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-> All countries - 26/08/2019
Interko strengthens in Asia by opening local support office
The establishment of Interko’s local presence comes in response to...... >Read more

-> All countries - 26/08/2019
Avocado, a market with remarkable expansion
Between 2008 and 2018 global avocado production increased + 85.2% and avocado consumption continues to grow, with enviable increases (up 29% year-on-year). ... >Read more

-> USA - 26/08/2019
An even tastier tomato promised by scientists
Scientists at the UF (University of Florida) have made further progress in improving a tomato variety with even better taste and aroma.... >Read more

-> Australia - 23/08/2019
European demand is an opportunity for Tasmanian onion producers
Low onion harvests in Europe led to a significant increase in imports, particularly from Australia and, in particular, Tasmania.... >Read more

-> India - 23/08/2019
New banana varieties, one more resistant to cyclones
NRCB (National Research Center for Banana) has announced 3 new banana varieties that will soon be available to Indian farmers. One of these varieties would withstand the cyclonic winds. ... >Read more

-> Azerbaijan - 23/08/2019
Agricultural production continues to grow
In Azerbaijan, the figures for the first half of 2019 point to another very good yearly performance in agricultural production.... >Read more

-> Morocco - 22/08/2019
Authorization of the United States to import raspberries from Morocco
Good news for the Moroccan berry industry, the US Department of Agriculture has made the decision to allow imports of fresh raspberries from Morocco.... >Read more

-> Costa Rica - 22/08/2019
A Manual of Good Agricultural Practices for Pineapple Cultivation
In Costa Rica various government institutions with the support of IICA (Instituto Interamericano de Cooperación para la Agricultura) have developed the Manual of Good Agricultural Practices for the Sustainable Production of Pineapple Crops to contribute to food security, environment protection, health, safety and the well-being of workers.... >Read more

-> Ukraine - 22/08/2019
Strong expansion of fruit and berry exports
Fruit exports increased by 16% in value during the first half of the current year, reported the Ukrainian Institute of Agriculture and the Economy.... >Read more

-> Chile - 22/08/2019
China receives 87% of Chilean cherry exports
China is by far the largest market for Chilean cherries with 87% of total exports. Exports of Chilean cherries are expected to increase further next season. ... >Read more ad. ad. ad.

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