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Germany 10/02/2017

F.Log. Direct: POLYMER LOGISTICS offers a new generation of plastic boxes, stackable and collapsible

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Exhibiting in Hall 21 Stand C04, POLYMER LOGISTICS offers a wide range of versatile packaging solutions "One-Touch / Retail Ready Packaging (RRP)". 



On the POLYMER LOGISTICS booth, attention is focused on the new generation "WOOD LOOK PRC". The wood look is more pleasant in the stores, in compliance with the sustainability criteria. Available in multiple sizes, load capacity from 10 to 20 kgs, volume 26 to 50.6 liters.


With WOOD LOOK RPC: robust product protection during transport, folding crates and stackable to maximize the transport by truck and storage space, light weight for movement without problems of splinters or wires; easy to clean, a polymer resistant to moisture, insects and fungi, insensitive to acids, fats, solvents and odors, and completely recyclable.


POLYMER LOGISTICS has 17 service centers and local washing sites with dedicated teams in Europe and the US.





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Robust, reusable and ultralight, these new, wood-looking boxes are smart solutions to present the fruits and vegetables
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