forecasts
SATI (South African Table Grape Industry) has lowered its harvest and therefore export forecasts due to rains that affected the northern regions of the country.... >Read more

-> Israel - 19/12/2019
Xsense by BT9 Named to Top 100 Software and Tech Providers
Food Logistics, the magazine dedicated to the global food supply chain, has named Xsense by BT9 to its 2019 FL100+ Top Software and Technology Providers.... >Read more

-> Saudi Arabia - 18/12/2019
27% increase in value for dates' exports
Last year Saudi Arabia exported 163,000 tonnes of dates for a value of SR 758 million ($ 202 million), this year the value of exports is 27% higher for the first half of 2019.... >Read more

-> Kenya - 17/12/2019
Mangoes shipments to resume soon
After 6 years of ban, Kenya plans to resume its mango exports to Europe, the United States and other export markets. ... >Read more

-> Kenya - 12/12/2019
Customers can enjoy Kenyan avocados all year round - Barrinate Farms Ltd increases its production
Different varieties of organic avocados: hass, fuerte, jumbo harvested all the year round by Barrinate... >Read more

-> Egypt - 11/12/2019
Japan will open its market to Egyptian citrus
After the visit of an Egyptian delegation to Japan, it is now the turn of a Japanese delegation to visit Egypt before the opening of the Egyptian Egyptian citrus market.... >Read more ad. ad. ad. ad.

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