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-> Netherlands (the) - 17/10/2019
Oskam B.V. Represents the Dutch Apples and Pears in Fruit Attraction 2019
Oskam B.V. business specializes on import and export vegetables, fruits and citrus products, but mainly concentrates on the export of own apples and pears grown in Dutch soil. The company covers west and south Europe already. At the moment the company is trying to grow on the international market and reach more importers.... >Read more

-> Argentina - 17/10/2019
Celebrating Blueberry Week
Consistent with the highest production periods in the country, 'Blueberry Week' is once again celebrated by members of ABC (Argentinean Blueberry Committee).... >Read more

-> Brazil - 17/10/2019
Expected 20% growth for Brazilian melon exports
In the state of Ceara in Brazil, professionals in the melon sector estimate that exports could increase by 20% to Europe.... >Read more

-> England - 17/10/2019
In the United Kingdom 64% of transport companies lack manpower
The shortage of manpower in road transport is worsening in the United Kingdom, it would miss 59,000 truck drivers.... >Read more

-> South Africa - 16/10/2019
Expected progress for stone fruit production
According to HORTGRO's forecasts for the stone fruit season in South Africa, volumes will be up by 17% for nectarines, 6% for peaches and 15% for plums.... >Read more

-> Cameroon - 16/10/2019
The trend is picking up again for banana exports
In Cameroon banana exports have just recorded their best performance for months with a considerable increase in the volume shipped.... >Read more

-> Poland - 15/10/2019
New success for FRESH MARKET CONFERENCE, which counted more than 1,200 business meetings
The 12th edition of FRESH MARKET CONFERENCE was held at the beginning of October in Ozarów Mozawiecki (Poland). Its main objective is to enable producers and suppliers of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as companies providing services to agriculture, to conduct individual interviews with buyers from commercial networks.... >Read more

-> England - 15/10/2019
Britain's largest greenhouses will produce 20 tonnes of tomatoes a day
The Greencoat Capital Group, which is the UK's largest investor in renewable energy, is behind the project for 2 giant greenhouses in Norfolk and Suffolk. A greener production that will strengthen the country's food security. ... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 15/10/2019
The most productive apple season in 10 years
In Turkey, apples professionals are satisfied. Especially in the region of Central Anatolia which records the most productive season of the last 10 years.... >Read more

-> Viet Nam - 15/10/2019
Vietnam looking for new opportunities in Romania and Bulgaria
Vietrade, the trade promotion agency, organized a study trip for more than twenty Vietnamese companies to look for new opportunities in Romania and Bulgaria.... >Read more ad. ad. ad. ad. ad.

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