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-> Egypt - 25/11/2022
Egyptian seasonal workers for Greek agricultu
The agreement between Egypt and Greece was signed by representatives of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the two countries.... >Read more

-> Spain - 25/11/2022
Spain allocates 80% of fruit and vegetable exports to the European Union until September
The other important destination for Spanish exports continues to be the United Kingdom... >Read more

-> Peru - 25/11/2022
Unforeseen increase in volume of grape exports
The 2022/23 grape season in Peru recently started and shipments are well above forecast... >Read more

-> Peru - 25/11/2022
Avocado exports continue to rise
Between January and October 2022, Peru exported 605,395,269 kilos of avocado... >Read more

-> France - 24/11/2022
The medFEL show announces its 2023 edition
In view of the geopolitical context and climate issues, all links in the sector must deal with economic and ecological issues: water, energy, food sovereignty will be at the heart of the topics discussed at medFEL 2023.... >Read more

-> Thailand - 24/11/2022
Thai producers worried about competition from Vietnam in Chinese market
Thailand has long been the only country allowed to export fresh durians to China, but Vietnam has just received permission to export fresh durians as well.... >Read more

-> Togo - 24/11/2022
Growth of +47.2% in volume for pineapple production in Togo
Among West African countries, the most important pineapple producers are Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, Côte d'Ivoire and Togo.... >Read more

-> Morocco - 24/11/2022
Enhanced cooperation in the field of agriculture
Cooperation between Morocco and Israel, particularly in the field of agriculture and agricultural research, is strengthened by an agreement.... >Read more

-> Russia - 24/11/2022
Russia seeks to activate shipping route with Latin America for banana imports
In response to Russia’s actions in Ukraine, France’s CMA CGM, Denmark’s Maersk, and Swiss-based MSC, the world’s largest container shipping lines, have suspended routes to and from Russia,... >Read more

-> Peru - 24/11/2022
Strong year-on-year increase in blueberry exports
The main destination countries this season are the United States and the Netherlands... >Read more ad. ad.

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