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-> Spain - 23/04/2018
The Port of Barcelona at medFEL, all logistics services for fresh products
For the eighth year in a row, the Port of Barcelona is taking part in the medFEL show, which presents all of its logistic services for fresh products. With a 150% increase in its Fruit & Vegetables business in Q1 2018, the Port of Barcelona is consolidating its role as a regional hub for temperature-controlled goods.... >Read more

-> All countries - 23/04/2018
The month of May will be the markets month with the LYLM 2018 campaign
The Love Your Local Market (LYLM) Global Campaign is an annual event celebrating the wholesale and retail markets. The event takes place in May, supported and coordinated by WUWM (World Union of Wholesale Markets).... >Read more

-> Peru - 20/04/2018
Free Trade Agreement with the US has advanced Peruvian exports
After 9 years of operation, the Free Trade Agreement with the United States has led to a significant growth of Peruvian exports to the US market. Growth rate of 18% overall and 190.6% for agricultural products.... >Read more

-> All countries - 20/04/2018
Marine transportation sets targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Meeting at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) headquarters in London, Member States of this United Nations body have adopted an Initial Strategy for the Reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions from Ships. To reduce by at least 50% the CO2 emissions of maritime transport by 2050 compared to 2008 levels.... >Read more

-> Belgium - 19/04/2018
New agreement between Greenyard Fresh and Carrefour Belgium
Greenyard announces that on 18 April Greenyard Fresh and Carrefour have signed a new cooperation agreement under the name ‘First-In-Fresh’. This further strengthens the long-standing cooperation between the two parties. ... >Read more

-> All countries - 19/04/2018
Already 32 Chinese buyers have booked their trip to Macfrut show 2018 in Italy
Macfrut is the number 1 trade show in Italy sepcialized in Fresh Fruit & Vegetables & Pré-Post Harvest equipment for growers, packers, importers. From May 9th to 11th, the show will take place in Rimini, Italy.... >Read more

-> Philippines - 19/04/2018
Stability expected for this year but rebound next year
After a 3.6% decline in value recorded in the fourth quarter of 2017, Philippines' agriculture and agri-food exports should be stable this year and rebound from 2019.... >Read more

-> Belgium - 19/04/2018
Consumption of organic products continues to increase
In Belgium the consumption of organic products increased by 6% last year. Between 2008 and 2017, spending on organic products doubled.... >Read more

-> All countries - 19/04/2018
FREE interactive harvest map, Produce Quality Meter and Gas Analyzer will be demonstrated by Felix Instruments at CPMA
Instruments from Felix Instruments- Applied Food Science will be available for demonstration the QA Supplies Booth at CPMA, Vancouver, BC from April 23rd to 26th 2018.... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 18/04/2018
Turkey plans to boost cherry exports to China
Turkey was only able to supply the Chinese market with a very small amount of cherries last year, with exports starting in August 2017 at the end of the season. This year the volumes exported to China will be much larger.... >Read more ad. ad.

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