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-> Luxemburg - 19/06/2019
Luxembourg based distributor Grosbusch SARL changes plastics to recyclable packaging and invites others to join
A family company, Grosbusch SARL, specialises in importing and distributing fruit and vegetables in Luxembourg and the Greater Region, announced...... >Read more

-> Honduras - 19/06/2019
Bananas and vegetables top exports
Honduras agricultural exports account for 18.6% of international sales according to Senasa (Servicio Nacional de Sanidad e Inocuidad Agroalimentaria). Bananas and vegetables dominate the country's export ranking. ... >Read more

-> China - 19/06/2019
A lower harvest that will impact exports and imports
China should record for its apple production a volume at the lowest. This decline in domestic production will cause a drop in its exports and probably a considerable increase in its imports.... >Read more

-> England - 19/06/2019
Melon overtakes pineapple as the fastest-growing fruit
In Britain, melon is becoming increasingly popular, with a 13% increase in demand, according to officials from the supermarket chain Tesco. The melon dethrones the pineapple as the fastest growing fruits in terms of sales.... >Read more

-> India - 18/06/2019
New trade dispute, India increases taxes on US products
India responds to the taxation of its steel and aluminum products by increasing tariffs on US products, including apples, nuts and almonds.... >Read more

-> USA - 18/06/2019
Cooling arrangement between two companies gains 2 seasons of what’s typically one season
Since 2014, Tony Serrano, president of JAS Family Farms Organics...... >Read more

-> Kenya - 17/06/2019
A regional trade agreement to boost avocado exports?
China would be ready to negotiate a trade agreement with EAC (East Africa Community), according to the Chinese ambassador in Nairobi (Kenya). ... >Read more

-> Mexico - 17/06/2019
Diversify avocado exports
Mexico is studying the possibility of exporting Hass avocados to the Philippines, according to the Mexican ambassador to the country.... >Read more

-> USA - 17/06/2019
Pears: the first harvest estimate announces a decline in volume
At the annual PBNW (Pear Bureau Northwest) meeting, members established the 1st estimate of the 2019-20 fresh pear crop for the states of Washington and Oregon. The volume will be down by about 9% compared with the previous season. ... >Read more

-> Spain - 17/06/2019
Prospects are positive for the campaign
With a quality considered very good, the ANPC (Asociación Nacional de Productores y Comercializadores de Ajo) believes that the prospects are positive for the garlic campaign.... >Read more ad. ad.

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