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-> Turkiye - 28/05/2024
Discover new business opportunities at the Interfresh Eurasia
The 5th edition of the Interfresh Eurasia Fruit is set to take place from September 26 to 28, 2024, in Izmir, Turkey... >Read more

-> Israel - 13/06/2024
Pineapple consumption up 72.7% in 2 years
In Israel, pineapple sales soared on the back of lower prices resulting from the abolition of customs duties and the authorisation of imports from Costa Rica.... >Read more

-> Morocco - 10/06/2024
IN-DEPTH analysis of the global market of fresh tomato, worth $11 billion imports
Europe accounts for more than 50% of world imports of fresh tomatoes, worth €6.5 billion.... >Read more

-> Kenya - 06/06/2024
Kenya steps up efforts to prevent the introduction of Fusarium TR4
In Kenya, bananas are a crucial crop for both food and income. Of particular concern is the threat of Fusarium TR4 being introduced into the country.... >Read more

-> South Africa - 05/06/2024
Blueberry producer achieves consistent quality in high volumes with TOMRA’s grading and filling systems
Ambrosia Citrus Estate produces blueberries, lemons, grapefruits and oranges on its farm located in Hoedspruit, in South Africa’s Limpopo province... >Read more

-> Morocco - 04/06/2024
One century retrospective ond solutions for the future of tomato
The production director of the tomato company Duroc (Delassus Group), Said Ouraich, gave at the first Morocco Tomato conference in Agadir a historic retrospective of the tomato industry and some perspective.... >Read more

-> Morocco - 04/06/2024
First Morocco Tomato Conference brings Solutions to future’s challenges
Run last Thursday May 30that Les Dunes d’Or congress center in Agadir, the fully booked event proved to be a great success with both participants and fruitful discussions for the future... >Read more

-> Morocco - 04/06/2024
The future of Moroccan agriculture depends on better water use
For some years now, Morocco has been experiencing droughts which have had a negative impact on agricultural production.... >Read more

-> Morocco - 03/06/2024
Kantari introduces Nadorcot 100% seedless cultivated under net
Groupe Kantari commercial director Mohammed Ramdani confirms the commercial success of the first 100% seedless Nadorcot mandarins in 2024, with 120ha in its first year of production. ... >Read more

-> Kenya - 03/06/2024
BIG interview with Karakuta Farm Kenya, avocado and fresh herbs all year round.
Established by Ms Grace in 2017 with 180 acres, her strategy is to integrate the entire value chain, from nursery to packaging and import, for greater sustainability. ... >Read more

-> Mozambique - 16/05/2024
Bananas: Mozambique exports down 21.9% in value terms
For the year 2023, the results show a clear decline in the value of Mozambique's banana exports. The main cause is the fall in production... >Read more ad.

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