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France 27/02/2017

GALILEE EXPORT, the success of a strategy that combines quality, price and services

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Exhibitor at the recent Fruit Logistica, the company GALILEE EXPORT LTD. was able to make the many visitors discover its concept, perfectly summed up in the slogan "Direct from the field".

GALILEE EXPORT has an integrated structure that makes its strength. A farmer-owned cooperative that controls the whole process, from production to packaging and final marketing. Mutual benefits for farmers who get better results and for customers who receive the best products and services.
The members of the cooperative, with a heritage of more than 50 years of farming experience, strive to use the best methods and the latest technologies to ensure optimum quality at each stage of the seed in the field, up to the shelf in the store. In addition, effective biological control limits pesticides and other chemicals on products.
GALILEE EXPORT cultivates and offers a wide range (avocados, citrus fruits, carrots, mangoes, dates, grapes, lychees, grenades, nectarines, peaches and persimmons) exporting to Europe, China, Japan, the United States and Canada.
GALILEE EXPORT's subsidiary in France has its own maturation facilities in order to provide a complete distribution solution to its customers.
Mr Ely Keslassy,
Director of the subsidiary in France
Tel: +33 01 46 87 28 59
GOLD Member
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GALILEE EXPORT has become the second largest exporter of avocados, citrus fruits and other Fruits & Vegetables in Israel and a global supplier.
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