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-> Greece - 28/04/2017
The 3rd edition of the FRESKON fair started
FRESKON 2017 has just begun at the International Exhibition Center of Thessaloniki (Greece) and will be held until Saturday 29th of April. The show is the ideal meeting point for international distribution groups, transport professionals and producers.... >Read more

-> Argentina - 28/04/2017
Always more quality and the aim of producing "premium" garlic
Argentina is now the world's third-largest exporter of garlic but in the face of highly competitive international markets, Argentine producers are planning to further improve the quality to produce a premium garlic.... >Read more

-> Mexico - 28/04/2017
Low temporary production puts pressure on prices
The price of avocados has increased in recent weeks, one of the causes would be low production, temporary and normal, in the production areas of Mexico.... >Read more

-> France - 27/04/2017
Direct MedFEL: FRUCTIDOR, a unique media and service provider for the entire sector
More than just a media, FRUCTIDOR also offers a range of services developed for professionals in the sector. This year again, the FRUCTIDOR team is present (Stand F8) at MedFEL.... >Read more

-> Italy - 27/04/2017
Direct MedFEL: Enhanced promotion on international markets for MAAP
Le MAAP (marché Agroalimentaire de Padoue) est le marché qui ne cesse de se promouvoir a l’étranger. ... >Read more

-> Chile - 27/04/2017
Production of almonds is decreasing
The almond harvested in Chile has just ended and according to professionals, the volume of production is declining.... >Read more

-> France - 27/04/2017
Direct MedFEL: LARRERE offers a "ludic" novelty
Les Fermes Larrere specialized in the production of carrots in the Landes, in traditional and organic, present at MedFEL their product which was elected Flavor of the Year: the Choudou.... >Read more

-> Indonesia - 27/04/2017
Cooperation to develop post-harvest technology
Indonesia and Thailand will work together to develop postharvest technology for fruit, this cooperation will begin with research on mangoes.... >Read more

-> France - 27/04/2017
Direct MedFEL: COCCOLO in apricots
New apricot production... >Read more

-> Ethiopia - 26/04/2017
A new canned vegetable complex
The Spanish group CELORRIO will build a vast vegetable canning complex in Ethiopia. This new site will have a production capacity of 80,000 tons.... >Read more ad. ad. ad.

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