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-> Ivory Coast - 05/12/2019
Ivory Coast confirms its position as the No. 1 banana producer in Africa
The dynamism of the banana sector is continuing in Ivory Coast. After having managed to become the N ° 1 of African producers in 2016, Ivory Coast consolidates its position this year with a production of 450,000 tons.... >Read more

-> Tunisia - 04/12/2019
Tunisia forecasts weaker citrus production this year
Tunisian citrus production is estimated to be 16.8% lower for the 2019/20 crop than it was last year.... >Read more

-> Morocco - 03/12/2019
Dynamic and efficient, the red fruit sector is booming
In Morocco, the red fruit sector is recording remarkable performances that confirm its growth and dynamism. Thus the total area at the national level has increased by 176% and the production an increase of 84%.... >Read more

-> Somalia - 03/12/2019
Somalia is back on the international banana market
A few decades ago, Somalia was a major exporter of bananas. Then years of civil war interrupted the expeditions. The resumption of exports just came a few days ago with the shipment of bananas to Saudi Arabia.... >Read more

-> Morocco - 29/11/2019
1st edition Morocco Berry Conference
An international attendance is expected at the Morocco Berry Conference in Agadir, Morocco, on december 5. This is the main conference for berries organized in the MENA region with 500 experts forecasted... will report from Agadir next week... >Read more

-> Kenya - 25/11/2019
Avocado harvest suspended to prevent marketing of immature fruits
Kenyan media says regulator, in agreement with Avocado Society of Kenya, is banning avocados' ransacking to protect immature crops being pressure by traders looking to profit from high prices in the international market ... >Read more

-> South Africa - 20/11/2019
The grape season has started well with total volume exported 4 times higher
The harvest of table grapes has already begun in several regions of South Africa. Compared to last year at the same date, the total volume exported is already 4 times higher.... >Read more

-> Madagascar - 18/11/2019
The new lychee campaign has started
In Madagascar the 2019 litchis campaign has just started since November 17th, for the Antsinanana and Analanjirofo regions.... >Read more

-> Kenya - 08/11/2019
Few companies meet China's requirements for the export of avocados
Kenya and China reached an agreement last April to export avocados. But 6 months after this agreement, few Kenyan companies have managed to meet Chinese requirements and the expected jump for exports has not occurred.... >Read more

-> Egypt - 05/11/2019
Volume exceeded 15,000 tonnes for mango exports
Egypt's exports of mangoes continue to grow, with increased production and the opening of new markets contributing to this performance. ... >Read more ad. ad. ad. ad.

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