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-> Indonesia - 27/04/2017
Cooperation to develop post-harvest technology
Indonesia and Thailand will work together to develop postharvest technology for fruit, this cooperation will begin with research on mangoes.... >Read more

-> India - 21/04/2017
India wants to reduce post-harvest losses
About 40% of India's agricultural production is lost each year due to insufficient infrastructure. To reduce these estimated losses to 920 billion rupees (14.2 billion USD) the country announces an ambitious project, SAMPADA.... >Read more

-> Australia - 21/04/2017
Scarcity increases prices for fruit and vegetables
By impacting northeastern Australia, Cyclone Debbie affected agricultural production in these regions but also supplies throughout the country. ... >Read more

-> Malaysia - 20/04/2017
The influx of tourists boosts the price of durian
Satisfaction for the tourism sector, which is experiencing an influx of tourists, especially from China and Singapore, but disappointment for durian lovers who notice the sharp rise in the price of their favorite fruit. ... >Read more

-> Vanuatu - 20/04/2017
More resilient crops to cope with climate change
Root vegetables (yam, taro, cassava, sweet potato) are basic food products for the people of Vanuatu who are already seeing the adverse effects of climate change.... >Read more

-> Australia - 14/04/2017
Australian dates are now exported to the Middle East
Off-season fruit on the Middle East markets, Australian dates began to be exported to Qatar and Lebanon.... >Read more

-> Philippines - 14/04/2017
The agreement with China will boost production and exports
New export opportunities for agricultural products from the Philippines with this agreement with China for USD 1 billion. The agreement aims to increase imports into China of Philippine agricultural products.... >Read more

-> Pakistan - 13/04/2017
The Russian market, an opportunity for apples from Pakistan
Russian importers have shown great interest in Pakistan apples, and new prospects are opening up for Pakistani professionals. ... >Read more

-> Viet Nam - 12/04/2017
A new maritime link to facilitate trade
To facilitate the transport of fruit and agricultural products, between China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), a new maritime link is in operation between HCM City (Vietnam) and Fangchenggang (Guangxi Zhuang region in the south from China).... >Read more

-> Philippines - 12/04/2017
Pineapple production increased by 20%
20% increase in the volume of produced pineapples by Del Monte Pacific Ltd., the producer and industrialist who disclosed its data for the current fiscal year.... >Read more ad. ad. ad.

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