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India 08/06/2017

Four new mega-food parks operational within 3 months

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To reduce post-harvest losses and increase export volumes, India has begun to develop mega-food parks (2 between 2009 and 2014, 6 between 2014 and 2017) with the forecast of 42 operational operational sites, here in 2019.

At the ASSOCHAM National Conference on the Cold Chain, the Minister responsible for the food processing industries said that 4 new mega-parks will take office over the next 3 months.
Pre-cooling and refrigerated storage facilities, but also sorting and packaging to add value to the products (potatoes, apples, grapes, mangoes ...).
Having approved 63 cold chain projects since 2014, the government received 300 proposals for the implementation of new projects. This demonstrates the interest aroused by the problem. Discussions are underway with the Uttar Pradesh authorities to endow this vast state with its first food reserve. India is expected to rely on 42 mega-food parks by 2019.



source : suriagrofresh

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