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-> USA - 26/07/2017
Fresh-cuts benefit from powerful new Precooler / Recooler
The “Fresh-Cut Precooler” is the newest innovation from Global Cooling Inc., precooling and recooling systems developer from the USA, aims to prolong the shelf life of fresh-cuts... >Read more

-> Germany - 20/07/2017
GLOBALG.A.P. extends its expertise and opens its portal to new sectors
To meet the growing consumer demand for sustainable products, GLOBALG.A.P. has expanded its online portal to floral and ornamental plants. ... >Read more

-> Iran - 20/07/2017
Iran plans to increase its port capacity
The volume of goods loaded / unloaded in the ports of Iran has increased by 9.4% per year and multiple investment projects aim to further strengthen the country's port capacity.... >Read more

-> Tanzania - 20/07/2017
Export prohibition of unprocessed agricultural products
Decision taken by the Tanzanian Government to avoid a possible food shortage but above all to restore the trade balance by multiplying the value of exports and limiting the volume of imports.... >Read more

-> All countries - 19/07/2017
Interko beats energy-efficiency target for new ripening room fan. Dutch innovator will share its latest technological advances at Asia Fruit Logistica 2017
Fresh fruit ripening is even more profitable thanks to RƎVERSO – the Dutch solution provider's latest technological innovation. ... >Read more

-> All countries - 19/07/2017
Compac Deploys ServiceMax to Drive Service Delivery and Increase Customer Satisfaction in the Global Produce Industry
Post-harvest solutions and services provider invests in cloud-based platform to improve the quality of customer information and installed-base knowledge... >Read more

-> Argentina - 19/07/2017
New participation by FGF TRAPANI, which confirms the growing interest for lemons from Argentina
FGF TRAPANI LLC, Argentinian producer and exporter of lemons and citrus fruits, is again exhibiting this year at Asia Fruit Logistica, where the company has exhibited since the first edition. FGF TRAPANI LLC is to be found in Hall 5 / R01.... >Read more

-> France - 19/07/2017
Apple production is slightly down
Estimates at the beginning of July show that domestic apple production is down by 8% over 1 year and 10% below the 2012-16 average.... >Read more

-> Australia - 19/07/2017
Carrot vodka, the innovative idea to value non-compliant carrots
To reduce wasted volumes and thus valorize products "non-compliant" to marketing, a group of farmers wives had the idea to develop a vodka made from carrots.... >Read more

-> All countries - 19/07/2017
This place can be YOURS !
You want to attract more visitors and more attention at Asia Fruit Logistica ? Book this space and benefit from a fantastic communication campaign BEFORE , & DURING the show...... >Read more ad. ad.

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