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-> Mexico - 20/06/2017
Growth rate of 27.4% per year for raspberry production
Over the past 3 years, Mexican raspberry production has grown at a rate of 27.4% per year, from 35 589 tons to 73 556 tons in 2016.... >Read more

-> Brazil - 16/06/2017
New ranking of the most exported fruits
Brazilian fruit exports in the first quarter of 2017 showed very positive results, even setting records never seen during this period.... >Read more

-> Dominican Rep. - 15/06/2017
Trends (production, export) are positive in the Mango sector
In the Dominican Republic, the mango sector has performed remarkably well and plans to strengthen further in the future... >Read more

-> USA - 13/06/2017
Demand still outstrips supply and the situation could continue
In the United States, according to a COBANK report, demand for organic products continues to grow at a rate above production.... >Read more

-> Costa Rica - 12/06/2017
Costa Rica ships its pineapples to China for the first time
A first shipment that marks an important step for Costa Rica to conquer the Chinese market for tropical fruits.... >Read more

-> USA - 08/06/2017
CHERRY EXPRESS, the new direct flight to China for the Northwest Cherries
Fresh cherries from the Northwest of the United States will benefit from direct flights from Seattle to Shanghai several times a week from the 18th of June.... >Read more

-> Canada - 05/06/2017
Vegetable production allows Quebec to be a net exporter
The province of Quebec saw its field vegetable production clearly increase between 2006 and 2016... >Read more

-> Ecuador - 02/06/2017
Export growth by 11.8% in value and 10.6% in volume
Excellent performance in the first quarter of 2017 for Ecuador's exports, which grew by 11.8% in value and by 10.6% in volume compared to the same period in 2016.... >Read more

-> Peru - 30/05/2017
In March 2017: Fruit exports increase as Vegetables exports decrease
Peru is still exporting more fruits (+ 9% in value) and slightly fewer vegetables (-10.1% in value) according to the latest AGAP (Asociación de Gremios Productores Agrarios del Perú) data...... >Read more

-> Mexico - 25/05/2017
Avocado deserves its nickname "green gold".
This year, avocados have reached record price levels, to the point that it has become a luxury for some consumers in Mexico, the world's No. 1 avocado production country.... >Read more ad. ad.

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