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-> Pakistan - 27/02/2017
A first expedition by sea that could prepare for a considerable increase in exports
Pakistan has just dispatched its 1st cargo to Dubai by sea. With an average cost per kilo 94% lower than the air transport but within 3-4 days. After this experience, exports could increase by 500%.... >Read more

-> New Zealand - 23/02/2017
The biggest apple / pear crop expected in 2017
NZ will produce the largest harvest ever of apple & pear by 2017... >Read more

-> Singapore - 20/02/2017
An "indoor" farm already produces 80 tons of vegetables per year and will boost its production
At the initiative of the Japanese technology firm PANASONIC an "indoor" farm has been set up in Singapore. Using LED lights for crops it already records a production of 80 tons of vegetables per year.... >Read more

-> India - 16/02/2017
Record volume for Fruit & Vegetable production in India
The Indian Ministry of Agriculture forecasts a record volume for Fruit & Vegetable production, with 287 million tonnes for 2016-17.... >Read more

-> New Zealand - 15/02/2017
The price of apples is sharply increasing
In New Zealand, the price of apples has reached peaks, due to a slow start of the new season, which results in very small supplies.... >Read more

-> Viet Nam - 15/02/2017
The Vietnamese dragon fruit on demand for the German market
Vietnam has signed an agreement to export dragon fruit to the German market, signing a protocol of cooperation between Vietnamese exporters and Langdard, a major distributor of Fruit & Vegetables in Germany, at Fruit Logistica.... >Read more

-> Pakistan - 15/02/2017
Target: even more exports
The aftermath of participation in the FRUIT LOGISTICA trade show is positive for Pakistani professionals who have received orders estimated at 2 million USD.... >Read more

-> China - 06/02/2017
China imports 52 types of fruit from 43 countries and regions
AQSIQ, the Chinese health authority, authorized last year 17 fruits to enter the market. Currently, 52 types of fruit from 43 countries and regions can enter China.... >Read more

-> Australia - 02/02/2017
The Fruits & Vegetables sector benefited from free trade agreements
A study shows that free trade agreements with Asian countries have greatly benefited Australian producers.... >Read more

-> Japan - 01/02/2017
Heart-shaped strawberries to celebrate Valentine's Day
The passion of the Japanese for exceptional fruits may seem unreasonable, as Valentine's Day approaches heart-shaped strawberries, are sold to the unit up to 44 USD piece (40.92 euros!).... >Read more ad. ad. ad.

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