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-> USA - 12/07/2024
IFPA Foodservice Conference, July 25-26th in Monterey
The American Foodservice Conference organize by the produce association IFPA promises top-notch education, the right connections, and the best exhibiting products and services targeted specifically to the foodservice industry. ... >Read more

-> Russia - 11/07/2024
Magnit with nearly 30,000 stores and more sustainable
Magnit is a leading Russian retailer with almost 30000 shops in just under 4000 cities and towns in Russia.... >Read more

-> Chile - 11/07/2024
Chilean grape exports and industry challenges to be highlighted at GLOBAL GRAPE CONVENTION 2024
A significant focus of the GLOBAL GRAPE CONVENTION 2024 will be the Systems Approach agreement between Chile and the United States... >Read more

-> Spain - 10/07/2024
IN-DEPTH analysis: how to orchestrate sustainability and competitiveness
How to improve sustainability and competitiveness together, how to build a strong sustainable brand value, were among the most focused panel discussions at the 27th edition of the "IESE Food and Beverage Meeting", organised on 20 June at IESE's headquarters in Barcelona.... >Read more

-> New Zealand - 09/07/2024
TOMRA LUCAi® technology transforms apple grading, tackling stem splits and punctures with precision
One of the leading fruit and vegetable exporters based in New Zealand recently implemented the new LUCAi® upgrade package on its TOMRA Spectrim grading platform and found it to be a game-changer... >Read more

-> Argentina - 09/07/2024
Critical situation for citrus growers in Entre Rios province
Citrus growers face low prices that do not cover the costs of harvesting, transport and packing.... >Read more

-> England - 09/07/2024
One confirmed fatal case of E. coli strain in the UK
The source of the contamination appears to be a batch of lettuce.... >Read more

-> Peru - 09/07/2024
Increase in mandarin production and exports in Peru this season
The USDA expects higher productivity, driven by cooler temperatures and drier weather conditions, to have a positive impact on production and exports.... >Read more

-> New Zealand - 09/07/2024
Green light for New Zealand kiwifruit berries in China
The General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) has announced that New Zealand kiwifruit berries that meet phytosanitary requirements may be imported into China.... >Read more

-> Chile - 09/07/2024
Challenging season for Chilean stone fruit but record highs in exports of certain species
The Chilean Stone Fruit Committee reported that the 2023-2024 season has been challenging, with mixed results in the markets.... >Read more ad.

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