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-> Portugal - 17/02/2020
The value of Portuguese exports increased by 105%
According to Portugal Fresh (Associação para a Promoção de Frutas, Legumes e Flores de Portugal) national exports of fruit and vegetables increased by 105% between 2010 and 2019.... >Read more

-> Taiwan R.O.C. - 17/02/2020
Taiwan-Japan Agreement on Organic Fruits and Vegetables
The 2 countries have finalized a mutual agreement concerning the import-export of their organic products. ... >Read more

-> Belgium - 17/02/2020
Bel’Export showcased its range of fruits and new packaging at Fruit Logistica
What started as a small fruit company in the heart of Haspengouw in Belgium has grown into...... >Read more

-> Peru - 14/02/2020
New record for Peru's participation in Fruit Logistica
Fruit Logistica 2020 welcomed the largest Peruvian delegation of all time, some 400 companies from Peru were present at the fair. The commercial agreements concluded amount to $300 million, a new record result according to PROMPERÚ. ... >Read more

-> India - 14/02/2020
Quality is the key factor in conquering new markets
In India, in the state of Maharashtra, the district of Nashik is a region producing table grapes but exports represent only 8% of total production.... >Read more

-> All countries - 13/02/2020
The consumption of water to produce avocado is proportional to its nutritional value
Technical improvements in recent years have resulted in a substantial reduction in water consumption for avocado production. According to WAO (World Avocado Organization) the amount of water required is now lower than many other fruits such as bananas and apples.... >Read more

-> Philippines - 13/02/2020
Slowing Chinese Demand Threatens Banana Exports From The Philippines
Banana professionals in the Philippines are worried about the repercussions of the coronavirus (nCoV) epidemic in China. Order cancellations, blocking of certain cities, transport difficulties.... >Read more

-> All countries - 13/02/2020
Pear Bureau Northwest shares how to increase sales of pears
The Pear Bureau Northwest, based in Milwaukie, Oregon, USA, commissioned a test through...... >Read more

-> Spain - 13/02/2020
The Spanish market has great growth potential for yellow fleshed kiwi
The Italian company Jingold® has decided to stimulate the consumption of one of its flagship products in Spain: the yellow fleshed kiwi Jingold®. This variety still has great growth potential in the Spanish market, according to the company.... >Read more

-> Australia - 13/02/2020
The positive trend is confirmed for Australian vegetable exports
In Australia exports of fresh vegetables continue to grow. For 2019, exports increased by 6.6% in value and 5.5% in volume. ... >Read more ad. ad. ad. ad. ad.

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