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Germany 21/02/2020

Frigotec GmbH starts a revolution in avocado ripening

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German market leader in ripening is prepared to go worldwide after they introduced revolutionary technology Softripe® for fruits like avocados and Bananas at Fruit Logistica in Berlin.

After 5 years of research and trials in Brazil and Germany, Softripe® was introduced in 2018. In 2019 the company received Silver Innovation Award from Fruit Logistica for ripening bananas and in summer 2019 Frigotec began with avocado ripening. At Fruit Logistica the company offered to try ripened avocados to visitors. Softripe® avocado is oily, fresh, has nutty taste and, according to Frigotec, has a minimum double longer shelf life.

Managing Director Roland Wirth explains what makes Softripe® so different from classical conventional ripening: “Fruits are “alive” and they breathe. In our special completely closed chamber we can measure the breathing activity, “communicate” with the fruit, guide the fruits to the optimum biological ripening process, which is stress-free. That is what makes our avocados different and tastier.” Mr. Wirth clarifies that in conventional ripening, if dry matter of avocado is less than 21, fruit will not be ripened. These fruits go to waste. Softripe® can ripen avocados starting from dry matter down to 18. This is also a reason, why the ripening results are more even than in common systems.

“Classic ripening has standard program, for example, 24 hours specific temperature, 24 hours high ethylene, then ethylene is removed, then change temperature etc. In Softripe® the fruit says when it needs ethylene and for how long, in case with persimmon – fruit says when it needs CO2,” – explains Mr. Wirth. “Compared to classical ripening bananas ripened to colour-stage 7 with Softripe® have produced 48% more flavor,” – he adds.

Softripe® can be used for mango, kiwi, avocado, tomato, banana, pear and persimmon.

Roland Wirth shares that the next step will be to show new quality of persimmons in Europe. Softripe® for persimmons was already successfully tested in Brazil. Now the company is looking for first customer in Europe to be able to introduce new taste and quality: “High sugar, firm fruit and longer shelf life. Persimmon specialists, who tried ripened persimmons in Brazil said that these were the best persimmons they have ever tried”.

According to Frigotec Softripe® allows to shorten the ripening time, saves energy and reduces the losses significant. “All consumers should have this quality fruits, so we are ready to install Softripe® worldwide,” – says Roland Wirth.

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Roland Wirth, Managing Director at Frigotec GmbH, during Fruit Logistica in Berlin with ripened in Softripe® avocados and bananas
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