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-> USA - 22/09/2017
New "Quality Analysis" Platform for improving freshness and reducing shrink of fresh produce in transit
This September a new IoT quality management system was developed by Verigo, USA for improving freshness and reducing shrink of fresh produce in transit.... >Read more

-> Korea (South) - 22/09/2017
Spectacular increase in avocado imports to South Korea
South Korea has increased the volume of imported avocados by a factor of six in a few years and demand continues to grow, this year the number of imported avocados will be 70% higher than last year.... >Read more

-> All countries - 22/09/2017
CARGOLUX strengthens its presence in Africa
To its 33 existing destinations on the African continent, CARGOLUX AIRLINES, an expert carrier in a wide range of expeditions (perishable products, fruit, flowers, machinery), adds Douala to Cameroon and Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of Congo.... >Read more

-> France - 21/09/2017
Salon TECH & BIO, the meeting place for bio and alternative technologies
Organized every two years, TECH & BIO is the reference show for organic and alternative techniques, offering the 17,000 visitors expected the best demonstration in Europe in organic farming.... >Read more

-> All countries - 21/09/2017
A more abundant harvest expected in the 5 NEPG countries
On the basis of plot-based sampling and taking into account the recently updated average yields of the five countries, the NEPG (North-Western European Potato Growers) a total harvest of about 27, 9 million tonnes of potatoes for consumption.... >Read more

-> Belgium - 21/09/2017
FPS the sorting solution to the unprecedented capabilities of TOMRA on PotatoEurope 2017
On the recent PotatoEurope 2017 held in Emmeloord (Netherlands), TOMRA presented its solutions, including the FPS (Field Potato Sorter), a robust, high-capacity sorting machine designed to separate foreign materials from unwashed potatoes.... >Read more

-> USA - 21/09/2017
Medjool Date Harvest in Full Swing in California
The 2017 Medjool Date Harvest is underway in California‚Äôs Coachella Valley. ... >Read more

-> Spain - 21/09/2017
Digitization is a growth factor for SANLUCAR
The Fruits & Vegetables sector is still at the beginning of this digital challenge but is already in a position to obtain very satisfactory results according to SANLUCAR, which is part of the DOGK, the German Fruit & Vegetable Congress Düsseldorf (21-22 September)... >Read more

-> All countries - 21/09/2017
TIP: Problems connecting to
In order to offer a better customer experience, the sites have migrated to an environment "https" offering more security. ... >Read more

-> USA - 20/09/2017
Organizational transformation in cargo monitoring solutions: PakSense and Locus Traxx are now Emerson
Acquired by global manufacturer Emerson in summer 2016, Locus Traxx Worldwide and Paksense have been working together for more than year to deliver unique solutions in cargo monitoring systems... >Read more ad. ad. ad.

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