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-> USA - 23/03/2017
Big Idaho® Potato truck back on US roads
A big promotion for potatoes grown in the state of Idaho, with this unusual truck"Big Idaho® Potato" that will once again travel the American roads.... >Read more

-> Spain - 23/03/2017
Asparagus: forecast increase in production (+ 40%)
The asparagus season is expected to be very positive in the Antequera region (Andalusia) where the area has increased and will lead to more production... >Read more

-> Japan - 23/03/2017
Agricultural export performance in 2016
For the 4th consecutive year Japan's agricultural exports increased, a performance all the more remarkable that the country's total exports decreased (-7%) due to a "strong" Yen.... >Read more

-> Italy - 23/03/2017
Travel to Colombia to promote the MACFRUT trade show
A group of Colombian entrepreneurs had participated in MACFRUT 2016 with a positive result which encouraged other companies to participate in the next edition of the fair.... >Read more

-> Greece - 22/03/2017
Fruits & Vegetables widely at the top of Greek agricultural exports
Very satisfactory results for the 2016 exports of Fruit & Vegetables which generated much more income than other agricultural products, thus helping to improve the country's trade balance. ... >Read more

-> Madagascar - 22/03/2017
The world market will remain under tension
Madagascar, which supplies 80% of the world's vanilla production, has been impacted by the Enawo cyclone, which has caused heavy damage... >Read more

-> All countries - 22/03/2017
JOY WING MAU and CAPESPAN joined forces creating Asian joint venture
Two biggest companies - Joy Wing Mau and Capespan have decided to join forces in order to provide their suppliers and market customers with a unique value proposition for the supply and distribution of fruit within Asia. ... >Read more

-> Chile - 21/03/2017
Europe becomes the first destination for avocados in Chile
Although there has been significant growth in avocados' exports to China, the main destination for Chilean avocado is Europe with over 84,000 tons of avocados. ... >Read more

-> Morocco - 21/03/2017
CMA CGM launches new, direct, non-stop service between Morocco and Russia
Ideal for exports of Moroccan fruits and vegetables, this new service allows transport to Russia in just 8 days without stopover.... >Read more

-> England - 21/03/2017
Potato consumption continues to evolve
Fresh potato sales in the United Kingdom have been declining for the last 10 years, but this has increased sharply over the last three years, but paradoxically, there has been no decrease in sales of potato products that remain stable.... >Read more ad. ad. ad.

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