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-> Belgium - 23/04/2019
One of the leading frozen vegetables and fruits producer installed 2 new TOMRA sorting machines
Ardo upgrades processing technologies with TOMRA Sentinel II optical sorting machines at its processing plant in Ardooie, Belgium, as part of… ... >Read more

-> France - 18/04/2019
To save time download your badge for medFEL 2019!
To enjoy the benefits of pre-registration and avoid the queues at the entrance to the medFEL 2019 show, remember to ask for your event access badge.... >Read more

-> Peru - 18/04/2019
Growing demand from the European market reveals opportunities
The consumption of limes in European countries has increased by 33% in a few years and is expected to increase further in the future. While the main suppliers are Mexico and Brazil, other countries have entered this market.... >Read more

-> All countries - 18/04/2019
Innovation in agriculture is a crucial issue, says Bill Gates
In one of his blog posts, Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, points out that innovations in the agricultural sector have a major role to play in the fight against climate change.... >Read more

-> USA - 18/04/2019
Smoothies edible with a spoon
Dole Packaged Foods, LLC unveiled its latest product offering: Dole Spoonable Smoothies ™. Products designed to be eaten with a spoon, these smoothies are a practical answer for a quick breakfast or snack and contain less than 200 calories. ... >Read more

-> All countries - 17/04/2019
The next Prognosfruit will be held in Belgium
PROGNOSFRUIT is one of the major events for the fruit industry. At this conference, WAPA (World Apple and Pear Association) announces apple and pear production forecasts and discusses fruit market trends globally and at European level. ... >Read more

-> Italy - 17/04/2019
A new unit dedicated to the IVth range for Orsero SpA
Orsero SpA, a major player in the import and distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables, announces the commissioning of a third site in Verona, after Florence and Molfetta (BA), specializing in the preparation of IVth range products, fruits cut, portioned and ready to eat.... >Read more

-> Tunisia - 17/04/2019
Increase in volume and value for citrus exports
Tunisian citrus exports increased in volume (9.9%) and value (3.31%) in the last 6 months.... >Read more

-> Spain - 17/04/2019
India and Singapore, importing countries invited to Fruit Attraction 2019
In line with its objective of encouraging fruit and vegetable trade between EU countries and other non-European markets, Fruit Attraction 2019 will have India and Singapore as guest importing countries. ... >Read more

-> Italy - 16/04/2019
Barcelona came to meet Rome
No, it was not a sports event, but a day's work between two big European wholesale markets: Mercabarna (Barcelona) and CAR (Centro Agroalimentare Roma).... >Read more ad. ad.

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