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Egypt 07/02/2017

Egypt to Fruit Logistica, a strong presence and ambitions

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At Fruit Logistica 2017, the national pavilion of Egypt will be one of the largest with approximately 1600 m2 of exhibition space. A presence that marks the spirits from the airport with numerous billboards for the industry's leading event.

Organized with AEC, EECA and the Ministries of Trade and Agriculture, the Egyptian Pavilion will bring together nearly 90 companies who will present their products and services to professionals from around the world.
Egyptian fruit and vegetable exports totaled USD 2.1 billion for the 2015-16 season. Fresh fruits accounted for half of the turnover with citrus fruits, grapes, pomegranates and strawberries. The main markets are Saudi Arabia, Russia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates.
AEC, the Export Council of Agriculture, seeks to open up new markets. China and other Asian countries receive citrus fruits and grapes. Japan and the countries of South America seem promising as the countries of Africa that present many opportunities and with whom Egypt has trade agreements.




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France Fruits du Monde - France - 1. Banana
Poland Kabako Gruppe Poland - Poland - 1. Apple - 2. Frozen fruit - 3. Blackberry
Germany Rizzi Group Gmbh - Germany - 1. Salad - 2. Apple - 3. Mandarin
France MARGIS - France - 1. Squash muscade - 2. Squash (sliced)
Thailand Tropical Valley Fresh Co., Ltd. - Thailand - 1. Tamarin - 2. Longan fruit - 3. Rambutan
Indonesia Indo Cali PLast - Indonesia - 1. Woven bags - 2. Tubular nets - 3. Greenhouses
France J H Mesguen - France - 1. Coldstores - 2. Fruit and vegetables distribution platform - 3. International road transport
Egypt E2M for Import/Export and Commercial Agencies - Egypt - 1. Citrus fruit - 2. Lemon - 3. Fruit
France FRUITMED - France - 1. Apple - 2. Kiwifruit - 3. Tomato
Portugal Acegrow, S.A. - Portugal - 1. Blueberry - 2. Apple - 3. Raspberry ad. ad. ad.
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From the airport the presence of Egypt at Fruit Logistica 2017 can not be ignored.
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