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Buyers Alerts Service You are a buyer: will connect you directly to suppliers. Whenever you need any kind of fruit or vegetable, from any country.
1. Post your Buyer Alert - FREE TRIAL; 2. Fructidor team calls you back to check every detail; 3. Growers & Exporters will contact you directly.
NO Commission !
Sales Offers Service You are an Exporter: Post Sales Offer about the product you want to sell. Your Sales Offer will be displayed on in 4 languages + on Fructidor Newsletters in 4 languages.
1. Choose how many weeks you want; 2. Write your Sales Offer; 3. Pay …. You are on & on Newsletters.
Buyers will contact you directly. With CONFIDENTIAL Option, Fructidor will forward you all incoming messages. NO Commission !
Post a Buyer's Alert Post a Sales Offer
You are an Exporter: Receive all Buyers Alerts during 1 year - 50 Buyers Alerts Guaranty Opt for Gold Member
Latest Buyers Alerts Latest Sales Offers
United Arab Emirates 26, November 2020 Importer from UAE is looking for Mango
For Sale: ORANGE origin MOROCCO
02, November 2020 Conventional
Size/Caliber: 1/2/3/4/5
Quantity: 72 boxes
Portugal 26, November 2020 Importer from Portugal is looking for Courgette
Poland 26, November 2020 Wholesaler from Poland is looking for grapes seedless
12, November 2020 Class I Conventional
United Arab Emirates 25, November 2020 Veg buyer from UAE is looking for Onion
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