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-> Argentina - 28/04/2017
Always more quality and the aim of producing "premium" garlic
Argentina is now the world's third-largest exporter of garlic but in the face of highly competitive international markets, Argentine producers are planning to further improve the quality to produce a premium garlic.... >Read more

-> Mexico - 28/04/2017
Low temporary production puts pressure on prices
The price of avocados has increased in recent weeks, one of the causes would be low production, temporary and normal, in the production areas of Mexico.... >Read more

-> Chile - 27/04/2017
Production of almonds is decreasing
The almond harvested in Chile has just ended and according to professionals, the volume of production is declining.... >Read more

-> Chile - 21/04/2017
Official opening of the largest plant inspection center
In Chile, the new Cabrero site, dedicated to the inspection of fresh fruit intended for the US market, was officially inaugurated by Mrs. Michelle Bachelet, President of the Republic.... >Read more

-> Bolivia - 21/04/2017
Argentina is the No. 1 banana customer in Bolivia
In 2016 the main market for bananas produced in Bolivia was Argentina which received 96.4% of exports of these fruits indicated IBCE (Instituto Boliviano de Comercio Exterior).... >Read more

-> Costa Rica - 20/04/2017
Opening of the Chinese market for pineapples in Costa Rica
The Chinese market, which shows a constant growth rate for its imports of pineapples, has authorized the entry of pineapples from Costa Rica.... >Read more

-> Peru - 19/04/2017
Peru ranks No. 2 worldwide for mango exports
With a production boost in 2016, Peru increased its exports, making it the world's No. 2 mango exporters.... >Read more

-> Mexico - 19/04/2017
Tomatoes join avocados as "star" of exports
In Mexico, tomato exports arrive at levels similar to other leading foreign trade products such as avocado or beer with incomes of more than 30 billion pesos per year.... >Read more

-> Peru - 13/04/2017
Exports of blueberries to China could total USD 10 million this year
With the growing demand of China's huge market, Peru expects to further expand its blueberry exports, which could total around 10 million USD in 2017.... >Read more

-> Mexico - 10/04/2017
Satisfactory results for Oaxaca mango and papayas
The Mexican state of Oaxaca has a satisfactory record of the production and export of its leading agricultural products: papaya and mango.... >Read more ad. ad. ad.

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