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-> Russia - 16/08/2018
Soon a register of producers and organic products
The Moscow office of the Agenzia ICE network (Italian Trade & Investment Agency) mentions that the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation intends to create a single register of producers and organic products.... >Read more

-> Spain - 14/08/2018
Spain is the world's No. 1 exporter of watermelons
According to data from COMTRADE, United Nations Statistics Division, Spain in 2017 for the first time surpassed Mexico, becoming the world's No. 1 exporter of watermelons.... >Read more

-> France - 09/08/2018
2018 edition of the Cévennes sweet onion harvest festival
After the first successful event of last year, the producers of sweet onions from the Cevennes make an appointment for the festival on Sunday, August 19, with the Cooperative ORIGIN CEVENNES of Saint André de Majencoules (30).... >Read more

-> Morocco - 07/08/2018
The first production of goji berries from Morocco plans to export next year
For the first time goji berries are grown in Morocco, the investors behind this project want to make the country one of the important producers worldwide. ... >Read more

-> Belgium - 03/08/2018
Large variation in per capita consumption in the EU Member States
Actual individual consumption (CIE) is an indicator of the level of well-being households materials. Based on estimates for 2017, the CIE per capita expressed in Purchasing Power Standards (PPS) has ranged from 55% to 130% of the EU average for the Member States ( EU).... >Read more

-> Peru - 31/07/2018
CAMPOSOL continues its international expansion
CAMPOSOL has purchased about 1,000 hectares for citrus fruit in the El Salto region (Uruguay), of which 500 are producing mandarins and another 500 hectares to develop. This operation completes the more than 500 hectares planted in Peru.... >Read more

-> Japan - 26/07/2018
New product: a cabbage jelly
In Japan cabbage is one of the TOP 3 products of the most consumed vegetables. An agribusiness company is offering a brand new product: a cabbage flavored jelly.... >Read more

-> England - 24/07/2018
Automated checkouts lead to an increase in theft
Installed to reduce cost and queues, the automatic boxes actually cause an increase of theft.... >Read more

-> Armenia - 20/07/2018
Good Fruits & Vegetables export performance
According to statements by the Ministry of Agriculture, the volume of Fruits & Vegetables exported by Armenia reached 101,492 tons including 44,131 tons of apricots as of 11 July. ... >Read more

-> Spain - 19/07/2018
Doubling of sales for ORRI mandarin in 2018
The mandarin from Israel originallty, ORRI registered a double of its sales in 2018. The marketing totaled 52 000 tons of which a large part is cultivated in the province of Valencia. ... >Read more ad. ad.

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